Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Rest of the Weekend

Since Ed and Jamie’s wedding was Friday night, we still had all of Saturday and Sunday left of our weekend. 

GrandBob and Suzette came over to the house on Saturday.  We ate lunch and headed out to what I thought was going to be a pumpkin patch.  There were some pumpkins but it definitely wasn’t a pumpkin patch.  The major attraction was a 7 acre corn maze.  It was pretty neat but it was SO hot outside that we only did half of the maze.  The kids seemed to enjoy the half we did do.  Will loved finding each new post and calling out the number on it.  They had lots of other fun things to do as well.  They had a hayride, a cow-train ride, a corn launcher, water balloon sling shots, a playground, duck races, and tetherball.  We did most of the stuff there.  We played tetherball and were all laughing so hard. 

We got home from our afternoon activities around 3:30pm and rested for a few minutes and then Janice arrived to watch the kids.  Drew, Bob, Suzette and I headed to the Wake game that started at 6:30pm.  Another sad night for the Deacs. 

Sunday we went to church and then to Drew’s grandmother’s 87th birthday party.  It was a nice little party for her.  It was nice to see some of the family and the kids got to play with their 2nd cousin, J.J. 

That was an action-packed weekend and we are all still trying to recover.  The kids seem to do better on less sleep than Drew and I.  We must be getting old! 

So here are more pictures from the weekend!

Lindy eating cereal for the first time on Saturday.DSC_2919 More Halloween shirts!DSC_2924 In the corn maze!  DSC_2930 DSC_2933 DSC_2935 DSC_2943 The corn launcher.  Aiming for the bull’s-eye.  He hit the bull's-eye at least once.DSC_2945 GrandBob and the sling slots. His water balloons kept falling out of the sling shot when pulling it back :)DSC_2949 Yeah baby!  I hit the bull’s-eye!DSC_2985 DSC_2987 Riding the cow train with the kids.  I am so glad I rode with Lindy.  The guy driving the tractor took off and was swerving all over the place and was going pretty darn fast.   Lindy never would have been able to hold on by herself.  I kept yelling at Will to hold on!  DSC_2953 DSC_2955 DSC_2956 Will LOVED this slide.  He did it over and over and over again.DSC_2960 On they hayride.DSC_2968 DSC_2970 Duck races.  The girls won!!DSC_2995 Drew and Bob playing tetherball!DSC_2997 Our little pumpkins!DSC_3004 DSC_3006 Sunday morning we were getting ready for church and I walked out of the nursery.  I came back to this……she’d pulled her own little bloomers up high and then crossed her arms all modestly when I took the picture!DSC_3013 Will laid on the ground listening to music while I was dressing Lindy.  Of course she wanted to join him.  I think they were kind of tired from the weekend!DSC_3019 At Nanny’s birthday party.  This little stool was a big hit with the kids!DSC_3022Lindy with her second cousin, J.J.  We posed them like a church directory picture.  Too funny!!DSC_3023  A few of Nanny’s great-grandkids.DSC_3028 The birthday girl!DSC_3031 DSC_3033 Lindy and her buddy, Uncle Curtis.DSC_3040 Nanny and her kids: Mike, Bob, and JoanDSC_3044 Nanny and some family: J.J, Candace, Mike, Joan, and AbbyDSC_3052 Our family with Nanny.DSC_3053

That wraps up our jam packed weekend.  It was a great weekend!  Celebrating marriage, fall, and birthdays.  All good things! 


Anonymous said...

Jamie failed to mention Bob hit the bulls eye twice with the water balloon sling shot. i don't think anyone else did!!!!

Joey said...

Such a cute family!!!!!

Melanie said...

Jamie, where was this place that you went with GrandBob and Suzette? You mentioned the other place was Patterson Farm, but this place looks like somewhere that my boys would enjoy. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Jamie said...

Hey Melanie, haven't heard from you in awhile!

We went to Alpha Acres in Yadkinville. It's part if the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission.

Here is the link to it:

Your boys would love it! It was a lot of fun!

Melanie said...

Yeah, I'm just a blog stalker! I am always checking, and reading, and laughing, but I never comment. I know I should, but I just don't. Thanks for the info. I am definitely going to take the boys. It looks awesome!