Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We have had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Drew started the morning by preaching at the community Sunrise Service at the local cemetery.  He came home right about the time the kids woke up.  The kids came down to find the Easter Bunny had left them Easter baskets filled with a few new games, some marshmallow treats and some new rain boots.   We had some yummy donuts for breakfast and then we got on our Easter best.  We headed to a wonderful church service that included the last scene of the Easter Drama, some amazing music, and a great sermon (I may be biased!)  After church we headed home and most of the Southerns came for Easter lunch.  Mimo, Aunt Anna, GrandBob and Suzette, Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie, and Jamie’s parents Richard and Lorrie.  The Easter bunny came back to our house and hid some eggs outside so the kids had another Easter egg hunt.  We had a delicious lunch and good fellowship.  We played with bubbles outside and enjoyed the beautiful (almost hot) day!

Here is the day in pictures:

DSC_8150DSC_8152DSC_8155DSC_8156DSC_8160The Easter bunny may have bought boots way too big.  Thankfully mama knows where to exchange them!DSC_8170DSC_8173The kids’ Easter finest!DSC_8196DSC_8202DSC_8211Hunting Easter Eggs.DSC_8214DSC_8217DSC_8229DSC_8237DSC_8252DSC_8257DSC_8263GrandBob and SuzetteDSC_8264Mimo and Aunt AnnaDSC_8273Our little family.DSC_8282-2Aunt Jamie and Uncle EdDSC_8290-1Richard, Lorrie, Aunt Jamie, and Uncle EdDSC_8293For the most part I LOVE Lindy’s glasses.  But it does drive me nuts when they slide down and she peeks over them!DSC_8318DSC_8322It wouldn’t be a family get together if the kids didn’t wrestle.DSC_8334DSC_8336”I got your noses!”DSC_8339

I don’t know how some people just put a couple pictures.  It’s not physically possible for me to do.  I take too many pictures!

Next up:  Nana and Papa arrive tomorrow!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week Before Easter

We had a fairly busy week.  Monday Lindy had an appointment with her orthopaedist.  She gets out of school at 11:30am and her appointment was at 1pm.  Her appointment was right down the road from her school so it was pointless to drive her home, snarf down lunch, and drive right back to the appointment.  So I picked her up and we went to a nearby park and we had a little picnic lunch.  Then she got to play at the newly remodeled, really cool, playground for awhile and then we went to her appointment.  It worked out great.  I learned that going to a playground with one kid is 1000x easier than going with two.  It was almost easy!  Except you still have to watch Lindy like a hawk at playgrounds because I’m scared to death she is going to walk off the edge sometime.  But it was much easier to watch when it was just her.

We checked into her appointment and they told me that the doctor had requested x-rays of her hips and pelvis.  We got over to the x-ray place and Lindy was having a ball.  Until they call us and we walk and get to the door.  She came to a screeching halt at the door and wouldn’t walk in.  I honestly believe she was thinking she might be getting another VCUG.  The rooms did look very similar.  I picked her up and carried her in and she cries a little and then does a little gag.  I set her on the ground and she started to throw up.  It was just a little bit that I caught in my hand.  I washed my hand off in the sink and the tech gave me a towel.  Lindy proceeded to throw up FOUR more times.  ugggggg.  I wanted to skin her hide.  I’m so tired of her throwing up.  The only thing that made this one better than the rest is that I caught it every time and she didn’t get it on either of us.  After I felt like her lunch was fully gone, I finally just picked her up and put her on the bed.  She freaked out of course but I held her legs quick and she got the x-rays.  It was that or she got the baby board.  I don’t think that would have gone over well either. 

We made our way out of there and down to the see the doctor.  They put us in a room and Lindy was so leery of everyone.  She wanted nothing to do with the nurse.  She also wanted nothing to do with the bed, which I knew she’d have to lay on so Dr. Kat could check out her ankles.  At one point I was on the bed and Lindy was in the chair and I thought it would have been hilarious if the doctor had walked in then.  I finally got her to get on it when I got a pen and we colored and wrote on the paper on the bed.  We had a great visit with Dr. Kat.  When Lindy was relaxed and paying attention to me, Dr. Kat felt NO tightness in her ankles!  That’s awesome to hear.  But rarely is she fully relaxed like that.  Even though she had a good report we know she still has mild cerebral palsy in her ankles.  But it’s very mild!!  Our physical therapist wanted Dr. Kat’s approval for doing two short braces and Dr. Kat was all for it.  She did recommend Lindy sleep in her long brace, just to stretch her ankle out and counteract any toe-walking Lindy does while getting used to the short brace.  We’ll see how that goes!  Dr. Kat was great with us only coming yearly, because Lindy is doing so well!

Thursday was the only other day that was busy.  Both kids had Easter parties at the school but Lindy’s teacher also did an egg hunt and an awards ceremony.  Drew and I both went and helped out.  They did the egg hunt, made a bunny cookie, made a bunny craft, passed out awards, and played a game.  The kids had a lot of fun.  They are all so proud when they get their awards!  Lindy got an award for using good language!  It still blows us away to know (and see for ourselves) that Lindy has the best language in the class.  We’re so proud of her! 

Lindy had physical therapy at 1pm so we did the same thing we did on Monday.  Drew picked Will up from school and I took Lindy and went to the park again.  We ate and she played and then we went to PT.  Since we got the go ahead for two short braces, we casted her for her new braces.  Lindy was a bit weary at first but I whipped out the iPad and then she did okay.  I’m loving the iPad for times like this!  She did fairly well for the 45 minutes it took to cast her.  Lindy did jump, both feet off the ground, and Heather saw it while I was in the bathroom.  That is the first time Heather had seen it and the first time in awhile that she’s done it.  She usually leaves one big toe on the ground. 

Thursday evening we headed up to church for the Easter Drama.  Our church put on a pretty amazing drama.  The set was so cool.  The kids stayed back in the nursery so that I could watch the whole show.  There is no way they would have sat still that long. 

That sums up our week.  I’ve spent the whole week cleaning the house since we are having Easter dinner here tomorrow with all the Southerns.  It’s spotless; they better not get it dirty Smile

Some of the many pictures from the week. 

The beginning of the week was really warm so we played outside a bunch.DSC_7936DSC_7945Maybe we need to get him in soccer!DSC_7957DSC_7967Looking for four leaf clovers.DSC_7975DSC_7978Opening Easter bags from Aunt Amy and family.DSC_7987DSC_7993I thought she looked so cute just sitting there listening to music.DSC_8009Lindy’s Easter egg hunt at school.DSC_8021DSC_8025Decorating her bunny cookie.DSC_8030Getting her 3rd quarter award from Mrs. Asbury.DSC_8039DSC_8058DSC_8054Lindy and her other teacher, Ms. Mary.DSC_8057The special chair Lindy sits in while getting casted for new braces.DSC_8061Wearing mama’s flip flops.DSC_8062The kids are going to take swimming lessons in May and my parents sent them some Easter swimming goodies.  DSC_8084Lindy came walking in the kitchen one day like this…DSC_8095Dying Easter eggs this afternoon.  I found these no-spill cups and thought we’d try them out.  They worked pretty well.  The kids didn’t make a mess but it was a little messy getting them out.DSC_8098DSC_8099DSC_8103DSC_8104DSC_8115DSC_8117DSC_8119DSC_8122DSC_8132DSC_8136DSC_8143DSC_8145