Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Moving on into May

The last week of April was pretty boring.  The kids did take a field trip on the 25th and 26th of April.  They went to Ms. Hanes Cookie Factory.  They got to tour the factory and taste cookies.  They were learning about economics in school.

The last weekend in April brought another walk for me and tennis practice for Will. 

The first week of May was a boring one.  The only exciting thing that happened was the kids' Wax Museum project.  The kids had to pick a person to study and read about.  We had to practice a speech and they had to come up with a costume.

Will chose Steve Jobs, the co founder of Apple and Lindy chose Morris Frank, the founder of the first guide dog school in the US.  They both worked very hard on their projects and learning their scripts.  Friday, May 6th they got to do it for their teachers, two second grade classes and the parents.   All the kids were set up in their rooms in a circle.  In Will's class you hit his button to make him start talking and in Lindy's class you dropped a penny in her bucket to make her start talking.    They both did really great.  It was pretty hard to hear Lindy but we know she did a great job. 

I had another walk on May 6th and Drew took Will to tennis that day.

Will had a follow up appointment with the endocrinologist to check his growth.  We saw her in Nov. and she said he is not growth hormone deficient.  She said he just needs to eat.  She was actually pleased with his growth in May.  He had grown an inch and 4lbs.  That's the biggest weight gain we've ever seen on him.  We are keeping it up and will hopefully show good growth again at his 10 year check up.  She said we didn't need to come back unless we had a problem. 

May 11th was a special day - our 15 year wedding anniversary.  15 years of marriage.  I don't feel old enough to be married to someone for 15 years!   We unexpectedly got to go out to eat that night because Mimo took the kids to a summer reading program that night so we were kid free.  We enjoyed a nice dinner out to reminiscence about our wedding day.  Except I don't think we did that. ha!

The weekend brought my fourth March for Babies walk and then Mother's Day.  It's nice to have a day to remind everyone how great mothers are.  I was glad that my mother got to come over for lunch so I could spend it with her.  I hit the  jack pot with my mom.  She is the best!

Meet Morris Frank and his dog, Buddy

 Introducing Steve Jobs

 Because the kids didn't walk at the March for Babies they missed their signs along the route.  I snapped pics one day at my office. 

Thankful to be a mother to these two.

 Thankful for my mother!


Third Week of April

The third week in April was actually pretty eventful and has pictures so I'll give it its own post.

The first part of the week was the kids adjusting to school after spring break.  It was getting ready for my first walk for me. 

Will had piano lessons on Wednesday and Lindy had art lessons. 

Lindy had her HI/VI field day on Thursday, April 20th.  It's a special field day for kids who are hearing impaired or visually impaired - or both, like Lindy.  She goes with her vision teacher from school and I think she mainly stays with the visually impaired group.  But she does get to see her hearing therapist and her old hearing teachers, Ms. Asbury and Ms. Mary.  They spend the morning playing games and then her vision teacher buys them Subway for lunch.  Mimo went to stand in for us this year as neither Drew nor I could be there. 

Friday evening Lindy had her first art show.  She spent seven weeks taking an art class and she loved it.  It was a small class of four kids and the teacher was really great with her.  She really enjoyed it and we plan to do it again.  The art show was at a church in town and it was really great.  She had all the kids' work displayed and ladies from the church had gone through and given them awards.  The kids could walk around and vote on their favorite pieces and there were refreshments. 

Will had gotten a cold at the end of the week and ended up not going to school that Friday.  My mom came to town and picked up Lindy and then got Will from Mimo's house.  He stayed home with my mom while we went to the art show.  She came over to spend the night and go to the walk with me early the next day.  It worked out she was there because he has started throwing up when he gets a cold and gets all the snot and junk. 

Saturday morning was the Winston-Salem March for Babies.  Besides being first walk and the biggest walk, it is the walk our family participates in.   We had some family come walk with us and we had friends from our old church come as well.  Unfortunately neither of our kids were feeling well.  Drew did bring them, but they both walked up with throw up buckets.  Nice.  They stayed for the opening ceremony and then they actually left because they weren't feeling good. 

Ms. Asbury
 Ms. Rose Lynne
 Ms. Mary

 Lindy at her art show!

 Her self portrait!  Love it!

 Drew and Martha getting their Zumba on!
 Will faked it well
 We had the coolest moment in the opening ceremony.  We had the kids who had been born premature or with a birth defect participate in a Miracle March - a survivors lap.  It was really touching and impactful.  The whole crowd just stopped and clapped for the kids. 

