Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stomach Bug - 3 Down, 1 to Go

We started our week off nice and dandy.  Just like any other lovely week in our household. 

Lindy had a parent session on Monday that she didn’t behave in.  She was acting quite badly, totally uncooperative and pushing things away from her.  That session didn’t last too long. 

She had physical therapy at 2pm that afternoon.  She got another good workout from Jill.  Jill thinks she is doing really well.  They worked on steps and Lindy was doing awesome walking up two steps and back down the two steps with no help.  Not holding onto anything or anyone!  She really feels she has all her major gross motor skills down and needs to slowly move into higher skills like standing on one foot. 

Will had a bit of a change at school on Tuesday.  Up until now he has been in Ms. Bobbye’s class and Ms. Brandi was the assistant.  They had kids that are in there 5 days a week and then the kids that just come on Tues/Thurs.  The class started with 13 on T/TH and had grown to 17 over time.  They decided to split the class so that the kids that went 5 days a week stayed with Ms. Bobbye and the kids that just come T/Th went to a different room with Ms. Brandi.  We talked about it all weekend and he seemed fine with it on Tuesday.  He knows Ms. Brandi and he knew the kids in his class.  We found his new cubby in his new room and he was good to go.  Now it seems like there are hardly any kids in there!  Some of the kids he did talk about were all 5 day kids so he doesn’t get to be with them anymore.  I think they might go out to recess together but he isn’t in class with them anymore.  I don’t think he has really skipped a beat which is good. 

Tuesday night is when things went downhill – fast.  We put everyone to bed and Drew and I went to bed like normal.  At about 11:15pm we heard Lindy crying and Drew went to check on her.  She had thrown up a couple times in her bed.  Which really isn’t all that unusual for Lindy.  Whenever she gets herself worked up and in a tizzy she will throw up.  But Tuesday night she hadn’t gotten all worked up so we knew something was different.  While I was changing her clothes she got sick again.  And I started to change her sheets and she got sick again.  I quickly realized that we were experiencing something we had never dealt with before with the kids.

We moved downstairs to the living room so we wouldn’t wake up Will.  We set up in the recliner so she could still be sitting straighter up.  Drew worked on getting all the sheets and clothes rinsed out.  That poor girl threw up from 11:15pm until 8:30am.  About every half hour.  It was the most horrible thing in the world.  It took two of us to deal with her.  She could barely hold her head up by the end and she hated having a bowl in front of her. 

Although we assumed it was a stomach bug we had to take the possibility that it was a shunt malfunction pretty seriously.  If someone else in our house had gotten it first we would just know it was a stomach bug.  If someone in Lindy’s class had it, we would know it was a stomach bug.  But Lindy got it first and we didn’t know a single other person with it so we were a little worried.

I talked to the neurosurgeon PA around 9am Wednesday morning.  She had slowed down getting sick that morning so we decided to take a wait and see approach.  She ate a good amount of ice chips and some cheerios and they stayed down in the morning. We checked back in with the PA at lunch time and she was encouraged that she was keeping things down.   She felt comfortable watching her the rest of the day.  She did get sick that night when we put her in bed – but It was the work yourself up into a tizzy kind of throw up and she did get sick the next morning after drinking some water.  But she had a low grade fever Wed. evening and that was enough to rule out a shunt malfunction. 

We finally  knew for sure, 100% it was a stomach bug when I ended up getting sick on Thursday night around 6pm.  And then we knew it was definitely 1000% a stomach bug when Will got sick around 8pm that night.  Oh it was a bad night.   Drew had to clean up Will’s bed and the carpet so I had to watch Will for a little while.  I felt like I was barely going to make it and I had to take care of him for a bit.  Drew would come empty our bowls whenever we needed him to.  Drew was the best nurse ever.  As soon as he got everything cleaned he took Will downstairs to take care of him all night.  I was actually only sick for about 3 hours.  Will was sick until about 1am. 

Yesterday Will rebounded a whole lot better than I did.  He wanted water and cheerios and was playing like normal.   I on the other hand was laying on the couch.  We all got a good night sleep last night, although Will did wake up and throw up one more time this morning. 

And I can’t forget our precious Lindy daughter who also worked herself up into a tizzy and threw up last night at bedtime.  We are so SICK of puke.  Drew has cleaned out so many blankets and pajamas and sheets it’s ridiculous.  And our dryer broke this week.  Thankfully we’ve been able to wash everything but we’ve been having to hang dry everything.   I couldn’t have made it through this week without my wonderful husband!!

We made it through the first tummy bug and it was horrible.  We’re waiting to see if/when Drew gets it.  If he doesn’t get it then it will be a miracle.

Today is kind of a special day in our lives.  Three years ago today, Will came home from the NICU!  Three years ago we were sitting and staring at our little baby who we had waited 100 days to bring home.  We couldn’t believe he was there with us.  We were terrified!  Oh it was a great feeling to have him home though.  Every year on November 6th we have done something special.  Because they have to always share a birthday, this is a day that is just about them.  We had planned to do something special yesterday and to go to the Wake Forest football game today.  None of that actually happened because we’ve been so sick.  We are going to celebrate his homecoming day this week.   I kept telling Will it was  his special day and he kept saying it was his birthday and that he was 3.  He doesn’t get it yet – but it’s a day Drew and I will never forget!

Other, non-tummy bug related items of the week:  Lindy’s new favorite word is ‘no.’  Which was kind of cute yesterday morning but it is no longer cute.  Will never went through the ‘no’ phase.  Lindy has also started telling me she needs to go potty.  So we trek to the potty, get her situated – and NOTHING.  I lost count how many times we did this today.  Today at naptime she was going crazy in her bed so I went to check on her and she had her pants AND diaper off.  Thankfully there was no mess or I might have lost it.  We had to convince – practically beg – Will to wear a pull-up to bed the last two nights.  I was afraid he might have some diarrhea and we didn’t want to be cleaning up that mess too.  He did not want to wear them and he did not enjoy it.  The only way I got one on him last night was by letting him put big boy pants over the pull-up!  I guess they don’t feel too great when you’ve been in big boy pants for months now. 

The pictures are slim this week.  Too much nasty stuff going on to take pictures.  And I’m getting ready to send my camera back in AGAIN to get fixed.  I’m so sad but hopefully it will get fixed and be back soon.   I’ll have to use my old trusty backup while it’s gone.

Looking cute on Monday.  DSC_4092Sick central station.  This is Wednesday morning after that horrible first night.DSC_4101 The kids spent basically the rest of the week in their pajamas and they watched more t.v. this week than they ever have.  Will built lots of cool towers – before he got sick!DSC_4103Still recovering.DSC_4105Thursday afternoon – before he got sick.DSC_4106Feeling good enough to mess with the remote.  Check out that tongue.  She was really concentrating!DSC_4109I had told him he could have a donut on his special day.  He tried eating it, but about half way through he said his belly hurt.  We are so lucky to have had him home for 3 full years.  Wow – time flies!DSC_4121

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