Sunday, October 29, 2017

More Fall Fun

Before we got to Halloween, we had a couple events happen.  I had a big work event that the Bryants were at and Katie and I were in our matching ruffles.  We had a home Wake Forest football game that day and they pulled off a big upset against Louisville.  Wake Forest has a tradition of rolling their quad for big wins and that definitely qualified as one.  Drew had to return a book to the Wake library so we randomly ended up on campus.  The kids and I have heard about it but never experienced the rolling of the Quad so it was neat to see.  There were tons of people out there celebrating so that was fun.  Then that night the Bryants came over and we headed to a corn maze in town.  I found one that said they did it at nighttime, but it wasn't scary.  You just used flashlights to get through the maze.  We had never done one like that so we tried it out.  It was fun and a different spin on it.  Each maze we do is different  - some have questions you answer to know how to go and some have check points to find.  This one had nothing.  You  literally just wandered around.  I don't know how you would ever get out during the day, let alone at night.  We took a picture of the maze and we followed it on Katie's phone - which Drew and Kris said was cheating.  They wouldn't go back and do it with nothing so they couldn't really talk much.

We finally found time to carve pumpkins on Sunday the 29th.  Will did all his own carving this year but he still doesn't like cleaning the pumpkin guts out!  I helped Lindy some and she still loves to play with the pumpkin guts!

The kids were out of school on October 30th so I took the day off to hang out with them.  We had to do some grocery shopping but at least we weren't at school and work!

Katie and I at the Chefs Auction
 Lindy and Ellie at the football game
 Rolling the Quad after the big win!

 Corn maze fun with the Bryants

 Fun on the hay ride! 

 Pumpkin carving time

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Family Fun

We started the month of October with one of our favorite fall activities, the Dixie Classic Fair.  It definitely signals fall is here when the DCF is in town.  We went straight after school on October 4th.  Mimo joined us and Drew met us there.  The kids had unlimited ride wrist bands and they got to ride, ride, ride.  The kids were finally tall enough to ride some of the bigger rides.  For years they have been bored by the kiddie rides but they weren't tall enough.  They were tall enough for one ride, the Cobra, that I swear I thought Will was going to fly out of.  It was terrifying to watch.  He was sliding down and because of the centrifugal force, he couldn't sit up.  I about lost it when I saw him wrap his foot around a lower bar.  I don't know for sure but I think they stopped it early after they heard me screaming for him to sit up.  He was scared when he got off so I know I wasn't just imagining the whole thing.  We ate dinner and headed home.

That weekend Lindy had her first friend spend the night at our house.  It was the same friend she had stayed with in September, Josie.  They had a fun time and she was sad when she went home.

I had a random day off in October that the kids didn't have off.  I spent the day getting stuff done.  That weekend, we went to my parents' for the day to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We hung out and ate and just celebrated another year of her loveliness!

We got into the slime business when my sister sent the kids a slime kit.  Will's worked relatively well but Lindy's turned into a big mess.  I hadn't planned to get into the slime but the poor girl needed help.

We spent the third Saturday of October at Kersey Valley with some of the Southern Family for a Fun Fall Outing.  I think Bob had the most fun.  We met up with Anna, Lynn, Bob and Suzette and we conquered the corn maze and checked out all the other activities.  There were a million photo opportunities and for some reason my family pretty willingly did them all.  It was a Halloween miracle!

Lindy and her friend, Josie
 Fair fun!

 The dreaded Cobra ride.  Never again! ha!