Saturday, January 11, 2014

Crozier Family Christmas

We got to my parents’ around lunchtime on Christmas Day.  Santa had already found Hayley and Rylee in Missouri over the weekend so they had to wait patiently until we got there Christmas Day to open more presents.  We were excited to celebrate with my parents and sister’s family.

We all got neat stuff for Xmas.  We got a new video camera – so we can record those Disney memories.  The kids got updated leap pads, some clothes, books, games.  Drew got books and a pair of pants.  My sister got Lindy her first easy bake oven!  We have cooked with it once and she loved it!

We finished up opening presents and had our annual prime rib Christmas dinner. yum yum yum!

Hayley made the kids bracelets and Lindy loved hers!DSC_6264
We made everyone handprint calendars.  The kids and I worked hard on them and they were very excited to give them out!DSC_6266DSC_6268DSC_6273DSC_6274DSC_6276DSC_6283
Hearing aid batteries!  YES!DSC_6289 IMG_3243
Drew and Rylee were quite the pair over on the couch!  IMG_3237DSC_6292DSC_6293
My dad got this for Will because he knows how much I hate ants.  Real funny, Dad.  Of course Will wants to order the ants.    DSC_6294DSC_6296DSC_6299DSC_6313
I got Hayley a BeDazzler!  ha!DSC_6317
Sweet Cousins!DSC_6321IMG_3265IMG_3297

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