Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Taste of Christmas This Week.

I think this is going to be the winter where we are always sick.  We got over the stomach bug and now have colds.  The kids started out with some barking coughs and then the noses started running.  The coughs have thankfully gotten better.   Between the cough and Lindy’s raspy voice, she sounds like she has been smoking for 67 years.  Of course, when Lindy gets a cough, she usually ends up throwing up.  Her nose doesn’t run so she gets drainage in her throat.  She would lay down to go to sleep and start coughing so bad that she threw up a couple times.  Good times around here!  The conversation at bedtime tonight went like this:

Me:  Lindy, are you going to cry tonight going to bed?
Lindy:  Yes
Me:  Are you going to throw up?
Lindy:  Yes
Me:  Don’t you want to go to bed like a big girl?
Lindy:  No!

Then I asked her the same three questions again and she answered the same way.  But thankfully she went to bed fine tonight!

The week was a busy one.  On Monday I had another parent session with Lindy’s teacher and she actually did really well!  She did awesome at picking out the correct card in some sequence stories.  She also did great at telling us a bunch of action words.  I’m so happy she finally did well at her parent session. 

Tuesday was my fun day of the week.  I got to go to Charlotte to the Southern Christmas Show with Drew’s Mom (Lynn), sister (Anna) and sister-in-law (Jamie).  It is the biggest craft show ever.  It’s fun to look at everything and get into the Christmas spirit.

Wednesday the kids had music class and then we had a Thanksgiving dinner at church that evening.  Will ate dinner pretty darn well and Lindy ate a roll.  Oh well, what can you do?

Thursday was the big day for Will this week.  The 3 and 4 year olds at his school had their holiday program .  I’ve been asking Will for weeks what they were singing and he would only say, “Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.”  I really wasn’t sure but it didn’t sound like holiday program music but every time I asked that is what he said.  The big day arrived and GrandBob, Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie all came to watch Will sing.  The curtains opened and Will was in the direct center of the stage, sitting on the ground.  Everyone starts singing all these songs – everyone EXCEPT Will!!  None of which were ‘Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.’  I think he was a bit shell shocked by all the people in the audience.  He didn’t sing a single word in the entire 20 minute program!  He did sit still like a good boy, but he sure didn’t sing.  In the middle they brought out some bells for each kid and he did ring the bells very well.  How funny.    I was totally not shocked that Will had stage fright.  He is really quite shy around big crowds and new people.   If you ask him if he sang, he says yes.  If you ask him what he sang he still says ‘Twinkle Twinkle and Itsy Bitsy Spider.’  We all went out to lunch to celebrate the singing performance that wasn’t!

Friday was picture make-up day at Lindy’s school.  Her eyes were closed in the first set they sent me.  Which is irritating since it’s all digital and they can see the pictures on the screen.  Her teacher asked if I wanted to walk her over to the gym to get her retakes taken so Will and I walked her over.  We did her pictures and got her smiling and eyes open.  The photographer asked if Will needed retakes and I told him Will didn’t go to school there.  He asked where he went and I told him a church preschool.  Then he said to put him up there that he’d take his picture and not charge me anything!  Score!  Free pictures!  If only I had dressed him in something other than the ‘Monkey’n Around’ shirt I had put on him that morning.  Oh well, can’t pass up free pictures!

Saturday was our last Wake Forest football game of the season.  Lindy slept the entire first half of the game, practically killing my back from holding her!  Will sat with GrandBob most of the game.  This just wasn’t a good year for WF football so I’m glad it was our last game.  Maybe next year will be better!

Today we had church and then we went to the Festival of Trees.  It’s a fundraiser for Brenner’s Children’s Hospital, where the kids spent the first 3 months of their lives.  They had at least 50 big trees decorated by various groups or people in the community and then a bunch of little trees as well.  They had a singing group from Wake there, a children’s play area, a few vendors selling their wares, and SANTA!  I can’t believe my kids got their picture with Santa in November but it was hard to pass up a free picture with Santa.  Lindy sat on his lap but Will didn’t want to get near him.  Drew had to be in the picture with them.  I think it might take Will a few times with Santa for him to warm up.  We talked on the way home about what you tell Santa so maybe next time will go better!  It was an enjoyable hour spent supporting Brenner’s.

Still have the old camera – miss my real camera so badly!

Church outfits last Sunday.DSCF9864Trying to blow feathers.  Are my kids the only ones out there that can’t blow?  Apparently my parenting skills are seriously lacking in the blowing department.  DSCF9870DSCF9873Will thought it was great fun though!DSCF9871Before school on Tuesday.DSCF9878Happy!DSCF9881DSCF9894Will’s holiday program.DSCF9905DSCF9895DSCF9909Picture day outfits.  DSCF9920Being silly!DSCF9922DSCF9925Heading out to the last Wake football game.  Our little cheerleader and football player.DSCF9940DSCF9951Catching footballs is great fun.DSCF9955DSCF9956DSCF9957DSCF9962DSCF9963DSCF9965DSCF9967Hey what’s up Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ed?DSCF9970Today’s church outfits.  DSCF9974My beautiful children!DSCF9977DSCF9978First picture of the season with Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the Festival of Trees.DSCF9982This was the tree decorated by the Brenner’s NICU nurses.  DSCF9986Getting into the Christmas spirit!DSCF9995


angie c said...

love all the pictures. I can totally see hannah doing the same thing as Will at a program. And that's supposed to be Mrs. Claus? What is UP with her outfit? :)

Paulette said...

Bryce had his preschool program the other day and he did not sing till the last song. He was on the back row and jumped and jumped and walked all around behind everyone. He then walked to the left side of the stage and started lifting his shirt over his head so his belly showed! He then went back to his spot and starting singing. Oh Wel1 3 year old kids are pretty funny.