Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring starts now–for me

Five March for Babies walks are in the books.  I love my job and I love helping save babies but it’s a long, hard spring full of March for Babies walks.  We started April 11th and we just finished on May 16th.  All went well and we raised a lot of money for the babies! I feel like I can enjoy spring – and almost summer – now that we are done with walks.

The week started with Drew and I celebrating 13 years of wedded bliss.  We didn’t get around to securing a babysitter so we went on a lunch date.  We tried a new restaurant and we went to the new Mast General Store that just opened.  It was actually quite nice! 

In the middle of the night Lindy woke up crying and saying her ear hurt.  We gave her some Tylenol and put her in bed with us.  She winced the rest of the night.  We got up and she seemed okay so she got dressed and started eating breakfast.  She started complaining during breakfast that her ear hurt.   Drew took Will to school and I headed to the walk-in clinic at the pediatrician’s office.  I loved the walk-in clinic.  We actually got to see our doctor and we were in and out so quick.   The doctor had to dig some wax out of one ear and said they were both actually infected.  She called in an antibiotic for her.  She has been pretty fortunate with not having but 1-2 ear infections in her entire life.  We headed to pick up the prescription and we came home for a bit.  I asked her how she felt and she said good and she said multiple times, I want to go to school.  I asked her many times if she wanted to stay home and she said no.  We headed to school around 10:30am.  She looked really tired when we got there but I figured it was just from the ride there.  We got a call from the school around 12:40pm saying she was in the office saying she didn’t feel well.  She told the lunch aid she didn’t feel good so they took her over to the office.  They had her lay down in the nurse’s room and when Drew picked her up she was sound asleep.  She chilled the rest of the afternoon and was good by the end of the day.  She went to school the next day and has been fine.  She is not enjoying the antibiotic but it’s almost over. 

Tuesday night we had our last soccer practice.  I have had fun coaching his soccer team.  I can cross coach off the bucket list.  Funny I had no clue it was on my bucket list!  ha!  When no coach stepped up, I decided I would do it.  I wanted to give Will –and the other kids -the best season possible.  I think they learned a little soccer and hopefully they had a lot of fun!  Since I couldn’t be there for the last game on Saturday, I brought them cupcakes that night for our last practice. 

The weekend for me was a normal March for Babies weekend.  I got home around 5pm Saturday.   The kids and Drew had a very busy day.  Will’s last soccer game was at 9am on Saturday morning.  Martha came to his game and took some pictures – thanks Martha!  They did some shopping for a birthday present and then went to their church friend, Dylan’s, birthday party at 2pm.  They stayed for a little bit and they headed to see the play Tarzan at a small theatre in town.  Drew and Will enjoyed it, Lindy thought it was okay.  We all caught up at home and all had an early bedtime. 

Here are a few pictures from the week.

Soccer pics.  Great pic of Ms. Martha and Lindy!
Lindy and one of her best friends from church!IMG_7607

Thursday, May 14, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I will get caught up.  This will be easy because I don’t remember much from April 27th – May 3rd.

Will did have a soccer game on Tuesday, April 28th instead of his usual practice.  It was a makeup game from one that got rained out.  I will have to say that our team is good about coming to games.  I will say, though, that for some odd reason every game we had was at home this season – which I’m sure really helped!  ha!  That Tuesday night we had 7 I think and they had 5.  Our team beat them pretty bad so the kids had a great time.  The other team had some kids that spent more time on the ground than on their feet. 

The end of the week was spent getting ready for another March for Babies.  On May 2nd we had one in Elkin, NC.  It was a beautiful day for a walk about Elkin to save babies.   Will had a soccer game on Saturday morning that they went to. 

Last week was teacher appreciation week.  We brought in love notes and flowers and school supplies for the teachers.  We hope the teachers enjoyed it.  The kids have been fortunate to have great teachers so far and we appreciate them.

We played outside a lot last week because it was beautiful spring weather.  Will had soccer practice on Tuesday night.  It was actually a bit hot and they were all pooped by the end!

Lindy was the weatherman on Eagle Eye News on Wednesday.  She memorized the weather since she couldn’t read it from across the room.   She was also the student of the day so she got to bring a show and tell item in.  Big day for her!  Will had a rough Wednesday.   He leaned down around Aiden and Aiden jumped and scratched his face all up.  He really got lucky where it started because it couldn’t have gotten much closer to his eye.  He had a nice scratch down his face.  Not but a few minutes later they were playing with a t-ball set and Lindy accidentally whacked Will in the head with a plastic bat.  He was done after that.  He sat and read the rest of the time we were outside. 

