Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

We got home and we got our Christmas Eve activities going.  We put out food for the reindeer in the front yard and we put milk and cookies out for Santa.  We put the kids in bed!

Christmas morning I actually woke the kids up around 7:30am!  I was ready to get Christmas on! 

We made them sit on the steps and take pictures and then we let them come see what Santa brought them.  Santa brought Lindy a microphone and stand, a fire truck, and bananas.  The week leading up to Xmas she told everyone she wanted Santa to bring her bananas.  How can you not get the girl bananas?  When she came down she picked the bananas and hugged them and said, “I just knew Santa would bring me bananas!”  It was so funny!

Santa brought Will a mini air hockey table and a new hot wheels track.  He had asked for a track with loopy loops and he got it!

The kids got some new shoes, clothes, books, a bath toy for each other and then one big gift from Drew and me.  We gave the kids a trip to Disney World!  We tried coming up with a creative way to tell them and we came up with having some Disney balloons come out of a big box.  So the kids opened the box and the balloons came out.  I had a note for each of the kids that said “We’re going to Disney World”  The balloons came out and they thought that was great.  They were so excited about the balloons.  We had to get them to read the notes.  They read the notes and then were like, “Balloons.  These are the greatest balloons in the world!”  Ha ha!  All they cared about were the stinking balloons!  I don’t think they really grasp the enormity of Disney World and how cool it is and how much they will love it.  They have heard of it but don’t know too much about it. 

We let the kids play with the toys a bit, got dressed, finished packing, and headed out to my parents’ house for Christmas with my family.

Putting out the reindeer food!DSC_6133DSC_6135

Pouring milk for Santa!DSC_6137DSC_6138

Putting the milk and cookies in front of the fire place!DSC_6142DSC_6143DSC_6144DSC_6146DSC_6149DSC_6151DSC_6153

Saying goodbye to Pluto the elf!  See you next year!DSC_6154

Lindy’s Santa gifts!DSC_6155

Will’s Santa gifts!DSC_6157

Wake up!  Wake up!DSC_6167DSC_6168DSC_6171DSC_6175

“I knew Santa would bring me bananas!!”DSC_6178DSC_6182DSC_6184

At first she was a bit shy on the microphone.DSC_6188


And then she got warmed up!  She was shy no more.  She kept telling me “No pictures till after the song!”DSC_6199


Santa ate the cookies!!DSC_6203

Even Jack got some Xmas presents!DSC_6209DSC_6212DSC_6229

Will’s present he made in school.DSC_6230DSC_6232

Lindy’s snowman she made in school!DSC_6238DSC_6239DSC_6242

Opening the big present!DSC_6245

Oh Balloons!  We love balloons!  Greatest present ever!DSC_6248

Reading their signs.DSC_6251DSC_6252DSC_6256

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