Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Week Before Easter Curse

So you know that Will had the stomach bug last Friday night (the 11th).    Monday morning I started feeling bad and it got worse throughout the day.  By Monday night I had the stomach bug and ended up staying home from work on Tuesday because I still felt bad the next morning.  Wednesday night – Drew got it.  Our church was scheduled to have a Maundy Thursday service that he ended up cancelling because he was still feeling so bad.  It was the only service he has ever cancelled for being sick in his 14 years.  I sat Lindy down and had a heart to heart and told her she was not allowed to get sick.  And strangely enough she listened!  ha!  She held strong and was the one left standing! 

The crazy thing is that three of us had the stomach virus the week leading up to Easter last year.  Different cast of characters but we battled the dreaded stomach bug last year.  Last year we had to cancel Easter dinner at our house because of it.  It did turn out better this year. 

Not all was lost in the week though.  Will had his Easter party Wednesday at school and one parent was invited.  They got to hunt for eggs and then had a special snack.  Each kid could get 13 eggs.  I liked that because then everyone got the same amount.  Will had a fun time.  Lindy had an Easter party on Thursday but we weren’t invited.  She got to find four eggs.  They were labeled with ‘We’, ‘Love’, ‘To’, and ‘Read’ and they were supposed to find one of each.  Lindy came home with We Love To To.  Oops!

Will had a tee ball game Thursday night.  Lindy and I headed to it.  They only got two innings in because it took too long but he did pretty well.  He got a hit on the first pitch the first inning and then fouled a couple before getting another hit the second inning.  He played first base and did okay.  Almost every ball went to the pitcher who then threw it to Will.  It was the Will and Maddie show most of the night.  I will miss the next few Saturday games so I’m glad I get to see him during the week.

Friday we were all finally feeling better after a good night’s sleep.  it was a holiday day for all of us so we even got to sleep in!  The kids woke up with SciWorks on the brain and asked about going all morning long.  We finally caved and headed out for lunch and to the science museum.  We had a really fun time because it wasn’t busy at all. 

Cute outfit.  Her new thing is to pose in pictures!DSC_8438
At Will’s party.DSC_8439DSC_8445DSC_8448

Tee Ball Thursday night.   Saying the pledge. DSC_8454DSC_8458
At SciWorks on Friday. 
My Keva Plank Builders!DSC_8519DSC_8518

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