Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello October – Goodbye THICKENER!

I had to flip back to September to remember what we did last week.  It was a pretty quiet week actually.

The biggest news of the week is that we are a thickened-liquid-free household!!!!  Will has been drinking thin liquids, regular old milk and water, for right at a month.  Lindy wasn’t ready at the time.  This past week she showed us that she is ready.  Over the week she had drinks of thin liquids and did really well.  Sometimes she coughs a little on the first sip, but then she gets it figured out.  Friday we started the day giving her regular milk and water and we haven’t looked back.  WOW this is cool.  Pouring milk straight from the jug, turning on the faucet and filling up a cup with water.  Novel!  No more making thickener (one of my least favorite chores ever) and no more worrying about whether everything they drink stays cold so the thickener doesn’t go bad.  Today I took two cups of water to church with no little cooler.  It was awesome!  It took a long time (we were given the go ahead in March!) but we finally got there.  We finally MADE it!!!!!!!!!

I had another parent session with Lindy’s teacher last Monday.  We will have them every Monday so I can see what they are doing every day in school and see how Lindy is doing.  Lindy did a tiny bit better last week than the first week but she still didn’t do great.  It is frustrating to see her not cooperate.  She did do some three word speech babble but would not do any picking three critical elements.  I’ve been doing it with her at home though and she does it for me!  She’s being a stinker at school.  Hopefully she’ll settle down and start participating better in her parent sessions!

Wednesday Will had speech therapy.  We are still waiting to do paperwork so he can be discharged.  Since he totally doesn’t need it we are really just going to play with his teacher.  He enjoys it and I know it isn’t hurting him!

The kids also had music class Wednesday.  They did it by themselves again and had a blast.  We got our cd’s that go along with the class and we have listened to them over and over and over. 

Thursday I dropped both kids off at school and then went about running my errands for the week.  While I’m at AC Moore my phone rings and it’s Will’s preschool.  I love how the phone calls from the school always start with, “Will’s okay, but…..”  But he had a bloody nose.  WHAT????  They said he was sitting at the table eating snack and he turned around and had blood all over his face.  They said it bled quite a bit.  I think he has had one other nose bleed in his life.  They said he was pretty upset and asking for Mommy.  They let me talk to him on the phone and he said, “My nose bleed and I’m upset.”  He was so pitiful!  I headed over to get him and he was back in his room playing by that time.  He was fine but I hadn’t driven over there for nothing so he still came with me a little early.  A few people have said it could have something to do with the weather and the changes in temperature and his allergies.  He does have allergies so I’m chalking it up to that.  It hasn’t bled anymore so hopefully it won’t happen again. 

Thursday night we met Mike and Janice for dinner at the ‘ice cream shop.’  The kids loved seeing them.  They get all silly around Mike and Janice!

Friday Lindy was off from school because the preschool teachers had meetings.  We took advantage of her day off to go to the fair!  I think that will be a separate post though.  Lots of pictures! 

Somewhere Thursday night or Friday morning Will’s nose started running.  I don’t know if it’s a cold or more allergy mess. 

Saturday we had our pictures taken for our new church directory.  Man, it was stressful finding coordinating outfits for us all!  Will was not in a smiley mood at all.  We had to go with the best of the bunch which doesn’t have either really smiling very big.  Oh well.  They did a few of just the kids and a couple turned out.  I hadn’t planned to buy many, but take some pictures of my kids and I’m a sucker and will buy them!  One picture they did had Will laying on his belly and Lindy sitting on his back, leaning forward with her arms around her neck. Drew and I were laughing at the kids so bad.  They both thought it was kind of crazy.  We were laughing so hard that they finally smiled and it turned out to be a cute picture.  Of course I bought it. 

Saturday afternoon GrandBob came by the house and played with the kids for a long while.  Then our trusty babysitters Jennifer and Julie came to watch the kids so Drew, Bob and I could go to the Wake game.  It was a heartbreaker of a game.  GA Tech scored with 20 seconds left to win.  So sad.

I hear missy is awake from her nap so I will end this post.  Have a great week!

Sweet Sissy ready to go to school.DSC_2486

Will has been writing letters for me this week. Umm, when did my 3 year old learn to write?  Thanks Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie for buying this toy and making him grow up too fast!  He was proud of his ‘T’DSC_2496 His backwards ‘S’DSC_2498 His ‘U’DSC_2501 ‘M’DSC_2503 ‘L’ for LindyDSC_2509 And ‘W’ for Will!DSC_2513 And ‘S.G’ for Sweet Girl.DSC_2506 The face you get when Daddy tickles you upside down!DSC_2516 Lindy has decided she likes baby dolls.  Never in her life has she been interested in them. Until this week!  It’s so cute!  She does not like clothes on them, but she likes them!  The blanket the baby is wrapped in is one of Lindy’s old NICU blankets!DSC_2527 Will has gotten in on the baby action.  He was strangling rocking the baby.DSC_2519 A milestone for Will – his first bowl of cereal!DSC_2669 The kids were in full Wake gear on Saturday, hoping it would help the Deacs win.  It didn’t.DSC_2672 DSC_2679 DSC_2683 Heading to church today.DSC_2694 My boy looking so fine in his little blue shirt!DSC_2690 Nobody puts baby(ies) under the table.  Except Lindy.DSC_2686

Check out what I killed outside our front door on Thursday evening.DSC_2530That’s right, a black widow spider.  Seriously right outside our front door.  I didn’t even know it was a black widow when I killed it.  I just naturally kill all nasty looking spiders.  I killed it with wasp spray and then looked it up on the Internet the next day.  Gives me the heeby jeebies thinking about it!

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