Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving in Missouri

We met my sister's family and Shelly and Chris for dinner Tuesday night when we finally arrived in Kansas City.  Stopping at the arch made for a longer trip but it was fun.

Wednesday morning we took the younger kids to Science City while Hayley had basketball practice in the morning.  Science City is in Union Station in downtown Kansas City.  Union Station is so pretty so that was fun to see it all decorated for Xmas.  Science City was really neat and had tons of things for them to play with, interact with and climb on.  We spent the morning there before heading out at lunch time.  We met my cousin, Sandy, for lunch and it was nice to catch up with her.  We headed home and got Hayley and we went out for some pre-Thanksgiving  Christmas shopping that afternoon.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and my sister hosts a houseful of family each year.  It was nice to be there and see everyone.  My mom has one sister, Sue, and she has 5 kids.  Four of the five were there and three of the four all have kids.  My dad has one brother, Jim, and he was there, along with another one of their cousins on their side.  I have a small family but most of them were there that day.  It's fun to see your cousins all grown up and have adult conversations with them.

We enjoyed our day and then headed out to begin the Christmas shopping.  I really didn't have a clue what I needed so I was mostly along for the ride.  I did get a few things and got some ideas.  We came home around midnight and slept for 5 hours and then we were up and out the door again.  We were gone all day long!!  I'm not sure I can hang with my mom and sister.  It'll take two years to recover so maybe we'll go back to Missouri again in 2019.

My sister has season passes to their local amusement park, Worlds of Fun, and for the first time they were having a Winterfest.  We decided to check it out Friday night.  It was much different than I imagined.  I thought it would just be lit up with lights and you could walk through.  It was, but basically the whole park was open with rides as well.  They transformed everything into winter and Christmas.   Everything was renamed to do with Xmas.  The lines were pretty crazy long so the kids only rode a few rides but it was really pretty and fun to experience.

We started the long trek home on Saturday right after lunch.  We stopped to spend the night and got back to NC on Sunday.  We dropped the parents back off in Mooresville and headed to home sweet home.  It was a fun trip and it is nice to see my family.  Lindy and Will enjoy going to the Beavers' house and playing with their toys.   Thanks for having us Beaver Family!

Science City with Rylee

 Look at the three of them at the top!
 Inside Union Station
 Taking rides in the dune buggy

 Lee really didn't want us to go shopping that afternoon!  ha!
Lindy was ALL over Bella the dog.  Poor dog!
Thanksgiving with my mom and her sister, my Aunt Sue
 Uncle Jerry, Aunt Sue, mom and dad
 The 1st cousins - Lyndsey, Kim, Chris, Natalie, Amy and I
 The second cousins - front - Ace, Trevor, Kylie, Archer, and Tinley,
Back - Finn, Lindy, Will, Rylee, Gabe, Bailey, and Hayley
 My dad's side of the family -  my cousin Jim, my dad, Amy, me, and my Uncle Jim
 Amy and I with Uncle Jim - our 'Funcle'
 Winterfest at Worlds of Fun

 I really enjoyed the ride :) 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Gateway Arch

This year we decided to join my parents in Missouri for Thanksgiving at my sister's house.  We went two years ago and the kids have been wanting to go back.  Plus it gives me a chance to see most of my family - since they all live in MO.

The kids went to school on Monday and Will had Battle of the Books practice from 3-4pm.  Lindy and I went and gassed up the car and as soon as Will was done we headed to Mooresville to pick up my parents.  We let them jump in and off we headed on the long trek to Missouri!  We stopped around Nashville, TN on Monday night.  We got up and headed to St. Louis to the Gateway Arch.  Two years ago we drove right past it and I said if I went back that we were stopping at it.  We got there right after lunch and although we didn't get a long tour of it, we did get to see it and go up in it.

Rest stop fun!


 Traveling crew.  Will is in the far back!
  Hello St. Louis and the Gateway Arch!

 Waiting for the little car to come take us to the top!

 That's a little car right there!

 At the top - 630ft in the air!