Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Disney–Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We went back to the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday.  We were there most of the day. We did a bunch of rides but the day felt so relaxed and unhurried.

1.  Mickey’s Philharmagic
2.  Prince Charming’s Carousel
3.  Peter Pan’s Flight
3.  Met Gaston
4.  Met Mermaid Ariel
5.  Magic Carpet of Aladdin
6.  Jungle Cruise
7.  Pecos Bill for lunch
8.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
9.  Pirates of the Caribbean
10. Country  Bear Jamboree
11. Hall of Presidents
12. Watched Parade at 3pm
13.  Headed to Hollywood Studios
14.  Drew went on Great American Movie Experience
15.  Met Sophia
16.  Met Jake AGAIN
17.  Met Mr. Incredible
18.  Dinner at Mama Melrose’s

Whew!  That was a lot in one day.  But like I said, it was a really relaxing day.  We enjoyed everything we did.  We had the funniest boat driver on the Jungle Cruise.  There were parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean Will didn’t like but I just covered his eyes with his hood.  The Hall of Presidents was really neat.  The presidents were so lifelike.  Lindy was happy because she got to see Jake again. 

I loved the willingness of every Disney photographer to take pictures with your own camera.  I was shocked! DSC_7252
Getting ready for Peter Pan’s Flight
Gaston was so funny!  He went on and on about himself!
At this point he looked at Will and asked what he was looking at and said he should have been watching him and his big muscles.  DSC_7279DSC_7281
Ariel as a mermaid.  We saw her in her human form at the princess lunch.  This one was better. 
On the Magic Carpets of Aladdin DSC_7296
Our funny boat driver and guide on the Jungle Cruise.DSC_7300
We went under a waterfall and Lindy was covering her hearing aids.  She was no where close to getting wet but she was prepared!DSC_7308
They loved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
The Celebrate It parade.DSC_7345DSC_7355DSC_7362
Over to Hollywood Studios
Meeting Sophia the First
Seeing Jake again.  Lindy begged and begged for a pirate sword.  Begged.  We finally got her one and she carried it the rest of the week.  Jake liked her sword.DSC_7380DSC_7383
Mr. Incredible eyed the sword.  Mr. Incredible doesn’t need any swords!
Tired pups!
My little ladies’ man!

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