Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break

The kids spent two days with Nana and Papa last week.  We dropped them off Sunday afternoon and headed out to eat Sunday night with Ed and Jamie.  I’m still dreaming about the fish tacos I had.  We also walked slowly around Target.  Well I walked slowly while Drew stood in the book section.  What a glorious evening.

Monday and Tuesday were regular old work days, except we got to sleep in.  Monday night we both spent up at the church.  Tuesday I met up with my parents around 4pm for the handoff.  Will had tee ball practice at 6pm or else we’d have left them there longer! 

The kids had fun at my parents’.  They got to play outside a lot, at my parents’ house and at the park.  They got to eat out for dinner and they got to watch work being done at my parents’ house. 

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty regular days around the house.  The kids ended up spending a couple hours at our neighbors’ house on Wednesday because Drew and I both had things going on for work and couldn’t keep them.  The kids thought that was fun too because the neighbor boys are in 9th and 10th grades and they think they are pretty cool.

They did get to do something pretty fun on Thursday though.  Drew and the kids met up with Aunt Joan and they went out to her barn and they got to ride a horse for the very first time!   I really wish I could have gone but thankfully Drew took pictures for me.  And then Will took pictures of Drew while he rode the horse! 

Friday and Saturday were fun days for the kids because they had GrandBob and Suzette come up Friday morning and spend the day and night with them.  Drew was heading out of town for the night and I had to work.  They had lunch and then they took them to the park to play and then to the ice cream shop for a snack.  At the ice cream shop they saw Mike and Janice which was a treat in itself!  I got home from work around 6pm and we had a nice evening. 

Saturday I had my first March for Babies of the year in Elkin NC.  I was up at 4:15am and out of the house by 5:15am.  Bob and Suzette spent the night and watched them during the morning.  They had to leave around lunch time so Jamie, Ed, and Molly came over to watch them until we got home.  Ed took Will to tee ball practice while Jamie, Lindy and Molly stayed here and played.  Drew and I pulled in literally at the same time.  I met him on the road into our neighborhood. 

They did enjoy playing with a lot of different people this week!  The thing they didn’t like is that both are suffering from allergies.  Mom said Will sneezed the whole time he was at their house so I started his allergy medicine when he got home.  His have gotten better with the medicine.  Lindy has gotten pretty congested with all the phlegm she has now.   Oh yeah.   (Actually before I could post this, she just threw up a few times.  ugggg.  But it’s actually a good thing for her.  She is breathing and sleeping a ton better right now because she actually got a bunch of the junk out of her throat and belly.) 


We ended spring break today with church and a birthday party for one of Will’s friends from school.  It was at a park and the whole family was invited.  The kids had fun with their friends.  It was a nice way to end spring break.

I think we are all dreading getting up and heading to school tomorrow.  Early wake up times again for everyone.  blah blah.

At the barn with make shift riding helmets!  DSC_8190
Joan and Dreamer!
Riding a horse!DSC_8200DSC_8201DSC_8208DSC_8209
Will’s turn!
Drew’s turn and Will’s photography.  Apparently someone else out at the barn helped him take these pictures.  DSC_8223
More Will pictures!DSC_8228
Lindy, Will and Dreamer!
Stomp rocket fun!
Because jumping with two is more fun that jumping by yourself!DSC_8374
Action shots!

Love it!
Scary Aunt Jamie!

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