Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lindy and Potty Training

I thought I would give an update on Lindy and potty training.  How’s it going, you may ask? 

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Not so well!  She basically refuses to go on the potty and whines and cries when I put her on it.  Yet every once in awhile she will tell me she needs to potty????  As soon as I get her and head towards the potty she says, “No potty.  No potty.”  She might be the kid who goes to kindergarten in diapers!


Joey said...

That was definitely one of the best posts yet. I almost spit out my coffee from laughing! Sweet Lindy....she'll get there one day! :-)

The Buckley Family said...

Okay, I seriously think Mady and Lindy are one in the same. Too funny! Glad I'm not alone!! : )