Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Moving on into May

The last week of April was pretty boring.  The kids did take a field trip on the 25th and 26th of April.  They went to Ms. Hanes Cookie Factory.  They got to tour the factory and taste cookies.  They were learning about economics in school.

The last weekend in April brought another walk for me and tennis practice for Will. 

The first week of May was a boring one.  The only exciting thing that happened was the kids' Wax Museum project.  The kids had to pick a person to study and read about.  We had to practice a speech and they had to come up with a costume.

Will chose Steve Jobs, the co founder of Apple and Lindy chose Morris Frank, the founder of the first guide dog school in the US.  They both worked very hard on their projects and learning their scripts.  Friday, May 6th they got to do it for their teachers, two second grade classes and the parents.   All the kids were set up in their rooms in a circle.  In Will's class you hit his button to make him start talking and in Lindy's class you dropped a penny in her bucket to make her start talking.    They both did really great.  It was pretty hard to hear Lindy but we know she did a great job. 

I had another walk on May 6th and Drew took Will to tennis that day.

Will had a follow up appointment with the endocrinologist to check his growth.  We saw her in Nov. and she said he is not growth hormone deficient.  She said he just needs to eat.  She was actually pleased with his growth in May.  He had grown an inch and 4lbs.  That's the biggest weight gain we've ever seen on him.  We are keeping it up and will hopefully show good growth again at his 10 year check up.  She said we didn't need to come back unless we had a problem. 

May 11th was a special day - our 15 year wedding anniversary.  15 years of marriage.  I don't feel old enough to be married to someone for 15 years!   We unexpectedly got to go out to eat that night because Mimo took the kids to a summer reading program that night so we were kid free.  We enjoyed a nice dinner out to reminiscence about our wedding day.  Except I don't think we did that. ha!

The weekend brought my fourth March for Babies walk and then Mother's Day.  It's nice to have a day to remind everyone how great mothers are.  I was glad that my mother got to come over for lunch so I could spend it with her.  I hit the  jack pot with my mom.  She is the best!

Meet Morris Frank and his dog, Buddy

 Introducing Steve Jobs

 Because the kids didn't walk at the March for Babies they missed their signs along the route.  I snapped pics one day at my office. 

Thankful to be a mother to these two.

 Thankful for my mother!


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