Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother’s Day 2014

Mother’s Day was yesterday!  Yay me!  But as usual, let’s start at the beginning of the week. 

Lindy had PT on Monday with Jill.  Drew took her and said she did well.  She did one true jump while standing on her left foot which is new.  She has been able to jump on her right foot but couldn’t get those toes off the ground on her left foot.  She finally did it!  She has been doing a lot better with standing on one foot on the left side too.  Jill fixed all her braces and by the end said she could wear her SMO (short brace) for the next two months.  She said to come back in July and we’ll see how she looks. 

Wednesday Lindy had HI/VI field day.  This year she rode the bus with the other visually impaired kids from her school and her vision teachers.  It started at 10am and Drew met her there.  She had a fun morning and got to see a lot of her old classmates from her hearing impaired preschool classroom.  I ran over at lunch and got to see her old preschool teacher, Ms. Asbury, and I got to see her old classmates.  They have all grown up so much!  It was like a mini reunion!  It was a beautiful day out and I know she had fun.  They have held it at BB&T Field (Wake’s football stadium) for the past few years and that is always neat.  This year we got to go in the locker rooms to go to the bathroom.  It was kind of cool to see in their locker room!  Each locker had a list of names on it and that was fun to see all the old and new names on the lockers.  For the first time ever Lindy got a t-shirt that fit.  When she was 3 they were like a dress on her and the older she has gotten the better they fit.  This year it actually fit!  I guess she is growing too!

Friday night I met the family for dinner at O’Charley’s.  We enjoyed ourselves and the dinner.  Saturday morning I was up at 4:20am for my last March for Babies of the season.  I can’t wait to sleep in next week!  We had a walk in Mount Airy on Saturday that turned out to be great!  Much larger crowd of people than we expected and we are going to hit our goal!  It was a good day! 

I hurried home because we had friends coming over for dinner that night.  It was one of Drew’s oldest friends and his family that live in Greensboro.  We had a great time and wish we could see them more often.  They are moving to Cary next month.  They have a daughter who is in kindergarten and a 3 year old son.   Will and Hannah got along well.  Hannah walked in dressed up as Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  We couldn’t believe it!! 

Sunday was my day.  Well it was my special Mother’s Day but it was also another special day for Drew and me – our 12th wedding anniversary!!   There was lots to celebrate on Sunday.  Drew started the day making French Toast and bacon for me.  We went to church and then stopped at home for a quick lunch and change of clothes.  We headed to my parents’ to see my mom.  It’s the first mother’s day I’ve spent with her in a very long time!  We got there and we quickly changed and we got to take our inaugural dip in their new swimming pool!  The water was 80F and felt good!  A bit cold at first but you got used to it quickly.  The kids loved it and had a blast.  Lindy stayed in for 2 hours.  Will, the one with no meat on his bones, got cold a couple times and got out a couple times to warm up.  They can’t swim yet but I’m hoping by the end of the summer they will know how to swim.  We played for a couple hours and then we ate a delicious steak dinner.  We basically ate and ran because we had to get home and get the kids to school.  Drew and I plan to celebrate our anniversary another weekend.

That sums things up!  Enjoy some pictures!


PIctures from Lindy’s HI/VI field day.  Lindy goes to the school in town that has a full time vision teacher.  There are about 8-10 visually impaired kids at this school.  There is an older student, Olivia, who has hearing aids and she has taken a liking to Lindy.  And vice versa really.  Lindy likes her too.  Olivia rode over with the vision students and then hung out with them too.  She loves to help Lindy and Lindy loves hanging out with her.  15IMG_4549
IMG_4558photo 1
We saw Lindy’s old vision teacher Ms. Asbury!!  So great to see her.  We miss her!
photo 2
The kids brought home Mother’s Day presents from school but couldn’t wait until Sunday so they gave it to me on Friday night.  DSC_8979
Lindy filled out a questionnaire on me.  My name is Mom, my favorite store is Sam’s Club, I’m good at cooking, and I like to play outside with Lindy. 
She brought home a plant too with a decorated pot.  DSC_8994
Will brought home a decorated bag -DSC_8999
With some kind of plant in a decorated pot.  DSC_9000
What do you do at 6:30am on your last March for Babies of the season?  Bust out the mustaches with the intern!!!  ha ha!IMG_4412
Sunday morning Lindy asked to pose with Jake’s pirate ship.  DSC_9159
Me with my handsome boy!DSC_9171
So happy to call these kids mine!DSC_9174
My beautiful girl!DSC_9178
Getting ready to swim on Sunday!DSC_9184DSC_9186
First swim in the poo!DSC_9191
Papa seems to be enjoying his new pool!DSC_9193
Drew’s inaugural jump into the pool!DSC_9195DSC_9196DSC_9200
Crazy girl!
This is what I did to celebrate Mother’s Day and my anniversary!  DSC_9208DSC_9214DSC_9217
My sweet hubby sent me flowers at work on Friday to celebrate our 12 years of wedded bliss!!

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