Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins, Pumpkins

This week was an action-packed week.  At least compared to last week.

Tuesday was regular gymnastics day.  Lindy came to me crying twice again.  She used to, and still does for the most part, blow off any kind of injury.  She’s been coming to me crying in gymnastics anytime she gets bumped up at all.  Tuesday she broke my heart.  The second time she came to me she said, “I’m not good at gymnastics.”  I quickly told her she was too and that I didn’t want to hear her say that again.  We talked about listening to her teachers and trying her hardest and doing the best she could and that would make her good at gymnastics.  I asked her teacher after class what happened and he said she hurt her toes.  She never told me that part of it.  I told both teachers what she said and Jeff, one of them, said she had said the same thing when she was in his group.  We all agreed we need to nip that attitude in the bud.  She’s never really said anything like that.  I’ll be sad if this is when she is starting to realize that she is a little different than others or can’t do as much as others.  Hopefully it was just a fluke though.

Wednesday the kids went to school but Drew and I picked them up together and headed to Hanes Mall to The Cookie House.  Drew’s aunt and uncle own The Cookie House and awhile back they asked the kids to be cookie models!  Over Labor Day they photographed Lindy and Will and a few other kids eating cookies.   They put the pictures up on the walls on Wednesday morning so we had to check them out!  The pictures (as well as the cookies!) are great!  It was funny for the kids to see themselves on the wall.  Lindy kept pointing!  Drew thinks it is the coolest thing as well because when he was young they went to The Cookie House as a special treat.  He can’t believe his kids are on the wall of The Cookie House!  The kids will enjoy the fringe benefits of being cookie models – free cookies! 

Thursday night was a Wake Forest football game.  After asking 4-5 different people to babysit, we thought the kids were just going to end up coming with us to the game but Katie stepped up and offered to watch them.  It ended up working out great.  Katie and her kids came to the tailgate before the game and we all ate and played cornhole.  Then Katie left, with all four kids!  What a saint!  They got to play and then she got them ready for bed and got all 4 kids asleep a little after 9pm!  We got to enjoy a beautiful evening out, even if the football being played wasn’t so beautiful.  We got to their house around 11pm.  I had warned Katie about Lindy’s coughing but she said Lindy had only coughed once!  I was tempted to leave her there to sleep!  We got them in the car, home and in their beds and they hardly woke up.  We appreciate Katie helping us out!

Friday night was Will’s last night of soccer for the year.  They played some of their favorite games.  One game they play is ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf.’  The kids call out and ask the wolf what time it is.  The wolf (Coach Dan) answers with ‘1 o’clock’ or whatever number he wants.  The kids have to dribble their soccer balls 1 time.  They keep doing this until Coach Dan decides to say ‘It’s dinner time’ and then he turns around and the kids try to get back to the baseline before Coach Dan gets their balls.  All the kids take huge steps and get way out there on the field, except Will.  The little dude has it figured out that he needs to take small steps so that he doesn’t get too far from the baseline and can get back there when ‘it’s dinner time.’  At one point Will was way far behind every other kid out there and Coach Dan looked at him and said, “Will, you’re the only smart one out here!”  It amazes us how he plans his strategies in these games they have been doing.  His wheels up there never stop turning!  After they played their games they each got a medal and they had some refreshments.  Will has had fun this season and has learned a lot of good skills.  I think he’ll play soccer again since he liked it!  We left the soccer game and we headed to the Wake Forest volleyball game.  It was a lot of fun.  We love the volleyball games because they are so exciting.  Wake ended up upsetting NC State which is great!  Will got so into the games and actually cried when Wake lost the first game.  Sensitive little soul he has.  Lindy was antsy but then again she can’t exactly see any of the action.  It takes a good deal of entertaining her to get to stay long enough to watch things.  Lately I’ve been letting my phone entertain her but that night the battery was about to die so I had to entertain her!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk in honor of my niece, Hayley.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 years ago.  I wish we could walk with them in their walk but we do the next best thing and walk for her in our walk.  It was a little breezy out that morning but we had a nice walk and enjoyed the festivities.  Saturday afternoon we broke out the pumpkin carving tools and we carved up our pumpkins.  Drew carved Will’s and Lindy and I carved hers.  They got to pick what shape eyes, nose, and how many teeth they wanted.  Lindy loved playing in the pumpkin guts and Will wouldn’t touch it.  Lindy was determined to help me so we did a little hand over hand and we carved together.  We ended up with two very cute pumpkins.   We ended the night with pizza and Halloween cookies.  We have been on the go all month so we ended our night at home doing Halloween activities.

I had lots more to take pictures of this week so here you go!

The kids had firemen talk to them a couple times this month and they are all about practicing their stop, drop, and roll.DSC_7783And crawling towards the front door.  Hopefully we will never need it but I guess it is good to practice!DSC_7785Seeing their pictures on the wall for the first time. “Hey, that’s me!”DSC_7786DSC_7789DSC_7790DSC_7791DSC_7793Yummy Cookie House!  DSC_7796DSC_7798More Halloween shirts this week.DSC_7803DSC_7806DSC_7808Last soccer practice.  DSC_7811DSC_7813Playing ‘What time is it, Mr. Wolf”  Coach Dan telling Will he is the only smart one there!  ha ha!DSC_7821Love the tongue out!DSC_7823The whole group.  They could wear their Halloween costumes if they wanted.  Will didn’t want to.DSC_7826Will getting his medal!DSC_7839Will and Lindy’s Sunday school teacher, Ms. Phyllis, came to watch Will!DSC_7841The amazing sunset we saw before going into the Wake volleyball game.  That is Wait Chapel on the left.DSC_7846JDRF walk in honor of Hayley!IMG_1597DSC_7861DSC_7870DSC_7876DSC_7883Lindy begged to go in but there was no way she could do it by herself so Drew went with her.  She came down the slide and laid there until Drew came down behind her and picked her up!DSC_7884Drew was happy to get out!DSC_7886Dancing to the band they had playing.DSC_7892Pumpkin time!  Before…DSC_7898DSC_7901DSC_7903Planning…DSC_7908DSC_7913DSC_7916DSC_7917After!DSC_7922DSC_7923DSC_7925DSC_7927DSC_7928DSC_7929DSC_7931DSC_7933DSC_7936DSC_7940Someone loves her pumpkin!!DSC_7945DSC_7950DSC_7953Church outfits today.DSC_7956DSC_7957She looks the same height as him.  Must be an odd angle.  Or maybe I should check to see if she’s grown!DSC_7962Which were incredibly similar to last year’s church outfits the week before Halloween.  Check it out.  2011 outfits.  I don’t think L&W have changed that much!DSC_4088So cute!DSC_7967Pumpkins and ghosts for dinner tonight. (Use your imagination people!)DSC_7973