Sunday, January 26, 2014

Busy Birthday Week

Let’s go back in time to a couple weeks ago to where I left off.  On Monday, January 13th I worked all day and flew to Atlanta that night for more work training.  I was gone on Tuesday and got home around 8:30pm on Wednesday.  Tuesday the Carolinas (North and South) went out to eat with one of our big bosses, which was fun.  He lives in downtown Atlanta and took us to one of his favorite places, which was neat.

While I was gone Drew held down the fort at home.  He was on lice patrol – both the kids’ classes keep having outbreaks.   He had to keep checking their hair morning and night.  He also took the kids to Will’s basketball practice Tuesday night.  It was picture night so he had to get him there dressed in his uniform.  We bought a picture so we have proof that he played as I don’t see basketball in his future.  

Thursday was a busy evening of packing because Friday night after school and work – we left for Disney World!!!  Before we left on Friday I got my birthday presents.  A Disney travel book and another chick lit book. 

We drove to Savannah, GA on Friday night. It was about 5 hours from our house.  We were driving through South Carolina and Lindy said, “Where are we?”  Drew said, “South Carolina.”  Lindy goes, “I hate South Carolina!”  We have no idea why, but Lindy does not like South Carolina. 

We got checked into our hotel and got to sleep and around 1am I woke up to Lindy moaning and whimpering.  Drew checked on her and she said her belly hurt.  Two seconds later she made the throw up sound.  Drew yanked her from bed and ran her to the bathroom. She proceeded to yak for the next few hours.  I ended up sitting with her in the bathroom for the next few hours holding her and helping her out when she threw up.  Around 3:30am I tried putting her in bed.  She promptly threw up but then settled down and slept until 8am.  She threw up around 8am but then thankfully she was done. 

What a way to start my birthday.  Sitting in a hotel in GA with a vomiting child.  Good times.  We loaded her up and headed on to FL.  She slowly got hungry and thirsty and we slowly gave her bits of ice, water and gold fish.  Thankfully it all stayed down.

The next day she started up about South Carolina again.  She said she picked up her sickness in South Carolina.  She still hates South Carolina.  Unfortunately for her we have to pass back through it on the way home!

Only pictures from the week.

Opening my birthday presents before leaving on Friday.DSC_6569DSC_6574DSC_6578

Stopped at a gas station Friday night.  DSC_6580DSC_6581
Poor girl Sad smile

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