Sunday, October 31, 2010

Singing Videos

Here is Will and Lindy singing the Spooky Wheels on the Bus.  They are a little long but cute. 

Just so you can follow what they are saying:
One spooky bus goes RATTLE AND SHAKE.
Two white wipers go CREAK, CREAK, CREAK.
Three noisy cats go MEOW, HISS, HISS.
Four glowing wheels go ROUND AND ROUND.
Five big spiders SPIN THEIR WEBS.
Six singing mummies HUM, HUM, HUM.
Seven silly monsters WIGGLE AND WAGGLE.
Eight wacky witches CACKLE AND HOWL.
Nine magic brooms go SWISH, SWOOSH, SWISH.
Ten goofy ghosts say BOO-OO-OO.

Excuse my horrible singing voice in Lindy's video! Take notice that she gets distracted a couple times ("That's a pumpkin" and "Hi Jack") and shortens some of the verses!

Happy Halloween!
Keep reading, I put up a post last night too.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Shirt Week

Yeah, my kids have worn Halloween shirts every day this week.  I like holiday shirts.  What can I say?

Let’s see…what did we do this week.  Well, last Sunday we left immediately from church and drove to Charlotte to pick up Drew’s new ride.  We switched cars quickly with Mimo and Aunt Anna and Drew and I went to the dealership.  The kids got to go shopping and to the park to play.  They even went to SC for gas!  We met back up with them for dinner and for TCBY self-serve yogurt.  A new experience that was oh so yummy  Drew got to drive his new car home in complete silence and I got to drive two children, one who was screaming about wanting to watch a new movie and one who was screaming because she got her arm out of her pj’s.  It was not fun pretty.

Lindy did not have a parent session on Monday because her teacher was sick.  She did have a routine hearing test on Tuesday.  For the first time ever the tympanogram (quick exam used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum) showed she had negative pressure in her ears – meaning she has some congestion or fluid in her ears.  Just that morning I noticed she sounded a little stuffed up.  She has acted completely fine but she’s got something going on back there.  We proceeded on with the hearing test and Lindy did fabulous!  6 months ago we got NO data because Lindy would not cooperate.  This time she did the play audiometry like a pro (when she heard a sound she put the object in the bucket or on the stack, etc).  We did some aided and unaided testing.  For the first time ever, her hearing seems to have gotten a little worse in the low tones.  BUT her audiologist feels sure this is from the negative pressure in her ears and not her actual hearing getting worse.  LET’S HOPE SHE’S RIGHT!  She said if your hearing gets worse it usually gets worse in high frequencies and that negative pressure usually affects low tones.   Let’s hope that is what is going on.  We are going to test in 3 months – just to make sure.  Her hearing has never changed – it’s always been stable.  Keep your fingers crossed her hearing is not getting worse.

Both kids had music class on Wednesday.  I think they really love their class.  I’m excited to see Lindy participating so well.  She might do everything a step late, but she does everything!  And she is smiling and loving it.  So is Will. This week we had to make rain hats for class. 

Thursday both kids had parties at their schools.  Will was allowed to wear his costume but he wouldn’t wear a couple parts of it.  Stinker.  I’m not sure anyone knew he was dressed up in just half of it!  Lindy was not allowed to dress up for her party but I was allowed to come to her party.  The kids in her class were WILD that day.  I was thankful when the morning came to an end!  I hope everyday isn’t like that because it was chaotic!   Thursday afternoon we got a visit from Aunt Anna and GrandBob and Thursday evening we carved our pumpkins.  The kids got to choose the shapes of the eyes and nose and how many teeth their pumpkins had. 

Friday was our free day this week!  No school for Miss Lindy Lou.  I LOVE four day weeks now that she is in school all week.  I live for the three day weekend!   We decided to check out the Natural Science Center in Greensboro that afternoon.  It was pretty neat but the kids were just not that into it.  They had some neat things – like a tiger – but neither were impressed.  They did enjoy the play area. 

Today was a busy day as I got a mother’s morning out with my friend Katie and then Will had a birthday party for a boy in his preschool class.  It was nice to meet some other parents and put names and faces together. 

And tomorrow is Halloween!  Stay tuned for that post tomorrow!

I took 260 pictures this week.  We’ll see how many I can narrow it down to!

