Sunday, April 13, 2014

March for Babies and Tee Ball

This was a busy week and even busier weekend.

Let’s back up to the beginning of the week though.  Lindy and Will were both suffering from allergies the week before and over the weekend Lindy got really congested.  We all know what happens when she gets congested.  Yep, she pukes.  Sunday night we put her to bed and she threw up in her bed.  Monday night she threw up again.  But that night I had been sitting by her bed since I had put her there, just waiting for the puke.  By the way she was coughing I just knew it was going to come.  And it did.  But thankfully she was better the rest of the week.  I’m not sure if she cleared herself out or the allergies got better. 

Tuesday night Will had his last tee ball practice.  From here on out they are games.  Drew took him up there while Lindy and I went to visit a Lowes Food store for work.  On our way home we stopped by the ball field but it was windy and cool so we didn’t stay too long. 

The end of the week was a little busy for me because my big March for Babies was on Saturday.  I was busy getting ready for the big event. 

Friday night my mom came and spent the night with us.  We played outside for a little while after she got here and then we put the kids to bed.  We put the kids to bed and we went to bed around 10pm.  I had to get up at 4am because of the March for Babies.  A little after 11pm I heard something.  Our bedroom door was shut and the monitor was off so it took me a while to hear it.  I went and opened our door and stared into the kids room to see if it was one of them making noises.  Soon after I heard a faint, “Mom.”  I went in and Will said, “I don’t feel good.”  As I reached for the throw up bucket and was saying, Sit up, he puked all over himself and his bed.  He puked a bunch more times but thankfully those all made it in the bucket.  We got him out of the bed and Drew stripped all his sheets and comforters off while I gave him a midnight bath.  He is the sweetest boy in the world.  He kept saying, “This is just the worst.”   He got sick one more time while we were getting him and his room cleaned up.  I got our bed covered in blankets and got him in it.  Drew slept with him and I slept on the couch.   It took me forever to fall asleep and 4am came awfully fast.  Mom and I were up early and out the door a few minutes after 5am.  She came and helped with set up for the big event.  Her first March for Babies and I had her working! 

Drew said Will threw up one more time and then slept the rest of the night.  He said he woke up feeling fine.  Drew got them up and ready and they still came to the walk.  The March for Babies went really well!  The day could not have been any prettier.  It was a beautiful morning that ended up being almost hot in the afternoon.  Million Dollar Babies had a bunch of walkers!  Bob and Suzette, Jamie, Lynn, my mom, my friend Courtney, our friend Jane, and Martha, Danny, Meghan, and Jeff from church.  We appreciate the support of everyone.  I’m happy to say that Million Dollar Babies killed it this year!  The last total I saw is over $6000!!  Wowzers!  I still have money to turn in and know of other money coming in.  I also got Top Individual Fundraiser, raising over $4000!!  Way to go!  We love helping to save the babies! 

Unfortunately the family could only do about half the walk.  Will had tee ball pictures at 11:30am and Lindy had her first tee ball game at 12pm.   Then Will had his first game of the season at 1:45pm.  Bob and Suzette took Will and headed out to get his pictures made.  After his pictures they headed over to Lindy’s game.  Drew, Lynn, Lindy and my mom headed to Lindy’s game.  Last fall Lindy was dead set on playing tee ball this spring.  But regular tee ball just isn’t an option.   She could probably bat and run fine but she would not see balls flying at her.  We looked around and we found her a Challenger League that lets kids with all kinds of disabilities play ball!   There are no practices, just games on Saturdays.  We weren’t sure if this league was going to happen because at first they didn’t have enough kids but they ended up with 5-6.  We got her all the baseball gear, a bat, glove, helmet, ant pants.  She was soooooo excited.  She told me Friday night she had to wake up early to get to tee ball on Saturday!  She got her hat and her jersey on Saturday when she showed up.  Her team is called the Blue Rocks and their hat has a moose on it.  They split the kids up and had some batting and some fielding.  The parents were out on the field with the kids and there were other, older kids out there helping as well.  She says she had fun and really likes it.  She wanted to wear her jersey today too.  Drew said she hit the ball pretty darn well and loved running but didn’t like stopping at the bases.  She wanted to keep on running.  He said she got a little impatient when she wasn’t batting.  Suzette and my mom gave me the run down and they said it was really neat and really great for her.  I know she was excited to just be out there on the field!  Thank you to Suzette for getting the only pictures of her game! 

Bob, Suzette, and Will headed back over to his field while Drew, my mom, Lynn, and Lindy grabbed something to eat.  Then they headed over to Will’s game.  I actually got done with the walk way earlier than past years and I made it to the second inning of Will’s game.  They normally play 3 innings but his game started 30 mins late and they cut his short.  They got pitched to a bunch of times but he ended up hitting off the tee the first time.  He got a hit the second time though. 

We all headed home to crash for the rest of the day.  Will was fine all day long, except for a little loose poop in the afternoon.  That’s the kind of stomach bug I hope we always get. 

Today we had church this morning.  We did some chores and then the kids and I headed to Home Depot for dirt and vegetables.  We got back and the kids played out back while I worked on our raised beds and got the veggies planted.  It was a productive afternoon.

Here are some pictures of the week! 

March for Babies!  DSC_8382IMG_4133IMG_4134
Zumba Conga line!
Miracle Kids!
Walking for their brother!
Lindy’s First Tee Ball GameDSCN1773
Run, Lindy, Run!DSCN1766DSCN1767DSCN1774
The only picture from Will’s game.IMG_7944
This morning Lindy had Drew pinned down and it was so cute!IMG_4166
My beautiful girl before church.DSC_8416
My handsome son.

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