Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beginning of April

The first week of April was uneventful at home but pretty crazy at work, getting ready for our five walks. 

Friday, April 7th, we did go to Katie Bryant's birthday party and it was a ton of fun!  Someone Katie works with was also turning 40 so they had a square dance party together at an old girl scout camp, owned by someone else they work with.  They had a band and real square dance caller.  Will danced a bunch of songs and Drew and I did too.  Lindy was not in the mood.  She danced one.  It was pretty hard to hear and follow the caller.  It was so fun though!  I want to do it again!

Saturday, April 8th, Will had tennis and then we had an Easter Egg hunt at church.  We did it outside this time which went well.  Thankfully the neighbors right next to the church let us use their big yard. 

The kids had spring break the week of April 10th-14th.  Unfortunately, I was knee deep in work and couldn't take off.  My parents ended up watching them for a few days.  We met my mom half way on Sunday, April 9th, for dinner and they headed back to their house.  They kept them until Wednesday evening.  I don't have pictures to prove it but they kept busy.  Papa had them out in his shed making things.  Will designed a game and helped Papa see it to fruition.  I'm sure he was in heaven!  Lindy made a box for all of Aiden's toys (which he just barks at and won't get anything out of) and a peg board for Aiden's leashes.  A good time was had by all.

I think Lynn watched the kids on Thursday.  I don't have that written down anywhere but I think that is what went down.  I think she might have made dog biscuits with Lindy too.  I know she did at some point this spring.    Drew had Good Friday off and stayed home with the kids on Friday while I went to work. 

Saturday, April 15th, we went to a WS Dash baseball game with Anna and Brian.  They got creamed but it was a nice night at the ball park. 

Square dancing with Katie and Chris

The only picture I have from spring break with my parents..........
 At the baseball game with Anna and Brian

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