Saturday, September 2, 2017

Going back to May

Hello?!  Is it me you're looking for?  The old Lionel Richie song seems appropriate since it's been so long since I've posted.  I will try to get caught up.  Going back to the middle of May.

I finished my fifth and final March for Babies walk on Saturday, May 20th.  At the middle of January when my boss quit and my coworker was on maternity leave until March I didn't know if I would make it through the walk season.  It was me, two interns and a part-time administrator.  Somehow, someway, we made it through.  My coworker came back, we hired a new boss and even by the last walk we got to hire a new part time person.  It was the hardest spring of my career but I survived.

In the evening of 5/20 we went to the Greek Festival in town.  It's always a big deal around here.  It was my first time going and I was underwhelmed.  The food was good and the church was pretty to see but there wasn't any dancing going on while we were there.  Plus it was really hot.  We didn't stay long.

We got an early call on 5/24 from the school that the power was out and said they could bring flashlights with them.  This happened once a couple years ago and the kids thought it was so fun!  It was out the entire day that time.  Thankfully it was on around 10:30am this year.

That same day Lindy had a doctor's appointment at the ophthalmologist in Greensboro.  She had started saying things were tilted.  She explained it as if doors were leaning towards here.  She said it a few times in the fall of 2016 and then stopped saying it.  She ramped back up saying it so I had to get it checked on.  Of course I feared her retinas were detaching.  She had gotten new glasses but because she had said it in the fall with her old glasses, I couldn't just blame the glasses.  Thankfully she checked out fine.  Nothing had changed since her previous appointment which was reassuring.  On the other hand, he had no idea whey she'd be saying that and didn't know of any conditions with that as a side effect.  So while we were still stumped, at least we knew nothing bad was happening.

Memorial Day was the last weekend in May and we actually went and did something fun.  We took a day trip to the mountains.  Our planned destination was Linville Caverns. The kids had been with summer camp the year before but we had not been.  About 5 minutes before we got there we saw a cute little cheese shop so we stopped to try their cheese and it was delicious.  We enjoyed our visit and got some cheese for the road.  Thankfully we got to Linville Caverns early because when we came out it was busy.  We enjoyed our tour into the caverns except for it being really wet and our fast talking tour guide.  They give guided tours and point out all kinds of things along the way.  Our girl talked so fast you only caught about 1/2 of what she was saying.  We had had days of rain the week before so it was dripping rain water most of the time.  I had brought sweatshirts because it stays 52F in there year round so we were able to use the hoods on our sweatshirts as rain coats.  It was neat to see the different rock formations.  We left there and decided to stop by the nearby Linville Falls.  It was a short walk to the falls, or should have been.  The kids ran ahead and took a wrong turn and we ended up in the other parking lot.  We finally got to the falls and we were blown away with how cool it was.  Definitely didn't expect to find what we did.  We finally headed out of there and made our way to Blowing Rock.  Drew took the kids to the park in the middle of town and I looked through a few shops.  We had dinner and then we finally headed down the mountain back home.  It was a fun mountain day trip.  It's fun to live in NC and be able to go to the mountains or beach.  We just wish the beach was a little closer.

We finished out the long weekend by meeting GrandBob and Suzette at Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury.  We met for a picnic lunch and then just played at the park.  Drew, Bob and Will played putt putt and Lindy, Suzette and I walked through the little zoo.  Suzette and I also took the kids on the train.  The kids played on the playground for a good while too.  It was a great playground for Lindy.  We had a fun day at the park with them.

Greek Festival
 Going to school with no power!
 Snacks at the cheese shop

 With the 'green pickle'

 Hiking at Linville Gorge

 With their walking sticks from Mr. Jerry Perry

 Linville Falls

 You turn the corner and whoa - crazy, rushing water.

 Dan Nicholas Park with GrandBob and Suzette

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