Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week at Home

We came back on Monday the 30th and had the rest of the week off.  Well except I went to work on Friday.  But the kids were off all week and started school on January 6th.

We spent the week picking up the Christmas decorations and organizing a few things that had been driving me nuts.  The kids spent the week going crazy.  They were seriously going bonkers and annoying the daylights out of Drew and me.

We spent New Year’s Eve at home watching football.  We had a fake New Year’s around 8pm and gave the kids sparkling grape juice.  Lindy chugged it and threw up.  She knows how to party on NYE.  ha! 

The other excitement of the week was Drew’s 38th birthday on January 2nd.  We celebrated all day long.  We met his mom, brother, dad and stepmom at a BBQ restaurant for lunch.  Bob and Suzette headed to our house while Lynn and I ran to Costco.  Drew opened presents once we got home and then I fixed dinner for everyone, including Ed and Jamie who came later for dinner. By request, I made Drew a banana pudding.  It’s his favorite dessert.   I think he had an enjoyable day.

After too many shenanigans from the kids, I decided it was time to split them up for a bit.  Will had a play date with his buddy Jacob on Friday afternoon.  Drew took him and I picked him up after work.  He had a lot of fun.  When we walked in Lindy ran to him and gave him a hug.  She said, “Will, you’re home.”  Nothing about me being home! 

Saturday Lindy went to her friend Ruby’s house.  I met Ruby and her mom around 3pm and she rode home with them to play for awhile.  I was a little nervous about sending her to a new house but she did well.  I talked to her mom on the phone and explained that she actually has pretty bad vision.  She said she had seen her glasses but didn’t realize it was so bad.  I just had to ask her to watch her close on steps and tell her if there is anything on the ground she might not see.  While she was off playing, Will and I went and bought my new computer, went to Barnes and Noble, and to dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We were in the car and backing out of the parking lot on our way to get Lindy when my phone rang.  It was Ruby’s mom, saying Lindy had just finished dinner and had thrown up.  Great!  She said she had eaten her pizza and cookies and then said she didn’t feel good.  They got her to the bathroom but she did throw up.  I explained that unfortunately she did that more often than we liked but she just eats too much.  She had a blast but we’ll see if she gets asked back! ha!

Sunday we had church and then we met my parents for lunch in Mocksville.  It is half way between us.  They borrowed Lindy’s booster seat from Drew’s car for Rylee to use and we had to get it back before school started the next day.   We had to eat and run because Drew had to get back but it was nice to share lunch.

Trying out the Easy Bake Oven.  We made pink sugar whoopie pies with lemon frosting.DSC_6464DSC_6469DSC_6474DSC_6478DSC_6480
They like them!DSC_6484
A little family Mousetrap on New Year’s Eve!DSC_6487
Will got a magic set for Christmas and he did a little magic show for us.
Sparkling grape juice!
Partied too hard!
On New Year’s Eve we let Lindy sleep up in the top bunk with Will.  She has been asking to do it forever.  She thought it was the coolest thing in the world!
Happy Birthday, Drew!DSC_6516DSC_6520DSC_6523DSC_6527
Birthday dinner for Drew.  The kids put the balloons on his chair.  DSC_6533
A certified kid table!DSC_6534DSC_6535
Birthday banana pudding!DSC_6537DSC_6539
Lindy got this pirate toy for Xmas and it had this head band.  She wore it all week long.  Seriously, all week.  Drew thought she looked like a young Axl Rose, especially when she was singing in her microphone!
Sweet Child of Mine.DSC_6511
Heading to church Sunday morning. 

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