Saturday, September 2, 2017

Moving into June

The beginning of June brought all the end of school activities for the kids.  The newest end of school activity was the EOG tests the kids had to take for the first time because they were in 3rd grade.  I put no stock in standardized testing so we just told the kids to do the best they can.  We just asked them to try the best and we knew they would do fine.  Thankfully our school doesn't seem to dwell on them too awfully bad which is nice.  They definitely have to prepare but I've been in other schools and seen a ton more pressure put on the kids.  I did sign up to be an EOG hall monitor for two days.  I sat in the hall for two hours each morning and got to read.  After the spring I'd had at work I hadn't done much at school and I really enjoyed two hours of doing nothing.  You just have to sit out there and make sure kids are quiet if they go to the bathroom.  I did have to find the testing coordinator a couple times because of issues that came up.

Other much more fun things happened in June though. Friday, June 5th, Will got to go with one of his best buddies, Luke,  to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte for his birthday.  Will has never been to Great Wolf Lodge, doesn't love water, and hadn't ever spent the night with a friend.  It was a recipe for disaster!  ha!  It actually turned out great.  He loved it and wants us all to go back.  I didn't think he'd have any problems spending the night away from us and he was fine.  He said he loved the water slides (shocker!) and all the water park activities.  His favorite thing was the Magic Quest.  A scavenger hunt is right up his alley.  Now I want to go check it out!

That same afternoon Lindy invited a friend, Adah, over to play.  I got the girls from school and we actually went to the Humane Society.  We stayed for over an hour and they went back and forth from the cats to the dogs.  Adah is an animal lover like Lindy.  We headed home and they played for awhile, we ordered pizza for dinner, and then we headed back to WS to meet Adah's mom.  We met at the yogurt shop.  They got yogurt and then we all headed our separate ways.

Saturday morning we were up early and headed out to Charlotte.  It worked out pretty well that we were headed to Charlotte for a family reunion and Will was in Charlotte at the Great Wolf Lodge.  We stopped and got him on the way and then headed to a local park to have the Southern Family Christmas!  ha!  We used to always get together with Bob's siblings every Christmas but as the families have all gotten bigger it was just harder and harder to find a day during December when we could all go.  The siblings decided to try a different time of year.  It seemed to work the beginning of June, even if it was blazing hot.  We enjoyed catching up and seeing all the new babies being born.  No kick ball this year, I think the fields were wet.  We went back to Bob and Suzette's for a little while and then headed home.

At the Humane Society with Adah

 Southern Family Reunion

 Poor Joan!

 1st Cousins
 2nd Cousins

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