Sunday, May 4, 2014


The theme this week has been allergies.  Everyone has been affected by them.  Some worse than others.  Most of the week was pretty boring around here. 

Wednesday Lindy started coughing a bunch and when we put her to bed she ended up throwing up twice.  She had a low fever too so we ended up putting her in our bed for the night.  She woke up Thursday morning just a mess.  If the kids ever wake up saying they don’t feel good we usually get them up and ready and tell them to eat some and then they usually are fine.  Thursday morning Lindy woke up and just started crying.  We knew she didn’t feel good.  She ended up getting a day off of school and a day home with Mommy.  She laid on my bed watching tv all morning and definitely didn’t feel good.  Drew brought home some popsicles and she seemed to perk up some after a couple popsicles.  She slept well Thursday night and was back to school on Friday morning.

Thursday night Will had a tee ball game.  Since I have been working most weekends at March for Babies walks, I took him to the game while Drew stayed with Lindy.  He is doing well in tee ball this year.  I think he has only hit off the tee one time.  He is getting better hits each game.  He still has a lot to learn about fielding but he is by far one of the most mature on his team.  There are some other really young kids on his team.   He is having fun and that’s all that matters.

Saturday I was at another walk and both kids had tee ball games, at almost the same time.  Jamie and Molly came to the help and took Lindy to her game.  This time she had Jacob helping her.  I never heard what happened to Jared but Jamie said Jacob grew on her.  Drew took Will to his game and said he did well.  When I got home we did yard work outside.   We were all exhausted and all went to bed early. 

Today we had church and a potluck at church.  I got a lot of work done around the house which was nice.  I had been working on switching out closets all week and finally got that all done today.  It’s one thing to switch my winter and summer clothes from one closet to another but it sucks to have to go through all the kids’ clothes to see what I think will fit next winter and then pack up the ones that are too small.  It’s no small task.  But it’s done, for now!

Not too many pictures this week.

My Sickling
Ever since my dad gave her a popsicle when she was sick at Xmas, she thinks she needs one every time she is sick.
Saying the tee ball pledge Thursday night. 
Lindy and Jacob on Saturday at her game. I’ve yet to see a game of hers.  I can’t wait to see one in a couple weeks!IMG_4394
Not sure who gives the icees after the game but I don’t enjoy scrubbing her uniform after each game.   Look at that mouth?!  Gross!
We had our own running of the Kentucky Derby on Saturday night.  DSC_8963
Heading to church this morning.

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