Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas with Mimo

I’m back!!!  My computer died a few hours after my last post and I was computerless for a couple weeks.  I tried to write them on Drew’s computer but instead I just screwed his up.  He can’t use his email now.  Oops.  I finally bought a new computer and it’s taken some getting used to Windows 8.  We’ll see if I get these to post right.

So starting off where I left off…

The kids and I spent Monday the 23rd with Mimo and Aunt Anna at their house.  Drew had to drive home for a service on Eve of Christmas Eve but he drove back the 24th.

We had a scrumptious brunch made by Mimo and then we commenced to the presents portion of the day.  We also celebrated Christmas with Ed, Jamie, Molly, Corbyn, and Anna.  Lindy got a neat teacher/school pretend set, a hair styling set, new watch, and other stuff.  Will got some much needed new pants, a new map, books, and possibly his favorite present from Christmas – the game Mousetrap. 

Besides it being Christmas Eve with Mimo, it was also Mimo’s 45th birthday!  After Xmas presents we had birthday cake and Mimo had birthday presents!  An enjoyable day was had by all.

The kids and I headed out, but first stopped to have dinner with an old high school buddy of Drew’s.  He lives in South Korea and maybe comes home once a year.  He came home last year with his fiancee and he came home this year with his wife.  Maybe he’ll come home next year with a baby.  ha!  We enjoyed dinner with Jay, Lizzie and Jay’s mom before heading home.


Will held every present he got up above his head.DSC_6102DSC_6104

Corbyn opened a gift that was mislabeled but jokingly held it up over his head!


Jamie and I with our jewelry holders Anna made us. 


Happy Birthday, Mimo!DSC_6125

The grandkids!

The grandmother and her grandkids!DSC_6132

Lizzie, Jay, Drew, me, Lindy, and Will!DSC_6132-1

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