Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dixie Classic Fair

We had so much fun this week I have to split it up into multiple posts.

The majority of the week was normal.  The kids had gymnastics on Tuesday.  Lindy fell and hit her nose and came crying to me.  There was only about 10 minutes left but she came back to me 3-4 more times in those 10 minutes.  I think she was done for the day. 

Thursday is when the fun started happening this week.  We picked the kids up from school and we headed straight to the Dixie Classic Fair.  Yay – the fair!  We headed in and we ate lunch with our old friends at the Palmyra UMC booth.  Soon it was time to head to the midway to get the kids unlimited ride wristbands and get the party started!  Since we were there in the middle of the afternoon they didn’t have to wait very long for a ride.  Lindy still wasn’t tall enough to go on a couple rides by herself.  One nice fair worker told me I could go with her, even though I didn’t have a wristband.  In retrospect I wish he would have just said no.  The kids and I got on the Himalaya together.  Ouch!  That ride hurt.  I had a metal bar jamming in my hip the entire ride.  The 65 pounds of combined kid pushing on me were not helping the matter.  The kids thought it was awesome.  My hip did not!  The kids and I rode the Ferris wheel.  We thought we had bought enough tickets for all of us to go but we didn’t.  Will kept telling me to let go of him but I wouldn’t.  I had a death grip on the kids!  We had a red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese icing for a yummy afternoon snack.  Later in the afternoon Katie, Micah, and Claire showed up so the kids all rode rides together.  We did one of the big giant slides and Lindy and I took out Micah at the bottom.  We  were all catching air on the way down and flying at the end.  We did end up having to leave so we could get home for dinner and the kids’ choir practice.  I would have loved to stay for a couple more hours but Drew was more than ready to leave.  In past years we’ve always gone to the fair more than once.  We would usually do the exhibits and animals one time and then let the kids ride rides the other times.  This year we only ended up going once because of rain last weekend.  We only did rides this year so I feel like we missed a ton of the fair!  It was overcast all morning and on our way to the fair, but as soon as we got there it cleared up and became hot.  

We did make it home for a quick dinner before Drew took the kids up to choir practice.  I’m sure they were exhausted during practice!

Friday morning both kids were excited because their classes got to go to the pumpkin patch.  Their school/church has a pumpkin patch each year.  Their classes get to go and pick out a little pumpkin to bring home.  After school we headed back to the pumpkin patch so I could take some pictures of them.  I thought they had cute, fall outfits on that would look good with the pumpkins.  Unfortunately I forgot my real camera so I made do with my phone.  Better than nothing.

And now pictures from the week.

The kids helped me make trail mix baggies for the homeless shelter this week.  They thought it was great fun.DSC_7300DSC_7301Ended up needing a much bigger container to stir it all up in.DSC_7304DSC_7307DSC_7308The finished product!  30 bags of trail mix.DSC_7310Starting the fair off with the Jalopy cars.DSC_7314DSC_7315On to the monster trucks.DSC_7319I hope he is always this serious about his driving!DSC_7323Getting ready…Waiting…DSC_7336Taking pictures while waiting.IMG_1468And we’re off.  Can you see the kids’ faces?  They loved it!DSC_7338They were on me and I couldn’t move them off!DSC_7342On to a mini roller coaster.DSC_7343Next up the Happy Swing!  DSC_7356Look ma, no hands.  They think they are big kids now!DSC_7359On the Ferris Wheel!IMG_1469We got stopped at the very top.  Drew is a tiny little stick down there!DSC_7363The fire trucks were boring after their crazy Himalaya ride!DSC_7369DSC_7370DSC_7374Will enjoyed this big slide a few times.DSC_7377DSC_7378The caterpillar ride was a fun one for them.  The ride operator was fun.  Lindy actually gave him a hug after the ride was over.DSC_7383Claire is right behind Will.  It was Claire’s first fair ride – ever!DSC_7389Daddy took Lindy on the carousel while Will did the slide.DSC_7393Katie and Claire.DSC_7397MicahDSC_7398Will and I.  I was standing beside him and he asked me to get on a horse.DSC_7401We did see the giant pumpkins.  The only non-ride thing we did.DSC_7416DSC_7418Red velvet funnel cake!  Yum!IMG_1472Blurry but funny!  The big slide pictures!DSC_7420DSC_7422Do you think she loved this?DSC_7425Look at her crazy hair!DSC_7428Best fair ride ever!DSC_7430Kids looking cute in their fall colors before school on Friday.DSC_7439DSC_7442DSC_7448DSC_7449In the pumpkin patch after school!IMG_1481IMG_1484IMG_1487

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