Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Life, Back to Reality

The kids started back to school on Monday the 6th.  They didn’t go very willingly.  They really enjoyed their long vacation.  Anywho, back to reality we went.  Except it definitely didn’t turn out to be a regular week. 

They had a regular Monday but then it turned super cold here in NC.  Like a low of 5F on Tuesday morning.  This is practically unheard of in NC.  Our precious children should not be made to stand out at bus stops in that kind of weather.  They had a two hour delay on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  The kids really liked that and I think they could get used to it.  They liked being able to play in the mornings before school.  They had regular days on Wednesday and Thursday too.

Tuesday night Will had basketball practice at the Y.  He loves pratice, games are a different story.  Thursday I picked the kids up from school and brought them back to work with me.  That is always interesting. 

Friday night we met the Southern clan in Salisbury to celebrate Aunt Anna’s birthday.  We met Anna, Lynn, Ed, Jamie, and Molly, Bob and Suzette.  Happy birthday Aunt Anna!  The kids had a blast seeing everyone!

Saturday morning we got up and went to Will’s game.  Like I said, he loves practice, but doesn’t love games.  It’s all because of the buzzer.  The buzzer that goes off at the end of each six minute quarter.  Will does not go play basketball, Will goes to watch the clock.  He has to watch the clock to know when to cover his ears.  Drew told him he could cover his ears when there were 15 seconds left.   We talked and talked about the buzzer before the game.  We basically told him he had to suck it up.  We’ve explained that if he wants to play he has to get over it.  He did better this game than the last game but he still has more sucking it up to do.   We had a long talk when we got home and we are going to keep working on it.   We just want him to have fun but there is a problem if he dreads the games. 

Today we had church and then my parents brought us lunch to have an early birthday celebration.  We won’t get to see them next weekend so we celebrated today.  We had a yummy lunch and cake and then Mom and I went out to run errands and return some stuff from Xmas. 

I took very few pictures this week.  Here is what I took.

Headed to church today.  Drew drew her a giraffe today which she wanted cut out and she named Mike.  DSC_6555
made herself comfortable on Papa this afternoon and took a rest.
My dad photo bombing our photo.DSC_6564DSC_6565
I got a new coat for my birthday from my parents and sister.  DSC_6568

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