Sunday, January 26, 2014

Disney–Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday was our Animal Kingdom Day.  We spent the least amount of time at this park.  Next time we’ll have to spend longer there.

1.  Drew and I rode Expedition Everest
2. Safari
3. Bug’s Life
4. Lunch at Flame Tree BBQ
5. Finding Nemo the Musical
6. Hotel for nap
7. Wilderness Lodge for dinner at Whispering Canyons
8.  Magic Kingdom for Electrical Parade

Before we went in we knew we wanted to leave in the early afternoon to go back to the hotel for the kids to take a nap.  I wanted to go to the parade at 9pm and knew they wouldn’t last without taking a nap. 

Drew and I did rider swap on Expedition Everest.  That ride was so fun!  We all enjoyed the Safari – except I’m not sure how many animals Lindy actually saw.  When we were headed into A Bug’s Life we saw the sign that said it was dark and had loud noises so Lindy and I went in and then Drew went in.  We kept Will off and that was a good idea.  He wouldn’t have liked it.   At lunch we had an egret that almost landed on us.  He seriously flew down right over our table and landed on the other side.  That was our real life animal encounter at Animal Kingdom!  We loved the Finding Nemo musical.  I asked about visually handicapped seating and they put us on the second row.  The show was so pretty! 

On our way out of the park it started raining on us.  It was our only day of rain.  It only rained about 15 minutes but it worked with our plan to head back to the hotel.  The kids both fell asleep but it was after a long time.  They haven’t napped in a LONG time!  We headed to dinner at Whispering Canyons which was a lot of fun.  The name is deceptive because it was so loud in there.  If you need ketchup you have to yell to the whole restaurant that you need ketchup.  Whichever table has it, has to bring it to your table.  They bring 6 bottles!  Will needed ketchup so our waiter yelled for him.  He got 6 bottles of ketchup that we eventually had to deliver to another table.  It was a fun dinner!  Of course neither kid ate much dinner but they did have fun while there.  After dinner we headed to the Electrical Parade which was so cool.  We had front row seats so Lindy could see.  The floats were so pretty.  

Meeting Safari Mickey and Minnie!
On the Safari ride!
The egret that almost took us out. 
Watching a Bug’s Life with Lindy.  This girl isn’t afraid of anything.  There was a stink bug in this Bug’s Life show and she talked about how she hated stink bugs the rest of the week.DSC_7137
At dinner at the Whispering Canyons.  DSC_7183DSC_7184
Will and his ketchup!

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Joey said...

Loved reading your recaps...looks like you had an amazing time!