The end of last week was getting ready for another March for Babies.  This time in Mount Airy.  Friday night after we loaded up our van we took the kids out to eat at a Harley Davidson restaurant in Kernersville.   Our friends Katie and Craig and another member from their band Carolina Coalmine were playing an acoustic set there.  It was perfect because it was early and we ate dinner and listened to great music.  The kids enjoyed it and danced and we enjoyed it too.   Saturday was the March for Babies which turned out to be a really great day.  900-1000 people marched for stronger, healthier babies.  I left the office around 3pm and met up with Drew and the kids at Adventure Landing where they were playing putt putt.  I eventually left and went to Target before meeting up with them again at home. 

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  A day all about me.  ha!  We had church that morning and then we headed to my parents’ that afternoon.  We brought the dog with us and it was the first time Aiden and Sadie had been back together since we brought Aiden home.   They did pretty well but they wrestled for about 4 hours.  They were both pooped last night.  We were hoping to go swimming but it was a cloudy, overcast day and it would have been chilly in there.   We played with the dogs and had a nice dinner before we headed out.  It’s nice having my mother so close now. 

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks.  I’m finally caught up!

At Will’s game on 4/28.  Coach Mom!DSC_4101DSC_4106DSC_4126DSC_4288
Listening to Katie and Craig Friday night!IMG_7315IMG_7317
Cute girl and Oscar!
Mother’s Day!   So glad these two call me Mom!DSC_4293DSC_4294DSC_4295DSC_4300DSC_4309DSC_4311DSC_4314DSC_4319
Fluffy Aiden after a bath!
We’d never seen them pant so much after they first got together.  They did share the water.
Maybe the only moment of calmness there was!IMG_7490
Thankful for my mom and my kids!IMG_7513
Sadie Jo!
Last night for the first time since February 14th, Jack came downstairs at night and sat on the couch with us.  With Aiden in the room.  This is huge.  Aiden was too tired to chase him!!IMG_7523

Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 20-26th

I’m operating on a serious two week delay.  

After Drew got home from his weekend trip he left again on Tuesday to go to the beach with his dad and brother for a few days.  My parents were able to help me out with some childcare and I really appreciated it.  My mom met me at school on Tuesday to get a car seat and then she picked up the kids and took them home.  She did our normal homework and put dinner in the oven.  She stayed with Lindy while Will and I headed to soccer practice.  She helped with bedtime and then spent the night with us.  I probably could have managed by myself if I had not signed up to bring donuts to school for a teacher breakfast on Wednesday morning.  They had to be there at 7:30am.  I was dreading having to get the kids and dog up super early to get them there.  She spent the night with us and then I left early and got the donuts and got to the school early.  She finished up getting the kids ready and got them to school.  She headed home after that.  I picked the kids up from school on Wednesday and they got to finish the afternoon at my office doing homework.  Thursday I had to spend the entire day in Greensboro and couldn’t get back to get the kids after school.  Mom drove back over to help out.  She actually came early to let Aiden out and then got the kids after school.  They had dentist appointments scheduled and she took them to those.  My dad came over to help out at the dentist.  They thankfully got good reports and they confirmed Will does have front teeth that will grow in.  We were starting to wonder! ha!  Lindy seems to thankfully have gotten over her fear of the dentist and her puking at the dentist!  My parents took the kids out to dinner and I met them back at home.  Drew was actually home by that time too.  I really appreciate them helping me out. 

The weekend was a normal one for us during the spring.  I had a March for Babies walk in Greensboro so I was gone from 5am-4pm.   Will had a soccer game that didn’t go so well.  The other team didn’t have enough kids to play so they put Will on the other team for a half.  Even though one of his friends, Carson, was on there, he didn’t enjoy it.  Drew said he was on the verge of tears the whole time.  When Will was playing with the other team, his team scored 3 goals.  When Will switched back to his team, the other team scored 7 unanswered goals.  He was not happy! ha!  Sunday we had church and then we met up with Ed, Jamie, Molly, Corbyn, Mimo and GrandBob to celebrate Corbyn’s 21st birthday.  How did that happen?  21?! 

Random pics from the week
Our superhero, Lindy
Wearing Ms. Jill’s fire hat.

Monday, April 27, 2015

April 13-19th

I don’t think it was a big week for us.  Will had soccer practice Tuesday night.  We got our team pictures but only 6 kids showed up.  It was super muddy but we still had a good practice. 

The kids had an early release on Wednesday but they just spent the afternoon at home. 

We spent the week begging all our family for pledges because the kids ran in the Boosterthon on Friday the 18th.   The money they raised helps out the science and computer programs at their school.  The kids thought it was super cool every day and were so happy to get pledges.  They were so excited about running the fun run.  Last year the Boosterthon was inside the gym because it was raining outside.  The laps were super short in the gym.  This year they did it outside on the track, which was much, much larger.  One lap around actually equaled 4 laps.  Will ran all 35 of his laps and Lindy (and Drew) ran/walked 20 laps.  The kids thought it was the most fun.  I’m glad it’s over!

