Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Disney–Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday was our last day at Disney.  We just had about a half day of activities planned.  We finished the trip at the Magic Kingdom.

1.  Enchanted Tales with Belle
2.  Little Mermaid
3.  Mad Tea Party
4.  Barnstormer
5.  Lunch at Pinocchio Village
6.  It’s a Small World

We did the Enchanted Tales with Belle first and it was cute.  It was the same Belle that we had seen at the Princess lunch.  Lindy played the part of ‘Chip’ in the interactive story.  Will wouldn’t take a part in the story.  In fact he wouldn’t even get his picture taken with her again.  We did the Little Mermaid ride after Belle.  We had some free time so we jumped on the Mad Tea Party tea cups, which spin around like crazy.  I was looking through the camera the whole time and I never felt sick.  We did the Barnstormer which they both loved, but it was so short!  We had our final lunch and then we rode It’s a Small World as our final ride.

We headed back to the resort to get our car.  We had loaded everything before we left that morning.  We went in the resort to use the bathroom and get our final snacks.  We finally headed out around 2pm and we drove to Savannah, GA again and crashed in a hotel.  We were all pretty pooped!

Saturday morning we met my parents and two sets of their friends for breakfast.  They were down in Hilton Head visiting with their friends so we met them so we could see their friends.  I’ve known Ken and Carolyn for what feels like my whole life.  It was also nice to see their other friends, Clyde and Linda, that they became close to in Ohio.  We left breakfast around 11am and got home at 4pm.  We unpacked and all slept well that night!

So sad the trip is over.  It was an amazing family vacation that I don’t think we’ll ever forget!



Disney–Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday we headed back to Hollywood Studios for the morning and early afternoon.

1.  Disney Jr. on Stage
2.  Art of Animation
3.  Indiana Jones
4.  Lunch at ABC Commissary
5.  Beauty and the Beast stage show
6.  Meet Woody and Buzz
7.  Meet Daisy Duck
8.  Nap
9.  Dinner at Chef Mickey’s
10.  Monorail to Epcot
11. Spaceship Earth
12. Illuminations

We planned this as our second shorter day so the kids could take a short nap and make it to Illuminations that night at 9pm.  The kids loved Disney Jr. Live on Stage because it was all their favorite characters.  They got to play in the Art of Animation for awhile.  We found out Will is most like Buzz Lightyear and Lindy is like Tinkerbell –except for the quiet part! ha!  Next we watched the Indiana Jones stunt show.  Drew and I liked that more than the kids.  We ate lunch and then waited in line to see Buzz and Woody.  We headed back to the hotel and the kids fell asleep for a quick nap.  They got up, took a bath and we headed to the Contemporary Resort for dinner at Chef Mickey’s.  It was fun to see the five main characters.  We had to make Lindy put down her drink and food a couple times to see the characters – maybe the magic was wearing off?  One of Will’s must dos was to ride the monorail.  It worked perfectly to take the monorail from the Contemporary to Epcot.  We got there with plenty of time to spare so we rode Spaceship Earth, which was neat.  Lindy was pretty tired and kept asking to go home but we held out and saw the fireworks show.  It was nice and close for her to see.  They were tired by the time we got back to the room!

Coloring in the Art of Animation.DSC_7422DSC_7423
Dependable and responsible?  Yes.  Always follows the rules?  Yes.  Sounds like Will!
Quiet?  Nope.  Suffers from bouts of jealousy?  Not really.  Not sure that sounds much like Lindy!DSC_7427DSC_7429
I requested visually handicapped seating again so we got to sit on the second row.  This show was so good!DSC_7444DSC_7456DSC_7457DSC_7463
Amusing themselves while waiting in line for Buzz and Woody.DSC_7470
Lindy hugged every character.  She interacted with all the characters much more than Will did.  But then again she interacts with everyone much more than Will does.DSC_7483DSC_7490DSC_7492
Dinner at Chef Mickey’s!
Couldn’t take time to put her drink down!DSC_7520DSC_7524DSC_7526
Minnie snuck up on Will and tapped him on the shoulder!DSC_7533
Can you sign my book while I keep eating my nuggets?DSC_7536DSC_7538DSC_7540
She liked Lindy’s Minnie shirt!DSC_7542DSC_7544
She was too busy drinking – again.DSC_7545DSC_7549DSC_7551DSC_7552
I took Lindy to the bathroom and when we came back Goofy was at our table.  We ran back to see him.DSC_7554DSC_7555
Happy on the monorail!DSC_7562
At the end of Spaceship Earth you make your own movie.  Here is part of mine and Will’s!
Pretty fireworks at Illuminations.  We loved the big floating Earth with the fireworks shooting out of it.  DSC_7574