Sunday, January 26, 2014

Disney-Sunday, January 19, 2014

We spent the day at Hollywood Studios. 

1.  Meet Lightning McQueen and Mater
2.  Toy Story Mania
3.  Voyage of the Little Mermaid
4.  Meet Pluto
5. Character lunch at Hollywood and Vine (Jake, Handy Manny, June, and Special Agent Oso)
6.  Muppet Vision
7.  Lights Motor Action

The kids, Lindy in particular, were so excited to eat lunch with Jake.  It was the highlight of her trip.  All morning she asked if it was time for lunch yet.  The Toy Story ride was our first ride and one of the best ones of the week.  It was so fun!   When we walked into the Character lunch Handy Manny immediately came to our table.  Then they did a little song and Jake was on our side so Lindy got to dance with Jake.  He eventually came to our table and she was so excited.  He signed her Jake doll on the foot.  She loved it!  It was by far the highlight of her week.  We all enjoyed the Muppets Vision and the Lights Motor Action.  I though the car show stunts were so cool. 

Sunday evening we went back to our resort and just ate dinner there.  We were all still pretty tired from being up most of Friday night.  We all needed an early bedtime and a good night’s sleep.

Heading into Toy Story Mania!DSC_6705
Look at that face!  She wouldn’t wear the 3D glasses during most rides.  Who knows what she saw.DSC_6709
Green Men Army man! 
They thought Pluto was so funny signing the book on top of his nose.  He pretended to lose the book on his nose and the kids died laughing!
Ready for lunch!
Handy Manny
Going to dance with Jake and attacking him!DSC_6742
Group hug!
June from Little Einsteins
Special Agent Oso
Jake at our table.DSC_6769
He was checking out her doll and headband!DSC_6771DSC_6772
She was so happy!
He is one of Will’s favorite characters, too, but it pales in comparison to Lindy’s love of him.
He signed her doll’s foot!DSC_6792DSC_6808

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