Sunday, April 27, 2014

Toothless Wonder

Let’s see how this week stacked up.  Seemed to go fast.

Monday started with me volunteering in Will’s science lab special.  Always fun to hang with the kids’ classes.   Monday afternoon Lindy had her yearly appointment with the orthopedist.   They waited over an hour and the appointment lasted less than 10 minutes.   She watched her walk and said she was doing fine – to keep doing what we’re doing.  To keep going to PT with Jill and to keep her in her tall brace during the day and low brace in afternoons and weekends.  She said kids often turn their feet inward for a few years and then around 6-7 they naturally start turning back out. She said we probably wouldn’t see this with Lindy though.  She said Lindy will probably always have that slight turn inward which will make her trip a lot more and be a lot more clumsy.  Which she already is, so nothing new there. 

Wednesday I picked the kids up from school and took them on some work stops with me.   We had to go to the office for a little bit which is always an adventure.  We headed home and did our usual dinner, homework, baths, and bed while Drew was out at a couple meetings.  Lately Lindy likes to call us back in her room after we put her to bed.   I put her down and said “Don’t call me back in here unless you’re throwing up or pull one of your teeth.”  Lindy’s top two front teeth had been super loose and dangling all week.  I had tried pulling them all week and couldn’t get them out.  A few minutes after putting her down, I heard, “Mom!”  I went in and she was smiling.  Sure enough the girl had pulled out one of her front teeth!  She had a bloody mouth and was so happy.  We had to find the tooth, get her mouth cleaned up, put her tooth in her tooth fairy box, and get her back to sleep.   We did all that and I told her not to call for me again unless she pulled the other one.  A few minutes later I heard “Mom” and I went in and the girl had pulled out the other tooth!  In a matter of 10 minutes she had pulled her two top teeth out!!  We had to clean her mouth up again and get her back to bed.   She was so excited.  She laid up there in bed just chattering away about how she was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell her teachers.  In the middle of the night she went to the bathroom and we heard, “Dad, I got $2!”  Drew went in and told her to go back to sleep.   She is now the toothless wonder!

Thursday evening Will had tee ball.  I got there late and only got to see the second inning.  I saw him get a good hit and play third base.  Drew said he got a good hit the first inning too. 

Friday morning was a fun morning for the kids.  It started with Will getting to be the flag holder on the school news, the Eagle Eye News.  We had to be there early and get him down to the media center to practice.  The big show came on at 8:20am.  I got to watch him practice and then we got to watch the show in the media center.   He was a fine flag holder.  We were so proud!  It’s a big deal that the kindergarteners get to be on Eagle Eye News in the spring.   At the end of the news show they play a song and all the kids dance.  Will did some serious dancing!  They played an entire song that lasted way too long but Will danced for the whole thing!

After Will held the flag, the kids participated in their first Boosterthon Fun Run at school.  They had been getting pledges and having pep rallies for 1.5 weeks.  They finally got to run on Friday morning.  They were supposed to run outside but due to the weather, they had to move it inside.  We were a little worried about how they were going to let 5 classes run safely but they ended up having the girls run first and then the boys got to run.  That made it much safer.  Lindy had been a little worried about running because they were told they would run between 30-35 laps.  Her teacher had asked if we would be there and I told her yes and she said we could run with Lindy.  Lindy ran with her teacher for the first 2 laps but then I ended up running and walking 22 more laps with her.  They were pretty short laps but Lindy did get pretty tired.  I was really proud of her for doing that many though.  All the teachers kept telling her she was doing great.  After the girls ran she got to rest and we got to watch Will run.  He ran 36 laps I think!  He had fun zooming around the track.  He fell twice and got floor burn one time but he popped back up and kept going.  It was pretty fun to watch them having so much fun. 

Drew was heading out of town for the weekend and I had another walk event for work so we needed help with the kids.  GrandBob and Suzette came up Friday and stayed with the kids till I got home.  Then they watched the kids all Saturday till I got home.  They had to split up and take the kids to their separate tee ball games at different fields.  GrandBob took Lindy to her game and said there were 3 kids there.  He said the older kids helped them out and Lindy’s helper was named Jared.  He said Lindy was practically goo goo gaa gaa for Jared.  He said she loved her some Jared!  He said he was one of the nicest kids he has ever met.  He said she got to bat a lot and she had a lot of fun!  Suzette took Will to his game and said he did well too.  He got to play first and second base and he got two hits again.  They played at the house and had an ice cream treat before I got home around 4pm.

