Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Year's Eve and Birthday Celebrations

We had a raging New Year's Eve at home.   I think Drew may have stayed awake this year.  A New Year's Eve miracle!

The kids didn't have school on Jan. 2nd so they spent the night with Lynn on the 1st and got to sleep in.  We had a crazy cold snap at the beginning of the year and it was really cold so it was nice to not have to drag them out that morning.

It was Drew's birthday though!  The old man turned 42 on January 2nd.  Drew and I both worked that day but we went out to eat with Lynn, Ed, Jamie and Ellie for his birthday.  42.  Man, that guy is getting old.

The kids started 2018 with a week of two hour delays because of the extremely cold temperatures.  If you have to go back after Christmas break, then two hour delays help!

On Saturday, January 6th, Drew and I had a joint birthday celebration with our family and friends.  For Xmas we got Ed and Jamie and Anna and Brian all tickets to an escape room.  We asked Katie and Kris to join us for some birthday fun.  We headed to the escape room at 5pm and we had so much fun!  None of us had ever done one before so it took a little while to figure out what we were doing.  Well it actually took 15 minutes and we had to ask for a clue because we couldn't figure out what we were doing.  Once we got that first clue we were off.  We did have to ask for a few more clues but we did break out of the room in 53 minutes and 42 seconds.  All thanks to the clues.  We would have never gotten out without them!  We did the medium room and it was definitely hard but it was a ton of fun!  It was a little cramped for 8 adults but it was okay for one hour. 

We headed out to dinner after our escape room.  We had called and made dinner reservations at J. Peppers and when we got there, they didn't have them??   We waited but then they ended up giving us the private room so it was okay.  It was a fun birthday celebration!

We had a babysitter at our house and Micah and Claire came over so the kids had fun at home as well.

Our New Year's Eve!

 Dinner out on Drew's birthday
 Celebrating with brownies!

 Our fun night out at Psycho 60 Escape Rooms
 Dinner afterwards

 Lindy and I trying to stay warm in our winter flannels!

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