Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another Week

Another week of sickies going on around our house.  Good times.  Or not.

Monday Lindy had physical therapy with Jill.  Will really wanted to go.  ‘Just to watch.’  I’m not sure why I gave in but I did.  He did pretty good.  He played on my phone for awhile, watched awhile, and then started to get antsy at the end but did okay.  I still don’t enjoy taking him.  Lindy did pretty good too.  She is working on standing on one leg, jumping on one leg, jumping with two legs. Jill mentioned a short brace on her left leg so maybe we’ll go back to that next time.

Tuesday morning we’d had enough of Lindy’s coughing and I called and got her an appointment.  We actually got to see our doctor so I was excited.  That bout of pneumonia has completely changing everything.  I’m now one of those moms who runs their kids to the doctors!  ha!  It was good to know that her lungs sounded clear and her ears were clear.  She said it was just drainage from allergies or a cold.  She told me to give her hot showers at night to break things up and to up her allergy medicine.  She said to try that and if it didn’t work then she wrote me a prescription for a sedative antihistamine.  I never ended up filling it because she did start sleeping better.  She still coughs a little when going to bed but if I can get her positioned right then she stops and sleeps all night.  She told me to keep up the albuterol breathing treatments.  She said we need to watch her this month and if we are continually using the inhaler then we need to start being more proactive (starting new medicines).  We’ll see if we can get her back to healthy.  Probably not but a mom can hope. 

I got her out of school early and took her to the doctor and then we went back for Will.  We got him and went to gymnastics.  Lindy is doing so much better this year!

Wednesday afternoon Lindy had hearing therapy with her teacher from last year.  I’m so glad we are doing this private tutoring this year.  It’s going so well.  She knows Lindy and knows what to work on.  She gives me things to work on and words to listen for during the month.  We loved her the last two years so we’re glad we still get to see her. 

Thursday morning we were back at the doctor’s office but this time it was for the flu vaccine.  They got Flu Mist this year which was great because there was no throwing up involved! ha!  I warned the kids that we were going to get them and we ‘practiced’ taking shots with their doctors’ kits and not throwing up.  I wasn’t sure if Lindy could get it in her nose with her drainage going on.  They said she was fine and I said I’d prefer that so that Lindy didn’t puke.  It was quick and painless and we were out of their quickly.  I put them on the scale on our way out and fully clothed Lindy was 34lbs and some ounces and Will was 29.6 lbs.  Skinny boy.  But even if he wasn’t fully clothed I think he has gained some weight since his appointment the beginning of August.  Which is what we want.  Drew took the kids to choir practice Thursday night. 

Lindy did take her first solo showers this week and she loved it.  They’ve showered with us at the beach in the summers but they have never taken one at home by themselves.  She has actually asked me the last couple months to ‘teach her to take a big girl shower.’  She did great this week and took three this week.  I’m not sure it is all that much easier but it was doing it’s job.  I had to lean in and help her out but she loved it.  Will decided he would give a shower a try and took one as well this week.  He didn’t love it as much as she did but he did well too.

Friday after school I talked them into trying to take a nap.  Will has been tired at soccer each night so I thought this would help him out.  They haven’t napped in months and Lindy never did fall asleep.  I didn’t think Will was going to either but he actually did.  And soccer went much better so I think it helped out.  They are practicing their skills and having fun playing games.  He only has one more week and then he is done.   After soccer was over Friday night we headed to the Wake Forest soccer game with Katie, Kris, and kids.  It was a fun night watching the Deacs win their game. 

Saturday morning we got to sleep in and it was great.  We had a lazy morning and then we headed to the football game of two boys from our church.  It was cute to see all the little guys playing football.  Unfortunately one of them got hurt and had to go to the doctor.  He now has a bruised sternum but will be okay.  We headed home and I had to run some errands.  We headed to our first chicken stew of the season (and night) at our church.  We enjoyed our first bowls of chicken stew and then headed out to our second one of the night.  Our friends Mike and Janice, (our number one babysitter), had a chicken stew at Mike’s mom’s house (Lojean, who passed away unexpectedly last spring).  We had more yummy chicken stew and got to see a lot of our old church members.  It was fun to see everyone. 

Today we had church and the kids sang and rang the bells with their children’s choir.  They did good singing.  I even heard Lindy singing.  They did well ringing the bells.  For some reason they didn’t have Lindy ringing the same color as Will so she just rang whenever she wanted.  Will had an unorthodox ringing style.  Instead of keeping them close by his chest he had his arms straight out and rang away.  This afternoon Drew took the kids with him to the CROP walk. They walked for hunger while I was at home cleaning up our house and baking some goodies for some church members who were coming over for a meeting.  I went for a fall theme with pumpkin dip and apple cider donuts.  Yummy!!

Over the weekend Will started coughing a bit and had a funny sounding voice.  I guess he caught Lindy’s cold – or allergies.  Who knows.  His nose hasn’t run which is odd because it normally runs like a faucet.   I think he has felt okay, he’s just been a little tired.  They both fell asleep on the way home from the chicken stew last night. 

I didn’t take many pictures this week either.  Here are the ones I took. 

More Halloween shirts.  His sleeves quickly got rolled up they were so short but he HAD to wear this shirt!  Too funny.  It reads “Will trade sister for candy.”  He said he wouldn’t really do it!DSC_7741DSC_7743He kept coming in asking me how to spell “feet here” and I just assumed he was writing it on the magnadoodle.  He had me come in and he had written it with Magnatiles.  I had to help him a little but he did the majority by himself.  DSC_7749DSC_7748Looking pretty in her fall leaves skirt for school.DSC_7754DSC_7758I made a paperback book pumpkin for Jamie for her birthday. Except her birthday is in Dec. so I gave it to her now so she can enjoy it.  DSC_7759Before church today.DSC_7761DSC_7763DSC_7765Singing in church.DSC_7771DSC_7773Ringing the bells.DSC_7776Stretch those arms Will and ring them loud and proud!DSC_7777

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