Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week in Mooresville

We spent the rest of the week in Mooresville at my parents’ with my sister and her family.  The cousins all had a blast together.  Will and Hayley were two peas in a pod.  They were usually together.  Lindy and Rylee played with anyone and everyone.  We got Rylee a tote filled with paper and markers, crayons, pencils, etc. and there was a whole lot of drawing going on all week.  Hayley and Will made up these raffle games and we had quite a few raffles all week.  We had quite a few shows on the microphone Lindy brought with her.  

My parents have a bonus room up over the garage that is the kids’ room.  It’s big enough for four twin beds and all their toys are up there.  My parents will also use it for their work out room and my mom’s sewing room but my mom has dreamed about a room for all her grandkids and she got it.  They played a ton up there in the bonus room. 

Christmas night, in the middle of the night, Hayley came and got me and said Lindy was crying and said she didn’t feel good.  I went up there and she was crying and super hot.  She had a temperature of 102F.  She had gotten a cold the last few days of Christmas and the usual cough had started over the weekend.  The next day she acted like she didn’t feel good in the morning but kind of perked up in the afternoon.  She threw up once that night, which isn’t uncommon for Lindy when she has a cold (or really anytime).  She gets tons of drainage and she ends up sick.  Friday morning she acted much worse and ended up throwing up multiple times. 

Most of the family took a field trip to the Discovery Place in Huntersville but my dad and I stayed home with Lindy.  She didn’t feel well and kept saying her belly hurt.  I’d never seen her act like that with a cold though.  I ended up calling the nurse’s lines at our pediatrician’s office at 1pm.  The nurse called back at 3pm and we were in the car driving back to Winston at 3:30pm.  They got her an appointment at 4:30pm.  In the meantime, she had totally perked up.  We finally got some Sprite to stay down and she was acting much more chipper.  I just knew it was going to be a waste of a drive and co-pay at the doctor’s.  Boy, was I wrong.  She had some pneumonia in her left lung.  Thankfully we brought her in, caught it early, and got her an antibiotic.  SOOOO thankful we did not end up in the hospital again this year.  We decided to spend the night at home Friday night, just to make sure she was okay and since we were close to our hospital.  She slept pretty good and acted okay the next morning so Lindy and I headed back to Mooresville.  We made her take it easy but she acted like she felt much better after a couple doses of medicine.  Saturday night we were eating dinner and Lindy was laying on my bed down the hall.  We couldn’t hear her yelling so my dad gave her a whistle to blow if she needed anything.  She thought that was the greatest thing in the world.  Thankfully Hayley was the best nurse ever and then we made my dad tend to her since it was his idea! 

Sunday we traveled some more – back and forth to Winston- because my sister and Rylee had never been to our house.  Hayley had been there one time with my parents.  We came over and let the kids play and then we went to Walmart and Krispy Kreme.  I got to introduce my nieces to the sweet goodness of Krispy Kreme.  And Cheerwine.  Two NC original products they had not had but loved!

Lee flew out on Sunday while we were gone to Winston and Amy and the girls left on Monday.  We headed home Monday too, for good this time. 

Pictures of our week together!



Looks like the boys had fun too!IMG_3316IMG_3317IMG_3322IMG_3340
Amy said Will really liked the stage.  She said he was telling jokes!

Hayley and Rylee got Headbands Act Up game.  Basically head bands and charades together.  DSC_6331DSC_6336
Lindy was definitely not feeling good that night.DSC_6339
Best Buds!
We always celebrate January birthdays the last night.  Except Drew wasn’t there so it was just Dad and me.  DSC_6348DSC_6353DSC_6359
I love these girls like they were my own!DSC_6360DSC_6361DSC_6372
Aunt Amy and Lindy were best buds too!DSC_6373DSC_6380
These two bowled a lot on the WiiDSC_6393
Telling Uncle Lee goodbye!
The Beavers at our house!
Hello Krispy Kreme!!  Yum!DSC_6409DSC_6412DSC_6415
Will lost his second tooth while we were in Mooresville!DSC_6419DSC_6420
And the tooth fairy found him at Nana and Papa’s house!DSC_6425
The Grandmother and the grandkids.DSC_6441
The grandparents and the Grandkids.DSC_6453
Rylee might be 10 months younger but she is at least 10 inches taller!DSC_6458DSC_6460

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