Sunday, October 31, 2010

Singing Videos

Here is Will and Lindy singing the Spooky Wheels on the Bus.  They are a little long but cute. 

Just so you can follow what they are saying:
One spooky bus goes RATTLE AND SHAKE.
Two white wipers go CREAK, CREAK, CREAK.
Three noisy cats go MEOW, HISS, HISS.
Four glowing wheels go ROUND AND ROUND.
Five big spiders SPIN THEIR WEBS.
Six singing mummies HUM, HUM, HUM.
Seven silly monsters WIGGLE AND WAGGLE.
Eight wacky witches CACKLE AND HOWL.
Nine magic brooms go SWISH, SWOOSH, SWISH.
Ten goofy ghosts say BOO-OO-OO.

Excuse my horrible singing voice in Lindy's video! Take notice that she gets distracted a couple times ("That's a pumpkin" and "Hi Jack") and shortens some of the verses!

Happy Halloween!
Keep reading, I put up a post last night too.

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Jack Greco said...

Oh my gosh!! The cutest video I've seen EVER!!! Their little voices are so sweet. They can serenade me any day. I'm so impressed they know the whole song too! That's a long one!! Next, I'd like to request a Jamie/Drew duet!