Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coughing, coughing, and no sleeping

We had such a hopping time last week that this week seemed kind of boring.

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics.  The firemen came this week.  They came last year and did a much better job.  This was a whole new crew of firefighters that were not very engaging.  Lindy did befriend one and was happily holding his hand.  At one point he was leaned down near her pointing to the fire truck and she gave him a good pat on the back.  As if to say, “Good job, fireman.”  They only had a few minutes of real gymnastics.  Last year the parents got a fire lecture but not this year.

Wednesday I delivered cupcakes and an invitation for the March of Dimes breakfast at the end of the month.  The invitation is to a ‘birthday party’ for our kids at the end of the month.  The president of Forsyth Medical Hospital is having it for our kids!  ha!  We help the MOD whenever we can!  I picked the kids up from school and we brought home one of their friends.  His mom went on a field trip with her older son.  Parker is in Lindy’s class (he was in her class last year, too).  The kids thought it was great fun having him over to play.  At one point she asked, “When Parker leaves, what friend will we play with?” 

Thursday morning I completely forgot to go to my UMW meeting.  I’m losing it.  Thursday afternoon Lindy’s new vision teacher came.  She brought some cutting sheets for Lindy to try.  She started with straight lines but moved to zig zag and curvy.  Lindy did okay.  She was definitely trying and got that she needed to turn her hands to go a different direction.  We’ll keep practicing.   She brought some writing sheets too and Lindy did pretty good.  She has been writing pretty good lately though.

Friday night we had soccer practice and it started off kind of rocky.  The first thing the kids do is put their water bottles and balls down in the circle.  I turned around and Drew is picking Will up because he is crying.  ugggg.  The only reason he could give us was that he was tired and an hour of practice was so long.  We kept telling him this is just for fun and to go do it as long as he wanted.  He ended up doing fine.  He did good in practice and seemed to have fun.  Not entirely sure what’s going on at practice each week but there always seems to be tears at some point. 

Friday night is when the real fun started.  Lindy had been coughing a little bit during the afternoon but once we put her down to sleep she started hacking away.  I checked on her and at some point she had thrown up bile.  Drew helped me get her all changed and I got her sheets changed.  We ended up putting her in our bed when we went to sleep but she just kept coughing and no one was sleeping.  We ended up taking turns on the couch so we could each get at least a small chunk of sleep. 

Saturday morning we were supposed to walk in our first Walk4Hearing event.  It is a charity walk for hearing loss.  The walk was at 9am though and I knew it was going to be pretty chilly at that time.  We ended up not going because she had been coughing all night and we didn’t want her out in the cold in the morning.  We decided in the middle of the night to not go so we all did sleep in a little, which we needed.  She got up and seemed to be acting fine and hardly coughing at all in the morning.  The kids had a birthday party at 11am and since she was acting fine I took them.  It was a very fun birthday party with the Monkey Hooper.  She does birthday parties and fitness classes in town with hula hoops.  The kids got to play lots of games with the hoops and then they got to make their own hoop.  They had lunch and cake and we came home.  The kids have not stopped playing with their hoops all weekend.  They can’t actually hula hoop with them (although Will can almost do it) but they have played all kinds of other games with them.   Saturday evening I helped Jamie with a wedding (she is a wedding planner)and Drew and the kids went to Katie, Kris, Micah, and Claire’s for a little while.  Drew had the kids in bed when I got home and Lindy was nice and quiet, until it was time for us to go to bed and she started up coughing.  Since Drew had to work this morning I put her in our bed and sent him to the couch so he could sleep.  She coughed ALL NIGHT LONG.  She threw up again too.  I tried her in every single position and nothing worked.  I got almost no sleep last night.   She coughed a little bit today but acted completely normal.  She coughs the most while she is eating.   Needless to say, Lindy and I stayed home from church this morning.  We had a laid back morning.  I tried to nap but she wouldn’t let me. 

She’s had a couple doses of Delsym and it doesn’t seem to be working.  We just put her to bed and she is hacking away again.  I don’t know what to do.  She has no other symptoms of a cold or anything.  No fevers, no runny nose.  Just a horrible hacking cough at night.  I’m running on almost empty not sleeping much the last two nights and it looks like the same could happen tonight.  If she does this all night then she is going to the doctor tomorrow.  We can’t do this much longer.

I don’t think I took many pictures this week.  We’ll see…

Pictures from last Sunday when we met Agnes, the puppy.  Why yes, Lindy does have the leash wrapped around her neck.  DSC_7675Puppy kisses are funny!DSC_7680No clue what he was doing!DSC_7682New Halloween pj’s (that I bought on clearance last year.  Score!)DSC_7684that GLOW IN THE DARK!!DSC_7685Cute girl before school one day.DSC_7689Halloween shirts are back in action.  This one needs to be retired.  Look how short his sleeves are!  DSC_7697Trying her ‘pretty smile’.  DSC_7698DSC_7700They formed the ‘Southern Family Band’ and played all week.  The trampoline was the stage.  It was all fine and dandy until Will would decide he wanted an all boy band and then Lindy would come crying.DSC_7706Friday was picture day at school.  We will see how they come out!DSC_7710DSC_7711DSC_7724Having fun with hula hoops at the birthday party.DSC_7726Lindy found it easier to hold the hoop than run and jump in them.DSC_7727Will got some help from another mom while I was helping Lindy make their hoops.DSC_7728DSC_7729Lindy and her hoop!DSC_7730Will and his hoop!DSC_7731Everyone loves a parachute!DSC_7737Happy Birthday Megan.DSC_7738

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