Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Magical Memorial Memories

We had a great weekend – but first – the week.  I had a pretty cool first experience on Tuesday.  It was advocacy day at work and we met in Raleigh and we went to talk to senators and representatives about supporting a couple bills that will lead to stronger, healthier babies.  I had never done anything like it or even been to the NC legislative building so it was pretty neat. 

Wednesday morning Lindy was the flag holder on Eagle Eye News.  She did a good job and actually stayed quiet.  She didn’t dance at the end; she just waved.  I was hoping to see some moves.  The kids get to be on Eagle Eye News one more time next week and they are excited about that.

The rest of the week was normal.  I did have a half day of work on Friday which was sweet.  I met Drew for lunch and then I went shopping at the mall for birthday presents.  We picked the kids up from school together which they were surprised to see!   We ran to Target and then home for a bit.  We headed to Greensboro for dinner with our friends.  We played outside, ate dinner and the kids played.  The kids had moved inside to the playroom while the adults were still sitting outside talking.  I see a kid coming to the back door but I couldn’t figure out who it was.  The door opens and it was Lindy dressed in a full Jake the pirate costume.  Black hair included.  We all fell out laughing it was so funny.  She was so proud of the outfit and she was posing.  Hannah came down dressed as Izzy and from then on they were kindred pirate spirits.  It was so funny.  We had to pry her out of the costume at the end of the night but being the nice people they are – they let us borrow it.  SO now the Jake costume is in our possession and she has had it on as much as we will let her.  She looks so crazy with the hair. 

Saturday we got up and headed out on a day trip.  We always talk about doing them but then usually get lazy and back out.  I was proud that we did it!  We headed to the Boone area.  We got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at Moses Cone Memorial Park to check out the old mansion and have a picnic lunch.  It was a beautiful spot to eat and take a break.  We jumped back on the parkway and headed to Grandfather Mountain.  We had so much fun at Grandfather Mountain!  I have always heard about it but had never been.  We got to check out two cool rocks, a Fudge Shop, hike, walk across the Mile High Swinging Bridge, go through the Nature Museum, and see some rescued animals.  We were there for hours and we had a blast.  You can drive up to the bridge but you can also hike 0.4 mile up there so we did that.  It was pretty rocky terrain so Drew carried Lindy up and down.  It was a nice little hike that lets you walk under the bridge which was neat.  The bridge is 1 mile above sea level and about 80ft above a ravine.  It used to be a wooden bridge that had some serious swing to it.  They redid the bridge and it is much more stable now.  It does sway a bit.  The view was amazing up there and the kids thought it was super cool.  After leaving Grandfather Mountain we grabbed some dinner at a BBQ restaurant in Blowing Rock and I got to go look in a couple shops at the outlets before heading home.   We all crashed Saturday night.

Yesterday we got up and headed to church and we had a potluck after church.  We headed to my parents’ after church to finish up the holiday weekend.  Mom and I went and did some shopping while the kids played at the house.  We went and visited some friends in Mooresville who just moved into a new house.  We got to see their new house and chat for just a bit.  Today we got up and spent the day by the pool.  Lynn came over to spend the day with us and we grilled out.  The day was so pretty.

We did have a bit of trouble with our precious daughter.  She played in the pool for awhile, and then would say she had to pee.  Someone would take a soaking wet Lindy into the bathroom.  She would come back to swim and say she had to poop.  Lynn took her in the first time and she pooped just a bit in her suit so she got a new one.  But she didn’t really go to the bathroom but just a bit more.  She came back out and did the same thing again.  I made her pee in the grass one time and then she said she had to poop.  Drew ran her in and there was a tiny bit in her pants.  Onto the third swim suit of the day.  We ate and played some more.  Drew was in the pool and we look over and Lindy had gotten in and jumped off the steps – with no floatie on.  Which would be fine if she could swim.  Drew was right there and she was fine.  He let her do it again and then he got out with her.  I look over and she is taking her swim suit off – because she had pooped in it.  That shut down the pool.  uggggg.  I was so frustrated with her.   We had to clean her, her suit, the bathtub.  uggggg.  She was on my list the rest of the night.  We all got cleaned up and changed and then it actually started raining.  We headed home and here I am writing my post. 

It was a great weekend.  Back to reality we go tomorrow!