The Bobbsey Twins from last weekend.DSC_3677 DSC_3681 Some people text and drive – I take pictures and drive.  I just aimed my camera in the backseat in Lindy’s general direction and hit the button.  She was in such distress over her pj shirt I had to catch it!DSC_3684 DSC_3690 So we stopped on basically a deserted exit and pulled over on the side of a road (Drew was right behind me and pulled over too!) so Will could pee.  We fixed Lindy’s shirt and got back on the road and what do you know?  She does it again.  And then went CRAZY because her hand was stuck in her shirt.  She fell asleep about 10 minutes from home.  At least 10 minutes of the ride were peaceful!DSC_3694 Monday’s Halloween outfits.DSC_3702 DSC_3697 Tuesday’s outfit.  Will didn’t get to wear his shirt because it was picture day at his school.DSC_3708

I have a feeling he didn’t smile in his picture.  Can’t wait to find out!DSC_3712 Wednesday cuteness overload!DSC_3720 I had my hand out and they both reached out to get me!DSC_3722 We had CRAZY, BAD weather this week.  Tornado warnings in the middle of the night on Tuesday meant I was watching tv closely to see if I was waking my children up and moving them downstairs.  We got almost 3.5 inches of rain that night.  Then it happened again on Wednesday afternoon.  Tornado warnings in the afternoon.  Our backyard turned into a pond (and still has standing water it in now).DSC_3736 DSC_3735 DSC_3737 Happy Girl on Thursday!DSC_3759 Lindy was playing supermodel in front of the fan.DSC_3798 Playing with GrandBob and Aunt Anna.DSC_3802 DSC_3806 Carving pumpkins!  Lindy loved playing in the yucky stuff, Will didn’t like it!  Lindy kept trying to eat it.  yuck!DSC_3812 DSC_3818 DSC_3854 DSC_3839 DSC_3845 DSC_3851 Will’s pumpkin – triangle eyes, triangle nose, 6 teeth.DSC_3870 Lindy’s pumpkin – triangle eyes, oval nose, 5 teeth.DSC_3861 DSC_3873 DSC_3874 DSC_3885 Natural Science Center in Greensboro.  “Kids, this is quartz.”DSC_3891 These miniature horses were so funny.  They stood in the corner and never moved.  I told the kids they must have been in time out!DSC_3894 This is Lindy’s new excited face.  No clue why she does it or where she got it from.DSC_3897 DSC_3901 DSC_3907 Neither were impressed by the tiger.DSC_3908 But both loved the play area.DSC_3922 DSC_3925 DSC_3935 We borrowed some costumes from my friend Katie and Will wouldn’t touch them for days.  I finally convinced him to try on the dinosaur but he wore it about 4 minutes and then would not wear it to the birthday party this afternoon.  He was a cute dinosaur for 4 minutes.  DSC_3942 DSC_3948 The dinosaur says, ‘Roarrrrrrrr".”DSC_3947 One last picture of the goofball.DSC_3949

42 pictures.  What incredible restraint I have because there are so many cute ones!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walk to Cure Diabetes

Last Saturday morning we were up bright and early and at our church bazaar at 8am.  We were there just long enough to buy a bunch of baked goods and then we headed out to the JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation) Walk to Cure Diabetes.

You probably already know, but we walked in honor of my niece, Hayley.  She is 7 years old and was diagnosed last year with Type 1 diabetes.  We raised $200 because we love Hayley so much and we hope that one day they will have a cure for her disease. 

The walk was held on the campus of Wake Forest.  It was a beautiful morning; a perfect morning for a walk! 

Here are some pictures from our morning.

The NC members of the ‘Beaver Bunch’ team!DSC_3589My sister made t-shirts for everyone that walked with them in MO and made t-shirts for our family as well.  The front said, “Here’s a story…” and the back said, “Of a girl named Hayley, who is rockin’ out a cure for diabetes.”  The kids loved wearing their shirts with their cousin Hayley on them!!DSC_3591 “Where’s Hayley?”DSC_3596 DSC_3598 DSC_3602 DSC_3611 DSC_3619 DSC_3621 Will must have gotten bored riding in the stroller because he told us he had to go potty.  We had to make a little pit stop for the boy.   Except he didn’t really have to go, he just wanted out of the stroller.  He has only gone potty outside one time in his life.DSC_3624 DSC_3625 DSC_3626 DSC_3628 Daddy and the kids at his alma mater.DSC_3631 Meeting the Chick fil A cow!DSC_3635 DSC_3636 DSC_3637

We had a great morning at the Walk to Cure Diabetes.  We plan to walk every year for Miss Hayley -  until they find a cure.