 Jamie, Ellie and Mom getting started
 Sweet Ellie!
 Three great volunteers!!! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter was on Sunday, April 16th, this year.  We did the usual Easter traditions.  The kids hunted for eggs, opened some Easter presents, and headed to church.  After church we went to Lynn's for dinner.  My parents joined us there as well.  It was a nice day with our families. 

The Ides of March

I don't even know what that means but I'm writing about March so I used it for a title.

The kids went on field trips to Old Salem on March 14th and 15th.  They split the grade and half goes one day and the other half the next.  I don't think they have ever gone on the same day.  It was raining early the morning Lindy went but thankfully it cleared off.  She has gone on many a wet field trip and I'm always so worried about her hearing aids.  Will went the 15th and the weather was super cold - like 39F and windy.  I dressed him super warm, much to his dismay, and he made it. 

The kids also had spring picture day on March 16th.  I'm always confused by picture days.  It's usually warm on the fall picture day and it's always cold on spring picture day.  Seems like they should wear long sleeves for the fall pic and short sleeves for the spring pic.  But it's almost always opposite. 

The naughty leprechaun visited out house again on St. Patrick's Day.  I wonder how long that naughty rascal will keep coming around?!?! 

Saturday the 18th Drew went to help GrandBob and Suzette move into a new house.  Same neighborhood but new house.  We all met at Ed and Jamie's for dinner that evening when they got back.  It's always fun to play with Ellie.

Will had a shoebox book report due the end of March.  We worked hard all weekend getting it completed.  He did it on the I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Friday, March 24th, Drew and I went out to dinner and to a comedy show with the Bryants.   The kids went over to the Bryants and stayed with one babysitter.  They had fun and we had fun.  Win Win. 

Saturday, March 25th, Will started another session of tennis practice.   Drew took him to that and I took Lindy to the Beeping Easter Egg hunt done by the WS Bomb Squad.  It's always one of her favorite events of the year.  Lynn went with us for the first time ever so she could see it.  It is fun to see some of the same people year after year and see them with Lindy.  This year Lindy had a freakout and didn't enjoy herself as much as usual.  She saw someone in a wheelchair (a new fear of hers) and she wanted to leave. I told her we were not leaving, that this fear couldn't control something she looked forward to every year.  She stayed but she clung to her friend Jenny who runs the visually impaired summer camp she goes to every year.  She wouldn't play any games or do anything fun.    Drew brought Will right about the time we were leaving and the kids and I headed to my parents' house.  Their best friends, Ken and Carolyn, were in town and we headed over to see them.  We came back that evening but we had a good time visiting with them. 

Wednesday, March 29th, was the big day for Will.  He got his baby canines pulled.  They took him back, didn't even let me come with him.  He was fine.  He said he got some laughing gas and watched the Minions.  He doesn't remember getting a shot to numb them.  We got to bring the big, long teeth home and they were crazy looking!   I got him an ice cream on the way home and he was happy with that.  He did fine the rest of the night and never had any problems.

The kids had one of their favorite, and one of the parents' least favorite, events of the year, the Boosterthon Fun Run.  It's a fundraiser for their school.  They get little prizes when they get more money.  It's always cheap crap but they still want the next prize.  They love the actual Fun Run as well.  It was really cold out the morning they ran it.  I went to school to see them do it.  The kids just go crazy!

The kids had a random day off of school on Friday, March 31st.  I actually didn't even know it till Will told me.  I ended up taking the day off with them and we went to GrandBob's and Suzette's to see their new house.  We had a nice day and came back that evening. 

That wraps up March!  In like a lamb, out like a lion.  Or so they say.

3rd grade spring pictures

 St. Patrick's Day
 Lindy and Ellie. 
 Trying to recreate this picture on the same day the year before. 
 Sweet Ellie!
 At the egg hunt with her friend, Angie!

 Having fun at first
 Lindy and some of her friends from school, Preston and Khloe ( and Khloe's sister)

 After the wheelchair incident she would only talk to Ms. Jenny.
 I'm so glad my kids get to know Ken and Carolyn (and the dog Tucker!).
 Poor Will after his teeth were pulled.  He has never been more talkative than when he had gauze in his mouth and I couldn't understand him! ha!
 Boosterthon Fun Run
 Ms. Donna always runs with Lindy and Preston

 Lindy and her new specs!
 At the creek behind GrandBob and Suzette's new house. 

 Will at tennis lessons