With my coworkers in Raleigh at the Legislative Building.IMG_4627
The flag holder!  This was during the practice.  DSC_9347
I thought she looked cute laying there reading her book with her legs crossed!
My waiter one day.  Loved the pencil behind the ear.  IMG_4645
It’s Jake.  She came out so proud of herself!IMG_4653
Jake and Izzy! 
One of Will’s creations.  Now incorporating magna tiles and dominoes.  Whoa! 
Dressed up Saturday morning!
At our first stop on the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Moses Cone Manor.DSC_9355
Our little picnic. 
What a view.  Can you imagine looking out at this from your front porch?!
Holding up the Sphinx Rock at Grandfather Mountain!DSC_9372
Hiking our way to the bridge.DSC_9383
Walking under the bridge on the way up!DSC_9389DSC_9391
I love when kind people offer to take a family picture!
Heading on the bridge! 
The view from the other side!  So cool!DSC_9409DSC_9411DSC_9414DSC_9415DSC_9418
In the nature museum and heading to check out the animals.  DSC_9420DSC_9423DSC_9427
Memorial Day in the water.   Pre poop! ha!DSC_9434DSC_9435DSC_9436
Too funny not to share!DSC_9445

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun Weekend

It’s time for another post.  The time comes around so fast each week.   Monday I picked the kids up from school and headed home with them.  It was so nice to spend the afternoon with them!  We played outside for a little while, did homework, made dinner.  It was nice! 

Tuesday morning I went to science with Lindy.  I didn’t tell her I was coming and she was so excited to see me in the science room!  Tuesday evening Will had a tee ball game.  I need to start saying ball game because he never uses the tee.  They pitch to every kid and after about 6 pitches if they haven’t hit they get the tee.  Will has used the tee one time the entire year.  So it’s definitely not tee ball for him. 

Lindy had a bad week at school.  She got her card pulled TWICE.  agag!  Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was because she hadn’t been doing her morning work.  Her teacher said she just hadn’t done it for two mornings and hadn’t done any writing in writing workshop the day before.  She must have kindergartenitis.  As soon as she got her card pulled she did her morning work.  She kept saying it was hard but her teacher said it wasn’t.  Friday she got her card pulled because she ignored her teachers.  They asked her if her hearing aids were working and she ignored them.   She changed her story 20 times so I don’t know if she did hear her or not.  She lost privileges at home and she wasn’t happy about it. 

I do think she has a lot of wax in her ears.  I started the drops to loosen the wax but it’s hard because where is it supposed to go?  She has hearing aids in for over 12 hours a day.  I’ve been doing them during the night so it can drain out.  I also flushed her ears out with water and the bulb syringe.  My mom had to do it on me all the time growing up and I finally got brave enough to try it on her.  I did get wax out so that was good.  Just in case she couldn’t hear her teachers, I tried to get rid of some of the wax this weekend. 

Friday night Drew and I did something really cool to celebrate our anniversary.  We couldn’t do much on our actual anniversary since it was also Mother’s Day.  Friday evening we did a Segway tour around downtown Winston-Salem.  They did a great training in the parking lot and then they took us on a 2 hour tour all over WS.  It was so cool and something so different and unique.  We went to dinner afterwards and then home.  We really appreciate our neighbors offering to watch the kids so we could go out and celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss.  

Saturday was a busy, busy day.  One I was really looking forward to sleeping in on since I didn’t have a March for Babies walk.  Too bad Lindy woke up at 6:24am.  I guess it’s better than 4am but it was still too early.  It did give us a chance to get up and get ready and out the door for Will’s ball game at 10am.  He had a good game.  He got one of the best hits I’ve seen him have.  We left his game and Drew and Will headed to the Southern Family Reunion.  Lindy and I headed to her tee ball game.  I finally got to see her play tee ball!  Yay!  It was a lot of fun to see her out there having fun.  She can really hit the ball off the tee well!  Which is funny because I’m sure she’s not keeping her eyes on it!  ha!  They got to bat three times and they played out in the field three times.  There were some boys from other teams that played against them.  She had a blast.  We left the game and headed to the reunion at Miller Park.  We enjoyed seeing the family.  GrandBob and Suzette came over after for a little bit. 

Today we had church, a spaghetti lunch after church, and then a birthday party for a boy in our church.  Then I went grocery shopping.  Busy but fun day!  The birthday party was at the bowling alley and the kids were so excited about it.  For the first time ever, Will bowled for real – without the ramp.  He still had bumpers up but no ramp.  Lindy technically beat him but she used the ramp. 

It was a busy and fun week and we are looking for another one this week.

We made a cornhole game on Monday afternoon.  DSC_9218DSC_9219
Will’s ball game on Tuesday evening.
Lindy’s funny shirt!
Gliding, Gliding, Gliding!
Lindy’s game on Saturday.  The girl can hit!  I might have overloaded on Lindy’s game pictures but it’s the first time I’ve been able to take them!
The Banister Family Reunion!
The Ed Southern Family.  A picture of the four of them?  It’s a May miracle!
The littles of the family.  DSC_9295
How crazy is it that the little girls all had on the exact same color orange shirt.  And it’s not a normal color orange shirt.  It’s a very different, bright orange color.  Too funny.  DSC_9301
The Southern Children.  Bob and his pained look kind of ruin that picture! 
Drew and his cousin Deirdre.DSC_9307
Lindy and Will loved playing with Missy the dog. She is an old, gentle dog, just right for them!DSC_9308DSC_9310DSC_9315
The bowling birthday party.  They had a blast.  DSC_9318DSC_9319
Lindy and the birthday boy.DSC_9339
Happy birthday, Dylan!DSC_9345