Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last Week Recap

We’ve done so much this weekend that I have to break this up into multiple posts.  I’ll start with last week.

Last Monday Lindy had physical therapy.  We are continuing private therapy along with school physical therapy.  Our regular PT just had a baby though so we saw the PT who is filling in for her.  She gave Lindy a great workout.  She had her walking up and down ramps (which Lindy had no problem doing), jumping on a little trampoline, climbing up and down 5.5 inch steps by herself, and kicking.  Lindy had to work hard this week! 

Wednesday was my fun day with Lindy.  It was special education day at the Dixie Classic Fair so Lindy’s class went to the fair!  There are six kids in her class now and four parents went with their kids.  We mostly looked at all the animals which was fun because they were not there when we went last week with our family.  It was fun to just get to spend some time with Lindy since I now spend a lot more time with Will during the week.  Lindy and I ate lunch at the fair and headed home to get Will and we headed back out to their music class.  They are really enjoying music class each week.  I’m glad we signed them up.  Last week they had homework.  They had to draw a picture of a morning sound.  Ummmmm…… they can’t draw anything.  I guess Will can draw a circle but that’s it.  The night before class Drew and I did their homework.  I’m sure it won’t be the last time we do their homework :)

Will had a good week in school.  His teachers said that he started asking for me at about 10:30am on Thursday.  He told them he was going to find his mama.  He told me cried and had pitched a fit and was upset.  His teachers didn’t say anything about this so I’m not sure if any of that really happened!

A few pictures from last week.

We broke out the Halloween shirts!  I LOVE holiday shirts!  And bows.  I’ve learned how to make bows and now I’m addicted to making them for every outfit!DSC_2703 Will’s is a shirt from last year.  It’s fine in the length but the sleeves are too short.  He was wearing a 3/4 length Halloween shirt this week!DSC_2705 Our little goblins.DSC_2709 Lindy with a couple kids from her class at the fair.  She is SO SMALL!  The two on the left are 4 year olds and the little blond boy is 3.  DSC_2710 She loves feeding animals!  Even when she had no food to feed them she’d hold out her hand as if she did.  She was teasing some of them!DSC_2718 DSC_2719 DSC_2720 Lindy’s classmates.DSC_2729 Checking out the chickens.  She actually got her finger pecked by a chicken.  She stood up and reached out and grabbed the cage and that chicken was quick enough to peck her!  DSC_2738 Mommy/Daughter day!  Too bad her eyes are closed.DSC_2745 Lindy in an adorable outfit!DSC_2749 DSC_2751 These are the stages of Will pitching a fit.DSC_2752 DSC_2754 DSC_2755 DSC_2756 Everyone's all happy now!DSC_2759

Next up:  Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie’s WEDDING!!

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