Monday, April 11, 2011

Second Easter Egg Hunt

We actually had a pretty quiet week.  The kids enjoyed going back to school after spring break.  Although I enjoyed getting to sleep in a bit, it was nice to get back into a routine.

Monday Will and I did our monthly grocery shopping.  Tuesday I had March of Dimes stuff to do.  Wednesday we had music class as usual.  Thursday I went to the mall and found the kids’ Easter outfits and had a March of Dimes meeting.  Friday Will and I met our friend Katie at the mall to exchange some sizes for their Easter outfits. 

Our weekend was much more exciting.  Friday evening we met back up with Katie, Kris, Micah, and Claire, and Uncle Ed, for dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then a Krispy Kreme donut for dessert.  

Saturday our church had their spring fling.  Except there wasn’t much spring in the spring fling.  It was freezing cold.  It had been nice and warm all week and the kids had played outside a bunch, but the temperatures dropped Saturday morning.  It was still fun, despite the weather.  The activities were supposed to start at 12pm but we headed up early so that the kids could jump in the bounce house before everyone else arrived.  I’m so glad we got there early!  They got to play for almost 45 minutes.  Will had so much fun.  One other little girl played with us and another older boy played.   Will was bouncing all around and climbing up the slide and going down, over and over.   Lindy has a tough time in a bounce house.  She basically can’t walk.  It must be something about the stability because she really struggles.  I had to get in with her and bounce with her.  I went down the slide with her one time and then she wanted to do it by herself so she did, but she never wanted to go by herself again!  Which meant I kept having to climb up with her and go.  I got a good workout!  Once a bunch of people showed up we left the bounce house and went and got lunch and played the other games they had set up.  We headed inside and got pictures taken with the Easter bunny and heard Easter stories.  Finally it was time for an Easter egg hunt.  It was 1000 times better than the one we went to last year.  They had the under-4 crowd in a fenced in area so they weren’t trampled by the big kids and they had tons of eggs!  Our kids found plenty of eggs and had a great time.  

After the spring fling we headed home for naps and baths and hot showers and we headed out again to dinner at some church members’ house.  We had a delicious meal and played Pictionary.  Mostly we chased the kids around the house to try to contain them.  I look forward to the day when we can fully enjoy ourselves and not have to chase children!  We got home way late and threw the kids in bed and headed that way ourselves.

Yesterday we had church and long naps and then our neighbors came down to play.  Will was a bit of a pill at first because he didn’t want to share his toys and he was fighting with Lindy.  Once he calmed down the kids all had fun.  Will and Elia ended up building a cool train with the foam blocks.  Once again, Lindy kind of did her own thing, as did baby Benjamin.  It’s fun having someone so close to play with.

Other news of the week – Lindy has peed in the potty two times this week.  I put her on there and she went.  I figure I’ll just put her on every once in awhile and we’ll see what happens.  One time she peed a little and I asked if she was done and she said no, she had more.  And then she peed more.  So I know she can control it and let it out.  We just have to convince her to do it.

The other thing she has done this weekend is throw up.  She threw up Friday night at Krispy Kreme after eating a bunch of chips and an entire cheese quesadilla at dinner and a donut for dessert.  She ate too much.  Saturday night I didn’t think she had eaten that much but she threw up at our church members’ house.   Thankfully Drew was speedy enough to get her to the bathroom and she threw up in the toilet.  The first time she’s ever prayed to the porcelain king – ha ha.

The kids have lost their minds recently.  They are having senioritis or something.  They are not listening very well and they have been fighting like crazy.  I feel like we are back at the baby stage where I couldn’t leave them alone in a room.  Every time I walk out they are fighting.  It’ll wear a mommy out!  They have been wrestling a lot which in turn causes bumps and bruises.  I know they are siblings but it drives me nuts!

Anywho…some pictures of the kids.

Our injuries for the week.  Lindy hit her nose on the TV cabinet (she has a tiny scar under her right nostril). DSC_7638Will and Lindy ran into each other and then Will fell into the corner of a wall with his head (at least we now know what Will’s celebrity mug shot will look like).DSC_7639She is the messiest eater ever!DSC_7647The kids love to act like they are a monkey on our backs.DSC_7652Lindy likes to take Will down.DSC_7654We went outside a bunch but it was muddy so the kids had to wear boots.DSC_7662DSC_7665DSC_7669DSC_7676The kids were pretending that Will was going through a drive through and getting some food.DSC_7682DSC_7681DSC_7715DSC_7719The bounce house!DSC_7721DSC_7730DSC_7724DSC_7727DSC_7728 - CopyDSC_7729DSC_7738DSC_7740The Easter bunny!  Lindy climbed right on up there but Will had to be convinced to even stand by him!DSC_7749DSC_7753DSC_7754The Easter egg hunt!DSC_7762DSC_7763DSC_7764Will was having some serious issues with his pants staying up!DSC_7765DSC_7768DSC_7770Lindy tried to open each egg she found.  DSC_7778Mommy forgot the kids’ Easter baskets but a lady from church found these in the kitchen.  They worked great!DSC_7781DSC_7788

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