Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We didn’t have much going on this week besides Thanksgiving festivities.

Lindy’s class made a full Thanksgiving feast on Monday.  They said she ate turkey, corn, stuffing and loved the pumpkin pie.  If only she ate corn at home.

Tuesday night we took the kids to their first ever Wake Forest basketball game.  I think the basketball season is going to be like football season – not very good.  The tickets were dirt cheap and it was general admission and we didn’t have to worry about the kids having to go to school the next morning.  Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie met us there.  I’m not sure Lindy saw much but Will was entertained for a little while.  We did end up leaving early.

Wednesday afternoon we headed to Charlotte to spend the night with Drew’s mom and sister.   We got to go out for pizza and self-serve frozen yogurt – yummmmmm.  The kids had a blast playing with the dogs.  Even Lindy warmed up to them.

Thursday we headed to Drew’s Dad’s house for lunch with the Southern family.  Uncle Ed, Aunt Jamie, Corbyn, Molly, Mimo, Aunt Anna, and Suzette were all there.  We had a great lunch.  Later, Suzette’s kids both stopped by.  Her son Eric has a two year old who Lindy enjoyed playing with but Will had nothing to do with. 

Friday morning Lynn, Anna, and I were amongst the crazy folk out doing some Christmas shopping.  We met at 4:30am at Target and enjoyed a morning full of shopping. 

Friday afternoon we packed up again and headed to Asheboro – where I graduated high school -- for a get together with my best friends from high school.   Our friend Virginia got married in Aruba in the beginning of November so we were celebrating her recent marriage.  My best friend Carrie’s parents watched Lindy and Will for us so we could hang out kid-free.  It was a blast to see the girls (and their husbands!).  I only wished we could see each other more often.

Saturday the kids and I put up our first Christmas tree.  I decided to get them a tree this year.  A small one (well more skinny than short) with colored lights and fun ornaments.  They have enjoyed it so far.  Will told us today at lunch that he needed the lights on.  It’s taken lots of reminding to not play with the ornaments. 
Today during naptime I got out a lot of Christmas decorations.  I have a ton but I don’t have a lot of places to put them in this house.  We don’t have as many high places where the kids won’t bother things.  I put out what I could.  It was so cute to watch Will discover everything when we came downstairs.  He walked around yelling, “look more Christmas!”  Christmas definitely is more exciting when you have little kids.  You go through a long phase where Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore.  Until you have kids and they get excited about it.  Then it starts feeling like Christmas again!

We were putting out a little nativity scene in their bedroom after nap and we talked about each character.  I was telling them that the reason we celebrate Christmas is that it is Baby Jesus’ birthday.  Will said, “Baby Jesus is 6 and he can eat a piece of birthday cake.”  I guess it is kind of a hard concept to understand at three!

Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving break.
DSCF9998Another of Will’s neat towers.DSCF0006Lindy helped me do some cooking on Tuesday afternoon.  She helped me crush Oreos for some bon-bons. DSCF0007DSCF0010First Wake Forest basketball game!DSCF0014DSCF0015Wearing Uncle Ed’s hat.DSCF0020Playing with Aunt Anna on Wednesday.DSCF0023
DSCF0024Thanksgiving Day!DSCF0099DSCF0095DSCF0103DSCF0104Checking out the first tree while wearing the first Christmas shirt of the season!!DSCF0107DSCF0110Being helpful??DSCF0111DSCF0114DSCF0115DSCF0116DSCF0117DSCF0118And just because they’re funny!DSCF0119DSCF0120DSCF0121DSCF0122DSCF0123DSCF0126Church outfits today.DSCF0130DSCF0131DSCF0132This is when Mommy started getting a little upset that Lindy just kept playing around.  What a pitiful face!DSCF0134DSCF0135DSCF0136
My favorite Asheboro High School girls!  Katie, Me, Carrie, Virginia (the newlywed who we were celebrating), Wendy, Jamie.

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Andrea said...

OMG....I totally think our kids would get along perfectly. Not sure if you checked out my Thanksgiving post, but if not let me just say your kids have great taste. ;-)