Monday, June 12, 2017

Into March

Well hello, hello.    Life has finally settled enough for me to try and catch up on the old blog.  I know of only one person who has missed it but I'll catch up since it's the kids' update of their lives.

We finished February fun and appointments.  Sunday, February 26th Lindy went to her friend Josie's house for a play date.  They aren't in class together this year but they have been in the past and they see each other at afterschool.  Drew took her and dropped her off and then picked up Will's friend Ben and took them to play putt putt at Adventure Landing.  He said they had a good time. 

We had two appointments that week, both with new doctors.  Monday, Feb. 27th, Will saw an orthodontist for the first time.  At his check up in January the dentist had some concerns after doing a panoramic x-ray.  She said the canines were growing in at an angle.  We went to the orthodontist and he was really great with Will.  He mostly talked to him and explained everything to him.  His recommendation was to pull both of his baby canines to give the adult ones a chance to correct their course.  Right now they are growing behind his front teeth and not pushing his baby canines out at all.   We were instructed to pull the teeth and see him back in 9 months to see if it has changed the directions of his adult canines at all.  It takes Will's teeth forever to grow back in so I wonder what we will find in 9 months.

Wednesday, March 1st, the kids had an early release.  Lynn still picked up Will and did the normal Wednesday afternoon things.  I grabbed Lindy even earlier than they were getting out to get to her new ophthalmologist appointment in Greensboro.  She saw Dr. Weaver in WS for 9 years and he finally retired.  I thought we'd just switch on over to his partner, Dr. Hein, but for whatever weird reason, he left Baptist.  That left none in WS and the closest one in Greensboro.  I've heard mixed things about him, like little bedside manner, but we are used to that with her old doctor.  The place was packed when we got there and they were running behind.  Thankfully we had brought homework and got that done.  They took her back and we saw the assistant.  Of course by the end he was like, "She's a trip!"   We went back to the waiting room to let her eyes dilate and then Dr. Young called her back.  He was definitely quiet but by the end, Lindy had him charmed.   She charms everyone.  He had never seen her and didn't have her records but he said everything looks stable right now.  He didn't see anything wrong.  Every appointment shows she really has very little usable vision in her right eye but with both she can read foot tall letters across the room.  I was both sad to see she can't see but a few inches with her right eye but impressed what she could see with both eyes.   He didn't change her prescription.  

Over the first weekend in March I had my consignment sale.  I had worked all week to get everything tagged and took it up on Friday night.  I got to shop as well that night.  Saturday I had to pick up any leftover items, which was thankfully not much.  That evening, some of my best friends from high school, Jamie and Chris, came to go to a party.  They came to our house and got changed and we all rode to the party together.  I'm glad they were there because we didn't know many other people there. They spent the night with us and were up and gone early that next morning.  It was nice to see them for a little bit at least. 

Sunday we had church and then we went bowling and to dinner with some church friends.  It was a fun time and the kids always have fun. 

The first full week of March was pretty quiet.  I had some weird eye issue going on and I had to wear my glasses.  I picked Lindy up on March 10th and her glasses were broken.  We headed straight to Sam's Club where we bought them and they were able to fix them for us.  While we were there we ended up ordering her a new pair.  And this time we went to transitions.  She's been asking for them and for whatever reason I had been putting them off.  I don't know why.  I think I sympathized with her that week though because I had been wearing glasses and it was practically impossible to drive without sunglasses.  For the first time ever we just did it.  Normally I agonize over the decision and take and send Drew pics of a bunch of different ones.  I just prayed I liked them when they came back in!  Drew went to Asheville with friends that weekend so my parents came over that Saturday afternoon. 

Think I'll call this a post so they aren't too long.  Now to see if I have any pictures from back then. 

Crazy girl leaving the eye doctors.  They gave her these since they dilated her eyes.  She loved them!

Jamie, Wendy and I at the birthday party.  It was Wendy's husband, Brett, who was turning 40.
 The Asheboro crew.  Brett is a twin and they dressed like Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Bowling with the Macks.  Larkin is like a little baby doll.  Ollie wouldn't get in the picture. 
 This picture cracks me up.  The range of emotions.  Larkin looks miserable.  Will has his fake smile on and Lindy is ecstatic as usual about life.   

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