Sunday, April 17, 2011

The March for Babies That Wasn’t

The March for Babies got cancelled this weekend because of rain and the threat of severe thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes.  So, so, so sad that all of our hard work was for nothing, but safety was the biggest issue. 

Most of my week was devoted to the March for Babies walk.  I spent lots of my free time doing last minute things to ensure the walk was the best one ever! 

Wednesday the kids had music class with Ms. Beth.  They had fun, as usual.  The first 30 minutes of the class the parents are not in the room with the kids.  Then they come find us and the parents go in and we do a few more songs.  Lots of times you are supposed to do things with your mom or dad.  Will always ends up being my partner because Lindy wants nothing to do with me!  She always does everything with Ms. Beth!

Thursday was the start of a really busy few days.  I dropped both kids off at school and then met back up with Lindy for Field Day for Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired students.  Lindy rode the bus with her class and I met up with them.  They had some high school students speak – one who was totally deaf and signed and someone interpreted for him, one who was hearing impaired but spoke, and one who was legally blind.  It was neat to hear them speak.  After the speakers they let the kids go out to play.  They held field day at the soccer field at Wake Forest.  They had an area for preschool kids to play.  Lindy had fun playing all the different games.  Her favorite was the parachute.  We’ve never played with one so she thought that was pretty neat.  She especially liked when they lifted it and you went underneath it.  We left field day and picked up Will and headed home for lunch.  I left again and went to ‘Bank Day’ for the March of Dimes.  It’s a day where teams can bring any money they have so they don’t have bring it the walk.  I counted money all afternoon and got home around 6pm.

Friday I took Lindy to school and then got to the March of Dimes office around 10am.  I finally walked back in the door around 8pm.  I worked all day getting ready for the March for Babies.  We worked so hard!  We got everything ready, picked everything up, and got everything packed into a U-Haul.    I was beat when I got home!

Saturday I got up at 5am and got out to the walk sight.  There were about 20 of us out there in the pouring rain trying to decide what to do.  If the forecast had just been for rain then we would have set everything up and walked.  But they were calling for some pretty nasty weather that morning and it just wasn’t going to be safe to have 2000 people out in that weather.  The state office finally made a decision around 7am.  Most everyone headed back to the office to unload the U-Haul but my friend Wendy and I sat out at the walk site until 10am.  Most people got the word that the walk was cancelled but there were about 25-30 people that came by.  Thankfully we were in a covered area so it wasn’t too bad.  I headed to the office for awhile and finally headed home.  We were definitely bummed that all the work we’ve done since January was for nothing.  The money we raised wasn’t for nothing, just the hard work on the celebration part.  I guess it was good practice for next year!  It was the first time in the new downtown location so we definitely figured out a lot of the kinks. 

The day wasn’t totally ruined.  Drew’s family had planned to walk with us so they ended up coming up anyway and hanging out.  We had lunch with Lynn, Anna, her boy Brian (as Will says), Ed, Jamie, Molly and a friend of hers.  We had a fun afternoon, especially since Drew, Molly, and I won Pictionary.  Lynn, Anna, and Brian stuck around for dinner as well. 

Today we had church and naps and then we went bowling again!  Some of our youth and young adults from church met up with a bunch of ladies from UMAR, a group home for adults with developmental disabilities.  I think everyone had a good time.  It’s always fun to see our friends at the UMAR houses.  They love when we come visit them.  They love the kids too.

And the best part, pictures from our week.

Lindy at field day.  She got a t-shirt that was WAY too big!DSC_7843The parachute!DSC_7855Inside the parachute.DSC_7853Lindy and Ms. Asbury, her teacher.DSC_7857Aunt Anna and Will discussing the architectural aspects of their tower.DSC_7860Peek-a-boo with Mimo.DSC_7861Even though they didn’t walk, they still wore their March of Dimes shirts on Saturday.DSC_7867DSC_7871DSC_7870DSC_7873DSC_7877Bowling this afternoon.DSC_7892DSC_7894DSC_7895DSC_7902DSC_7904DSC_7909This weekend it was so windy that our Bradford pear tree out front lost a couple large limbs.  DSCF0242

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