The kids and I were on our own for the weekend because Drew went hiking in Asheville with his friends.  I picked the kids up from school and we ate dinner out and went to PetSmart.  Saturday morning Will had a game at 10am but the other team didn’t show up.  All 10 of our kids did show up so they ended up just playing each other.  The other team had the game on their schedule at 11am.  None of our team wanted to wait around for an hour though.  They actually had a good time and it was a good coaching opportunity.  Saturday afternoon I dropped Will off at Katie, Micah, and Claire’s house and I took Lindy to a birthday party for a girl in her class.  I stayed at the party with her because the mom asked me to.  They played a bunch of outdoor games, in most of which she actually did well.  She had fun.  We picked Will up and headed home.  Katie, Micah, and Claire ended up coming over for dinner and to hang out.  The kids had fun playing and Will tells me daily that he wishes he could see them more.  Sunday we played hookie from church and we stayed around the house on a cool, rainy day.  I got a lot of organizing done in all our closets which was really nice.  We waited for Drew to get home and then we listened to his story of getting lost in the wilderness.  We are just glad he made it home.   

The 1st grade (and Drew) getting ready to run!DSC_3796
And he’s off!
There they go!DSC_3802DSC_3813

With some buddies!DSC_3823
Best pics of Aiden I have gotten so far.  DSC_3827
And great of Lindy too!DSC_3830DSC_3832

Monday, April 20, 2015

March for Babies

Seems like I am always catching up on blog posts these days.   The kids got back to normal after spring break, but unfortunately it was the week of my first walk so I had some later nights and Daddy has to hold down the fort during walk season.  We had the first of our five walks on Saturday April 11th and it was the biggest and best – the Winston-Salem March for Babies.

But first – the week leading up to the walk.  Tuesday night we had a pancake supper at church and they generously donated the proceeds to our March for Babies team.  Will and I were supposed to be at soccer practice but it got cancelled because of wet fields.

The kids were looking forward to a field trip to Tanglewood that week.  Lindy was to go on Tuesday and Will on Thursday.  Wouldn’t you know it was supposed to rain all week too.  I dropped Lindy off at school and they were still going – even despite a little drizzle.  Thirty minutes later we got an email saying they ware not going because it had started raining harder.  I was actually okay with that because who wants to send their kid out on an outdoor field trip in the rain?  Not me.  The lady from Tanglewood ended up coming to their school for her presentation and they ate lunch in their classroom.  I don’t think Lindy was too upset about missing it.  Will did get to go to Tanglewood so he was most happy.   He would have been pretty upset if his got cancelled.  It sounded like a good bit of walking and Lindy would have been miserable!  

Friday night I actually got home at a decent hour, considering it was the night before the walk.  My mom came over and spent the night and got up really early with me to head to the walk. 

The walk turned out good.  The day was beautiful – we could not have asked for better weather.   Drew, the kids, Jamie, Ed and Molly, Grandbob and Suzette all came and walked for the Million Dollar Babies team.  Our team raised over $7000 – wahoo!  Another very successful year of fundraising for stronger, healthier babies!!!

Sunday we went to church and then the kids and I went to see Mary Poppins.  Drew and I had been a couple weeks before and loved it.  Lindy’s SEE camp was going and Lindy and I could go free and just buy a ticket for Will.  I thought they would enjoy the music so I signed us up to go.  We got to go an hour early and go on stage and the visually impaired kids could feel and see one of the sets up close and personal.  We had seats on the second row so I think Lindy could see some of it.  Will loved it.  Lindy fell asleep for a little while but she still liked the music.  We have been singing the songs for over a week.  It was so great.  Afterwards in the lobby we got to see a bunch of characters which was fun.

Mom and Suzette starting the walk!DSC_3474
The boys – and Lindy starting the walk!DSC_3479DSC_3615DSC_3739
We were the second top family team this year!  DSC_3763IMG_6901
Our team!  Family and friends from church.IMG_6949
Martha doing some zumba!
Our March of Dimes kids!
Our March of Dimes angel!IMG_6985
A couple of goofballs!
The most fun this year was the photo booth!  I had a blast in it!IMG_7009
On stage at Mary Poppins. 
The SEE camp kids (and Will!)DSC_3783
Meeting some cast members after the show.DSC_3784DSC_3785
Talking to Mary and BertDSC_3788
Mary Poppins and Bert!  They were SOOOO good!DSC_3789
We saw some pretty flowers and stopped for a picture!DSC_3792