Saturday, November 13, 2010

On the Upswing

The beginning of the week started off kind of rough, but things have been looking up since.  The stomach virus was the virus that just wouldn’t go away!

We ventured out to church last Sunday after being sick all week.  It was great to get out of the house.  Sunday afternoon however, Lindy went down for her nap okay but then woke up after an hour and threw up everywhere in her bed.  Sunday evening she threw up all over our bathroom and then again in her room. 

I decided to keep her home from school on Monday and take her to the doctor.   The doctor checked her out and everything seemed okay.  She reassured me it was not her shunt and that her ears were okay.  Because her appetite wasn’t back to normal and because she’d started having diarrhea, the doctor felt that her stomach must still be upset. Whenever she got in her bed and got upset she would throw up.  It’s the best guess as to why she was still throwing up almost a week after the stomach bug.  She ended up prescribing Zofran, an anti nausea medicine, for her and we had our first vomit free day on Monday.  She still cried some at nap time and bedtime but she didn’t throw up.

I gave her the medicine on Tuesday morning before school and sent both kids to school.  The doctor said they were fine to go.  Both were so happy to get back to school to see their friends.  Drew’s great aunt passed away and her funeral was on Tuesday morning.  We went to that and then I went to pick up the kids.  After I picked them up we went out to lunch with GrandBob, Aunt Joan, and Uncle Ed.  They didn’t get down for their nap until almost 2pm.  Drew and I had to leave quickly for Lindy’s IEP meeting at school and Janice came to watch the kids.  Lindy woke up with a dirty diaper, which Janice changed, and then she threw up.  ugggg.   I am thinking the medicine had worn off. 

She didn’t throw up Wednesday (yay!) but she did throw up Thursday (boo).  Our doctor said to try her off of the medicine Thursday.  She did good at naptime but we went out to eat that night and she choked on some water and then threw up.  I really think it was just that she was choking and coughing that made her throw up.  If she hadn’t choked she might have not thrown up all day. 

But thankfully, that was the last time she has thrown up.   She has been good the last two days.  Maybe she is finally kicking this virus to the curb??  Hopefully!

Lindy’s IEP meeting went pretty well at school on Tuesday.  We had to do a new one in the new county.  There were 13 people at this meeting!  It was a packed house!  I think it went well because all these teachers/therapists had been working with her for 2 months and could write goals now that they know her.  The first IEP was written after they had seen her for an hour and it was written back in May.  They wrote a TON of goals for her, but the IEP is for one year.  She basically didn’t qualify for physical therapy anymore.  She is doing everything she needs to be doing in the setting she is in.  The PT will monitor her 3 times a quarter but she did not write any goals for her.  I guess that is a good thing, but I hate to lose that weekly service.  They wrote language and audition goals, speech goals, vision goals, and occupational therapy goals.  Lots of goals!

Will had speech therapy this week for the first time in awhile.  His teacher started testing him to see if he still qualifies.  We know he doesn’t but he has to be tested.  He would not allow her to do a hearing test.  He would not let her put the head phones on.  We have been playing with some around our house this week so hopefully he’ll let her do it next week.  He did great with his testing.  She made the comment that she probably doesn’t need to score his test because his ceiling was in the 10-13 year old range.  WHAT????  She still has more to do but I think he’ll be kicked out pretty soon!

Lindy and Will didn’t have school on Thursday because of Veteran’s Day.  We took advantage of the day off to celebrate Will’s special day – the day he came home from the NICU.  It was last Sat. (the 6th) but because we were all sick, we didn’t do anything.  Will’s special activity was a trip to the Children’s Museum.  A place  they had never been to.  Both kids LOVED it!  Just a ton of fun things to do.  They hardly stopped moving for 2 hours.  Will picked pizza for lunch and then we came home for naps.  After naps we went outside to play in the leaves and enjoy the nice weather.  We went out to dinner and home for baths.  A full but very fun day.  Will was so excited that it was his ‘special day.’ 

The only other news of the last two days is that Lindy seems to be sleeping better.  Every nap time or bedtime she cries and says she wants to sleep in ‘mommy daddy bed.’  She slept there 2 nights while she was sick.  I had big problems with her in the beginning of the week taking her pants and diaper off while in her bed.  One night after putting her diaper and pants back on two times, she slept half naked after she took it off the third time.  Thankfully she didn’t go to the bathroom while she was half naked.   I finally had to put some pajamas on her backwards for a few nights.  The last two nights she has slept in footed pj’s, which is a feat as well.  I had tried them once before but she went crazy.  Last night I put them on her early and we watched a movie so she got used to them.  She also ate dinner for the first time tonight since she got sick last Tuesday.  She has been eating her breakfast and lunch pretty well this week but would not touch her dinner.  It’s driven me crazy all week but I can’t force her to eat.  She’ll eat when she is hungry I guess.

Crazy times around our house.  I took lots of pictures this week, but they aren’t great.  Getting them to stay still long enough for my old camera to catch them is nearly impossible!  Here is what I got. 

My friend Lauren sent Lindy this adorable dress that her daughter Isabelle wore.  Although Wake is doing horrible this year, we still wear our black and gold with pride!DSC_4122DSC_4130I love this picture!  When they are not fighting they have so much fun together!DSC_4136DSC_4138Will was doing his best Tom Cruise, Risky Business, impression!DSC_4142One of Will’s crazy towers!DSC_4150We hear “Can you hide me under the pillows” about a hundred times a day! DSCF9711Lindy and her backwards pajamas!DSCF9721Spidey and the owl.DSCF9734DSCF9735DSCF9730Will’s special day – in pictures.DSCF9739DSCF9741DSCF9745DSCF9747DSCF9750DSCF9751DSCF9758DSCF9759DSCF9762DSCF9763DSCF9767DSCF9768DSCF9777DSCF9788DSCF9793DSCF9798DSCF9803DSCF9806DSCF9809DSCF9827DSCF9831DSCF9834Will and his oreo covered teeth – yuck!DSCF9839DSCF9845The sweet monkeys in their monkey pj’s before bed tonight.  They are from last year and a little snug but they are too cute!DSCF9861


Erin said...

Oh man, quite a time with as Philip says, "Pukey McPukerson!" Glad everyone is feeling better!

lauren said...

Glad the dress fits! Looks cute!