Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Update

I could just name every post Weekend Update like on Saturday Night Live. 

Looking back at the calendar – not a lot went on this week.  Well, besides the usual, normal stuff.  Tuesday we had gymnastics and Thursday the kids had choir practice.  Will’s soccer practice Friday got cancelled because of a thunderstorm.  I’m not sure he was all that upset.  Drew had taken the kids out for a little while that afternoon and he was having fun and didn’t want to come home to get ready for soccer. 

Saturday we had another home Wake Forest football game and it was raining again.  We’ve had 4 home games in September and 3 of them have been raining.  Bob and Suzette came to our house before the game and Suzette offered to stay home with the kids.  I felt bad she missed the game but she said she didn’t want to sit out in the rain and it was so much easier to not have to worry about the kids.  I’ve always loved Suzette but I really loved her yesterday SmileDrew, Bob and I headed to the game.  We sat in the rain for most of the game and Wake lost to Duke.  Bad afternoon.  We had originally had plans to go to the Dixie Classic Fair with Anna and Brian but those got scraped with the weather forecast.  Instead they just came over to our house and we had dinner and watched football.  It was nice to see them. 

Today we had church and then I went to a funeral.  The lady who passed away, Rhonda, is the sister of our great friend and the kids’ Stokes County grandmother, Janice.  I went to the funeral and then Drew and the kids came to the visitation afterwards.  We saw a few of our old church members, which was nice.  When I told the kids we were going to see Janice today because she was sad and I explained why she was sad,  Lindy said, “We have to make Janice happy.”   We talked about Janice being sad and missing her sister and Will said – with honest to goodness tears in his eyes – “I know Rhonda is sad because she can’t visit Janice anymore too.”  He has such a sensitive little soul for a 5 year old kid. 

On a lighter note – Lindy cracked us up this week with her singing.  There is a vacation bible school song where the chorus is “He Arose. He Arose.  Hallelujah , Christ Arose.”  I had been singing it one afternoon and then Lindy got it stuck in her head and was singing it all that evening.  Except Lindy was singing, “He Arose.  He Arose.  Happy New Year, Christ Arose.”  It was so funny.  I never had the heart to correct her.  Will and Drew know every word to every song.  Will has been known to correct me.  Lindy is like me.   We sing but our words are probably not all right! 

Along with this boring week and post, here are the few pictures I took this week.  Apparently I was too busy to take pictures – I just don’t remember what I was busy doing.

Lou looking cute one day before school.DSC_7273We had Grandbob’s corn hole boards for the week and we played outside a couple afternoons and practiced our throws.DSC_7281DSC_7283Today before church.  We had been practicing on doing ‘pretty smiles.’  No more ‘cheese’ while taking pictures.  It’s slow going but I think we are making progress.DSC_7286DSC_7291DSC_7297The kids made a replica of the world today in children’s church. They have been learning that God created everything in the world and they made these really cool worlds today.  They had a blast and of course Lindy got her hair all in it and required an extra bath tonight.DSC_7299

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