Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Robert G. Edwards was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize recently.  Who is Robert G. Edwards, you ask?  Robert G. Edwards, along with his colleague (Patrick Steptoe), developed the in-vitro fertilization procedure.  The first ‘test-tube’ baby was born on July 25, 1978 and since then there have been about 4 million babies born because of IVF.

Edwards on left, Steptoe on right.edwards

My children, Lindy, Will, and Adam, were born because of IVF.  For three years we tried everything else possible to get pregnant.  Medicines, shots, surgeries, and IUI’s. None of it worked.  The last step, a huge step, was to do IVF.  We were lucky that it worked on the first try and I got the one and only positive pregnancy test I’d ever had. 

I can’t imagine not having Lindy, Will, and Adam.  I am very thankful for Robert G. Edwards and think he is definitely deserving of such an important award! 

Oh yeah, I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned on the blog how we ended up with triplets.  We implanted two embryos and one split.  We were just hoping one would stick and instead we got a splitter.   First ultrasound said we were having twins.  Second ultrasound said we were having triplets.  Because the embryo split, Will and Adam were identical.  I take comfort in the fact that I know somewhat how Adam would look.  He would have been so handsome, just like his brother Will.

Thank you Robert G. Edwards.

Click here to read an article about the 2010 Nobel Prize.


Lynn Southern said...

Yes, thank you very, very much Robert G. Edwards.

becca said...

I got chills reading this - I'm so thankful for him too!

Andrea said...

Me too...goosebumps here! I too Thank Roberts G. Edwards.