I got home and heard about their days and they headed back to Charlotte.  I had been thinking about going to my parents’ Sunday morning so I decided we would just head there Sat. night.  I packed up quickly and we ended up meeting them for dinner in Statesville.  We got to their house and the kids got a bath and they went to bed. 

Today we had a fun day at their house seeing all the new things they have done.  They have an up and running pool in the back!  It’s cold but it’s a pool!  We did stick our feet and hands in but that was it.  Lindy was ready to jump in!!  They have also planted something like 86 plants and spread mulch – by themselves.  They did have rock brought in for around the pool.  It’s looking really good!  I was also able to go shopping for clothes for Lindy – from my parents’ clothes closet.  My sister sends boxes and boxes of her kids’ outgrown clothes and my parents are storing them for me.  I was able to bring home a huge bag of clothes for her and then sort through the rest.  The girl has clothes in the next few sizes just waiting for her to grown into them. 

The only other news of the week is Will’s allergies.  He was telling Bob and Suzette he had a headache Friday after school.  He didn’t eat any dinner and said his belly hurt that night.  His nose was running out of control.   He was sneezing and so much snot was coming out.  I got home Saturday and they said he hadn’t been feeling great after his game.  He didn’t eat any dinner Sat. night either.  He woke up today feeling a little better I think but he sounds like he is losing his voice.  He finally ate some lunch but I don’t think he felt 100% all weekend.

That wraps it up.  Here are a few pictures from the week. 

Striking a pose on Earth Day in her Earth Day shirt.DSC_8655
After pulling the first tooth.
After pulling the second tooth!
Dolla Dolla bills y’all.
Big ole gap in the front!
Hiding in the trees to hold the flag during practice!DSC_8664DSC_8665
Holding the flag on live tv!IMG_4244
Will’s class ready for the Fun Run!DSC_8672
Lindy and her teacher running their first laps.
Running my laps with Lindy!  DSC_8688DSC_8692
Will getting his shirt signed after a lap.  DSC_8694
The blur called Will!
Papa gave lawnmower rides today!
My mother’s dream came true.  She finally got a pool.  She is in heaven.
Lou testing the water.
Taking a little foot dip.IMG_4285
Helping Papa power wash the patio.IMG_4289IMG_4291
We finally got Will to step in!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend

Friday evening we started our Easter activities.  After the science museum we headed home and we tried to do a little science experiment.  I’ve been wanting to make crystals with the kids and I saw a cute one with an Easter egg.  We tried it but it didn’t work.  Days later and we don’t have any crystals!  Oh well, we tried.  After dinner we dyed Easter eggs and those did well.  The kids did most of it themselves and it wasn’t a disaster!  We are making progress!

Saturday morning I was able to get out and go to Kohls and then I did some shopping for our Easter dinner.  I came and cooked for a couple hours.  The kids helped me off and on a little bit.  Mimo showed up in the afternoon to watch the kids for the evening.  Drew and I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert Saturday night in Charlotte with Katie and Kris.  Besides getting home late, we had a great time.  It was my first time seeing the Boss in concert and probably Drew’s 7th or 8th. 

After about 5 hours of sleep, we were up early hiding Easter eggs and setting out Easter presents.  The kids were up early and ready to get those eggs.

Lindy had a very piratey Easter.  I had found pirate Easter eggs and had to get them for her.  Will had sports eggs again.  They had fun finding eggs and then they found their presents.  I made Will bunny pancakes but Lindy didn’t want any.  We got ready and got some pictures and headed to church.  After church we came home for lunch with Mimo, Aunt Anna, Brian, and my parents.  We had a yummy meal and a fun afternoon of Mario Kart.  It was a great day!

Trying our crystal Easter egg experiment.  DSC_8521DSC_8522DSC_8524DSC_8526DSC_8528
Dying of the eggs.  DSC_8530DSC_8533DSC_8534DSC_8535DSC_8546DSC_8548DSC_8550
The Easter Bunny went a little bit overboard this year.  DSC_8551
Ready for the hunt!
My beautiful Easter children!!
My Easter appetizer!DSC_8634DSC_8635DSC_8636DSC_8638