Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our family went with the Fifties theme this year.  The boys were dressed in their white t-shirts, jeans rolled up, sunglasses, and Will with his greased up hair and leather coat.  Drew doesn’t have enough hair to grease up!  Lindy and I were all ready to sock hop in our poodle skirts and ponytails!

We went to one neighbors house and then to our church for our Trunk or Treat.  They had some fun games going on inside which the kids loved.  It was a fun night! DSC_3954 DSC_3960 DSC_3967 DSC_3983 DSC_3985 DSC_3995 DSC_4006 DSC_4016
DSC_4065 DSC_4019 DSC_4022 DSC_4024 DSC_4027 DSC_4028 DSC_4033 DSC_4042 DSC_4044 DSC_4049 DSC_4055 DSC_4060
DSC_4089 DSC_4066 DSC_4070 DSC_4072 DSC_4076 DSC_4080 DSC_4085



Jack said...

Oh yeah! Stylin' and profilin'! Work it Southern babies!!! I like the family photos.

LC said...

Cute, cute "Happy Days" crew!