Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fun Cup Runneth Over

This weekend was too much fun and I had too many pictures to put all in one post.   We had about the most fun we’ve ever had in one weekend.  Starting with the fair on Thursday.

Friday morning Drew told Will that he was going camping with Drew and GrandBob on Friday night.  When Lindy and I came downstairs Will told Lindy he was going camping and she immediately said she wanted to go and kept asking Will if she could go.  The original plans were for Drew, Will, Ed, and Bob to go but it ended up Ed couldn’t go. Drew kept telling Lindy it was a boys’ weekend and that Lindy and Mommy would go do a special girls’ night sometime soon.  After school Bob showed up and she seemed okay with them going camping.  Drew and Bob were moving things from Bob’s car to Drew’s car and Lindy started asking to go camping again.  Drew kept telling her it was a boys’ weekend – and then she started crying.  It broke Drew’s and GrandBob’s heart – so much they decided to let the girls come with them!  Drew and Bob went and got the tent set up and came back and we went to Will’s soccer practice. 

Which BTW went much better than two weeks ago.  He is such a funny boy.  He takes his time and tries to do everything perfectly.  He is always one of the last or slowest because he is concentrating and trying so hard.  They played freeze tag on Friday night and at first we could not figure out what he was doing.  He kept chasing Coach Dan.  Coach Dan was it and tagging people but instead of running away from him he stayed close behind him chasing him.  Some other kids did it a little but Will did it the entire time.  We finally figured out that it was his ‘strategy’ for not getting tagged.  In the car after practice he actually told us that he was staying behind him so Coach Dan couldn’t see him and tag him.  Pretty smart plan if you ask me!! 

After soccer we left and headed straight up to Pilot Mountain.  We did stop for some dinner and headed to #18, our campsite.  I got the kids changed into warm clothes and we ate dinner at the picnic table.  The guys worked on the fire and we roasted marshmallows and had smores.  Around 9pm Will crawled up in Drew’s lap and was about to fall asleep.  We all took a trip to the bathhouse and then we came back and got them changed and in the tent for bedtime. I  was shocked but they didn’t even mess around or play in the tent.  They went to sleep – they must have been tired!  Drew, Bob and I stayed up a little while but not too long as we were all tired.  Bob got up around 1am and ended up sleeping in our van the rest of the night.  Drew and I didn’t get very good sleep all night but Lindy and Will slept like rocks out there.   Lindy slept so good that she slept until 7:45am!  Bob fixed us chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast – better than any breakfast at my house!  We got everything packed up and then we headed up the mountain and we hiked a couple short trails around Pilot Mountain. 

It was a great first family camping experience.  The weather was perfect and the kids were good.  Lindy was SO happy to get to go camping with the boys.  It was so sweet when she told Drew thank you for letting her come on the boys camping trip.  Will said Friday night, “This is way better than home” and “This is the best camping trip ever.”  They had a blast!  I hope it’s something we can keep doing. 

We got home around 11am and got unloaded.  Bob took off for home and a nap and we got ready because we had more fun plans in the works.  We met the rest of the Southern family at a corn maze in Statesville.  Ed, Jamie, and Molly, Lynn, Anna and Brian all came to the maze.  They had a good bit of other fun things for the kids to do which they loved.  They had a corn pit, a small petting zoo, duck races, inflatable pony races, and yummy treats.  We saved the maze for last.  I thought the whole afternoon was much fun.  Will had a serious blast in the maze.  He was so excited to find the next number.  They had questions you answered that would tell you which way to turn.  It was a great family fun afternoon with the Southerns. 

We got home and were all pretty tired.  We ate dinner and got the kids bathed and put them to bed.  Drew passed out on the couch in no time! 

Yesterday was a beautiful, if a little hot, day outside, and today the cold, rainy weather arrived.  I had to dig out long sleeve clothes for the kids this morning for church.  This afternoon Drew has been bowling with our youth group and we had a play date with our friends Meredith and Duncan’s new puppy, Agnes.  The kids had a blast with her.

And now for pictures from the rest of our weekend!

Sitting by the campfire Friday night.DSC_7452DSC_7453My little campers!DSC_7456Roasting marshmallowsDSC_7461DSC_7462Two thumbs up for smores!!DSC_7468Cooking my bacon!DSC_7471DSC_7473DSC_7476DSC_7480DSC_7485DSC_7492DSC_7494DSC_7499DSC_7506DSC_7508DSC_7514DSC_7517DSC_7521DSC_7522DSC_7528DSC_7538DSC_7542DSC_7544DSC_7546DSC_7549DSC_7550Playing in the corn at the Corn Maze.DSC_7562DSC_7564DSC_7566Playing an intense, serious game of checkers.DSC_7573Playing a not so intense or serious game of… Well I think Will was making the rules up along the way.DSC_7574A mini maze.  What’s a girl to do when you come to a dead end?  Crawl over it, of course!DSC_7578Not so scientific height measurements.DSC_7579DSC_7582DSC_7584Cow train!DSC_7591DSC_7593DSC_7599Duck races!DSC_7610DSC_7615DSC_7614Inflatable pony rides.  He struggled with this…DSC_7618so Aunt Anna helped him out!DSC_7624Heading into the corn maze!DSC_7639DSC_7647So excited to find the numbers.  DSC_7650DSC_7655Some corn family fun.DSC_7663Yay – we made it out alive!DSC_7664Should have actually said ‘Goodbye’ as we stopped on the way out.DSC_7671

Fun fun fun!  So much fun for one weekend! 

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