Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Third Week of April

The third week in April was actually pretty eventful and has pictures so I'll give it its own post.

The first part of the week was the kids adjusting to school after spring break.  It was getting ready for my first walk for me. 

Will had piano lessons on Wednesday and Lindy had art lessons. 

Lindy had her HI/VI field day on Thursday, April 20th.  It's a special field day for kids who are hearing impaired or visually impaired - or both, like Lindy.  She goes with her vision teacher from school and I think she mainly stays with the visually impaired group.  But she does get to see her hearing therapist and her old hearing teachers, Ms. Asbury and Ms. Mary.  They spend the morning playing games and then her vision teacher buys them Subway for lunch.  Mimo went to stand in for us this year as neither Drew nor I could be there. 

Friday evening Lindy had her first art show.  She spent seven weeks taking an art class and she loved it.  It was a small class of four kids and the teacher was really great with her.  She really enjoyed it and we plan to do it again.  The art show was at a church in town and it was really great.  She had all the kids' work displayed and ladies from the church had gone through and given them awards.  The kids could walk around and vote on their favorite pieces and there were refreshments. 

Will had gotten a cold at the end of the week and ended up not going to school that Friday.  My mom came to town and picked up Lindy and then got Will from Mimo's house.  He stayed home with my mom while we went to the art show.  She came over to spend the night and go to the walk with me early the next day.  It worked out she was there because he has started throwing up when he gets a cold and gets all the snot and junk. 

Saturday morning was the Winston-Salem March for Babies.  Besides being first walk and the biggest walk, it is the walk our family participates in.   We had some family come walk with us and we had friends from our old church come as well.  Unfortunately neither of our kids were feeling well.  Drew did bring them, but they both walked up with throw up buckets.  Nice.  They stayed for the opening ceremony and then they actually left because they weren't feeling good. 

Ms. Asbury
 Ms. Rose Lynne
 Ms. Mary

 Lindy at her art show!

 Her self portrait!  Love it!

 Drew and Martha getting their Zumba on!
 Will faked it well
 We had the coolest moment in the opening ceremony.  We had the kids who had been born premature or with a birth defect participate in a Miracle March - a survivors lap.  It was really touching and impactful.  The whole crowd just stopped and clapped for the kids. 

 Jamie, Ellie and Mom getting started
 Sweet Ellie!
 Three great volunteers!!! 

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